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Jack Kerouac Featuring Al Cohn & Zoot Sims: Blues and Haikus (Limited “Blues” & Yellow Starburst Vinyl Edition) LP

Just Like Its Predecessor, Poetry for the Beat Generation, Legendary Beatnik Writer Jack Kerouac’s Second Album, Blues and Haikus, Teamed Him with Producer Bob Thiele and Came Out on Thiele’s Douglas Label in 1959 

But This Time Kerouac Insisted on Real Jazz Musicians Instead of All-Around Entertainer Steve Allen 

What He Got Were Two Jazz Legends, Both Veterans of Woody Herman’s Band, Saxmen Al Cohn and Zoot Sims, Who Provide E ective Counterpoint Commentary to Kerouac’s Readings 

As Its Title Indicates, Blues and Haikus Reflects Kerouac’s Interest in Eastern Religion and Philosophy as Expressed in His Novel The Dharma Bums 

Released in “Blues” and Yellow Starburst Vinyl Limited to 1000 Copies


Jack Kerouac Featuring Al Cohn & Zoot Sims: Blues and Haikus (Limited “Blues” & Yellow Starburst Vinyl Edition) LP 

Legendary beatnik writer Jack Kerouac’s second album once again teamed him with producer Bob Thiele and came out on Thiele’s Douglas label in 1959 just like its predecessor, Poetry for the Beat Generation. But this time around, instead of Steve Allen’s dilettante-ish jazz piano jazz flourishes, Kerouac insisted on bona fide jazz musicians to accompany his stream-of-consciousness prose. And boy, did he get them—saxophonists Al Cohn and Zoot Sims made their bones in Woody Herman’s band and were big-time post-bop players, and here they provide effective counterpoint commentary to Kerouac’s readings. As for those who approach this release from a more literary angle, Blues and Haikus reflects Kerouac’s interest in Eastern religion and meditative practices as expressed in his novel The Dharma Bums as opposed to the more On the Road-like exultations of Poetry for the Beat Generation. But whatever your interest, boppish or bookish, Blues and Haikus is an essential document from one of our most iconic American authors, and, after listening to this album, one thing is for sure: no one is having a better time at this recording session than Kerouac himself! Our release of this cult classic record comes in “blues” and yellow starburst vinyl limited to 1000 copies!

Side One 

1. American Haikus
2. Hard Hearted Old Farmer 

3. a. The Last Hotel
3. b. Some of Dharma 

Side Two 

1. Poems from the Unpublished “Book of Blues”

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