Gordon Lightfoot The Complete Singles 1970-1980 (2-CD Set)

  • Nobody Sounds Like Gordon Lightfoot

  • Neither Pop Nor Rock Nor Country Nor Folk, His Music Is Unvarnished and Direct, and Completely Uncompromising

  • Both Marvelous Interpreter of Other Writers’ Material and a Sublime Songwriter in His Own Right, He Is Deservedly a Legend and an Icon in His Native Canada

  • Lightfoot Never Set Out to Be a Popular Artist

  • But, When He Moved from United Artists to Reprise and Began Working with Producer Lenny Waronker, the Hits Soon Followed

  • Starting with “If You Could Read My Mind,” Lightfoot Reeled Off 13 Chart Singles and Four Top Ten Entries during the ‘70s as Well as a Host of Adult Contemporary and Country Chart Appearances

  • Now, Real Gone Music Has Compiled the A and B-Sides of All the Singles Lightfoot Recorded with Waronker (and Joe Wissert) for Reprise and Warner Bros.

  • 34 Sides in All Featuring Hard-to-Find B-Sides

  • Debut CD Appearance of the Single Versions of “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” and “Rainy Day People”

  • Also First Time on CD for Six Mono Single Versions

  • Careful Curation of Single Versions

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • Additional Mastering and Tape Vetting by Aaron Kannowski

  • Annotated by Folk Rock Expert Richie Unterberger

  • The Complete Singles 1970-1980 Represents a Key Piece of the Lightfoot Canon

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    Gordon Lightfoot: The Complete Singles 1970-1980 (2-CD Set)

    Gordon Lightfoot is a genre unto himself. Neither pop nor folk nor country nor rock, his music is unvarnished, direct, a statement from one heart to another (as Lightfoot has stated, “I like to keep things simple. I don’t like to make them complicated”). And this uncompromising stance has not only made him a legend (particularly in his native Canada, where he is a full-fledged icon), but also, somewhat paradoxically, brought him huge commercial success (which, ironically, has in turn caused some to discount his prodigious songwriting talent). For Gordon Lightfoot never set out to be a “popular” singer-songwriter. When he signed with Warner Bros. and began working with producer Lenny Waronker, Lightfoot thought of himself as an album artist, and, indeed, the Lightfoot-Waronker songwriter-producer partnership (with a brief period with Joe Wissert as producer) yielded nine charting albums—and that’s not even counting the compilations—highlighted by a #1 slot for 1974’s Sundown. But, starting with 1970’s “If You Could Read My Mind,” Lightfoot also reeled off 13 Pop chart singles including 4 Top Tenners during the ‘70s, as well as a host of Adult Contemporary and Country chart appearances, which is again testimony to his ability to transcend musical styles. Now, Real Gone Music has for the first time ever compiled the A and B-sides of ALL the singles Lightfoot recorded with Waronker and Wissert for the Reprise and Warner Bros. labels, 34 sides in all featuring all the hits and hard-to-find B-sides. Lightfoot collectors will find much to feast on here; the single versions of “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” and “Rainy Day People” make their CD debuts, as well as six other songs that appear in their mono single versions on CD for the first time (many of the early ‘70s singles were issued in both mono and stereo, sometimes one format for promo and another for commercial, “stock” 45s; we have used the “stock” version in all cases and gone with the one for which we had the best sources in those cases where commercial 45s were released in both stereo and mono). And, for the more casual Lightfoot fan, this 2-CD set provides an ideal, in-depth overview of the artist’s “classic” period, peppered with one memorable tune after another. Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision, with additional mastering and tape vetting by Aaron Kannowski, and annotated by folk rock guru Richie Unterberger, The Complete Singles 1970-1980 represents a key addition to Gordon Lightfoot canon and is just a wonderful listen from start to finish.

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John Hartford Backroads, Rivers & Memories CD

  • John Hartford’s Legend and Influence Extend Way Beyond “Gentle on My Mind” and His Appearances as the Banjo-Playing Sidekick on The Glen Campbell Good Time Hour

  • Hartford Was an Indispensable Sideman on Such Seminal Albums as The Byrds’Sweetheart of the Rodeo, James Taylor’sMud Slide Slim, and Many Others

  • On His Own He Singlehandedly Created the “Newgrass” Genre with His Beloved 1971 Release, Aereo Plain

  • Now, Real Gone Music Presents Backroads, Rivers & Memories—The Rare & Unreleased John Hartford, a Collection of 27 Tracks Licensed Directly from the John Hartford Estate

  • 19 Previously Unreleased Tracks

  • Features Five Hartford Songs Never Heard Before in Any Version

  • Includes 16 Unreleased Songwriting Demos Dating from 1965 to 1969

  • Three Unreleased Radio Performances from 1964

  • Eight Ultra-Rare Early Singles with the Ozark Mountain Trio

  • Includes Previously Unheard Versions of Such Hartford Favorites as “This Eve of Parting” (from the recent indie hit filmLady Bird), the iconic “Gentle on My Mind,” and a Brief Recording of the First Rehearsal of the Bluegrass Classic “Steam Powered Aereo Plain.”

  • Compiled and Annotated by Musician and Hartford Scholar Skip Heller

  • Mastered by Kevin Chubirka at Haven

  • Photos from the Hartford Family’s Private Archive

  • Destined to Be One of the Year’s Most Talked-About Bluegrass Releases

    Available March 01, 2019 Pre-Order Now!

    John Hartford: Backroads, Rivers & Memories--The Rare & Unreleased John Hartford. CD

    If all John Hartford had done was to write “Gentle on My Mind”, his legend would be sealed as a songwriting giant. But his talent as a singer and instrumentalist catapulted him to fame not only as the banjo-playing sidekick on the Glen Campbell Good Time Hour TV show of the late sixties, but also as an in-demand studio sideman (the Byrds’ fabled Sweetheart of the Rodeo, James Taylor’s Mud Slide Slim, and countless others). In the midst of this, he formed the band that made Aereo Plain, the 1971 record that defined newgrass before theprogressive new style had a name. Or any other practitioners. That bold, singular approach was actually years in the making. Starting his professional life as a St Louis banjo player obsessed with Flatt & Scruggs’ history-making bluegrass, John Hartford seemed at the outset to have set out on a conventional country music path, complete with a white cowboy hat, pickin’ and singin’ on the radio, and pressing up singles of his bluegrass group, inching slowly and inevitably towards Nashville. Along the way, he picked up some newinfluences, including Bob Dylan and Roger Miller. And he recordedevery step, every song of his musical sojourn.

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    Gun Gun (Limited "Red Devil" Vinyl Edition) LP

    • British Hard Rock Group The Gun Was the Starting Point for the Careers of Adrian and Paul Gurvitz, Who Went On to Found Three Man Army and The Baker Gurvitz Army Among Many Other Projects

    • Their 1968 Self-Titled Debut Album Drew Attention for Its Bold Blend of Psychedelia, Hard Rock, Mod, and Prog-Rock Sounds

    • Featured the Song “Race with the Devil,” Which Has Been Covered by Everybody from Judas Priest to Girlschool to Black Oak Arkansas

    • Gun Also Marked the Album Illustration Debut of Roger Dean, Whose Artwork for Yes Became Emblematic of the Band

    • Real Gone Music’s Reissue Preserves Dean’s Startling Original Album Art

    • Unavailable on Vinyl for About 30 Years

    • Pressed in “Red Devil” Vinyl

    • Limited to 1000 Copies

    Available March 01, 2019 Pre-Order Now!

    Gun Gun (Limited "Red Devil" Vinyl Edition) LP

    This 1968 release wasn’t just the debut album for the British band The Gun; it also marked the debut of a number of notable artists and their creations. First of all, this was the first album recorded by the Gurvitz brothers, bassist/vocalist Paul and guitarist/vocalist Adrian; they went on to form Three Man Army (with Buddy Miles among other drummers) and then The Baker Gurvitz Army with Ginger Baker of Cream among many other projects. Gun also introduced the song “Race with the Devil,” which scored the band its only hit and was covered by everybody from Judas Priest to Girlschool to Black Oak Arkansas. And, finally, take a gander at that incredible front cover artwork…yes, that is the maiden album illustration of one Roger Dean, whose otherworldly creations graced the covers of many a Yes album cover (Yes vocalist Jon Anderson was for a short time a Gun member, in fact). Armed with such a collection of talent, and a dazzling stylistic breadth that ranged from psychedelic to hard rock to mod to Procol Harum-esque prog, it’s little wonder that Gun has seen multiple reissues, but it’s been about 30 years since it’s been available on vinyl. Our limited edition (of 1000) “red devil” vinyl pressing presents the original artwork intact. A classic of ‘60s British rock!

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    Timothy Leary Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out—The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Red, Blue & Green "Kaleidoscope" Vinyl Edition) LP

    Labeled “The Most Dangerous Man in America” by Richard Nixon, Timothy Leary Was One of the Most Intriguing and Enigmatic Figures to Emerge from the ‘60s

    One Part Psychologist, One Part Psychonaut, and One Part Huckster, Leary Capitalized on Media Coverage to Become the Spokesperson of the Counterculture’s Experimentation with Drugs and Especially LSD

    His 1967 Mercury Album Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out—The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Was Released Under Typically Hazy Circumstances

    The Record Was the Soundtrack to a Film Nobody Ever Saw, and One Which to This Day Remains Subject to Speculation

    It Appears that Leary, His Partner Rosemary Woodruff Leary, and Fellow Psychedelic Adventurer Ralph Metzner Made a Film Chronicling a Metzner’s Experience of an LSD Trip

    Leary Acts as Guide and Rosemary Leary the Divine Presence as Metzner Journeys Through His Body, Through His Memory, and All the Way Back to His Evolutionary Cellular Origins

    But, Unlike the Album by the Same Name That Leary Released a Year Earlier on The ESP-Disk label, Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

    Is No Mere Spoken-Word Record

    Leary’s Rap Is Accompanied by a Mesmerizing East-West Blend of Guitar, Tabla, and the Rarely-Heard Veena, an Indian Instrument Akin to a Sitar or a Sarod

    Music, Voice, and Sound/Studio Effects Combine to Create a Musique-Concrete Effect

    Trippy and Disorienting, the Record and Its Song Titles Are Designed to Mimic the Trajectory of an Acid Trip

    It’s Also a Time Trip Back to the Heady Days of the Summer of Love

    Pressed in Red, Blue & Green “Kaleidoscope” Vinyl

    Limited to 1600 Copies!

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    Timothy Leary: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out—The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Red, Blue & Green "Kaleidoscope" Vinyl Edition) LP

    One part psychologist, one part psychonaut, and one part huckster, Dr. Timothy Leary was one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures to emerge from the ‘60s, and the fact that he released a soundtrack to a film that nobody ever saw fits right in with his modus operandi. Indeed, mass confusion reigns as to the origin of the tracks found on Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out. First of all, Leary had released an album by the same name a year earlier on the ESP-Disk label; that one was a spoken word record offering Leary’s thoughts on LSD, philosophy, and religion. Then, in 1967, Mercury Records released this record, ostensibly a soundtrack recording, but to what? Latter day sources differ as to this question; IMDB claims the soundtrack hails from five short films (including footage of the San Francisco Be-In and Andy Warhol’s Plastic Inevitable, and an early Nam June Paik film featuring The Beatles), but then how could there be one soundtrack to five separate and distinct films? Other authorities provide a more plausible answer—Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out was a film that Leary, his partner Rosemary Woodruff Leary, and long-time psychedelic traveling companion Ralph Metzner made that was so far out (even for 1967), that it received little theatrical release if any at all. In it, Leary guides Metzner on a trip through his body, through his memory, and all the way back to his evolutionary cellular origins, while Rosemary is the divine connection echoing Leary’s calming words. But, unlike its eponymous predecessor, this is no mere spoken-word record; alternating with and accompanying Leary’s rap is a mesmerizing East-West blend featuring guitar, tabla, and the rarely-heard veena, an Indian instrument akin to a sitar or a sarod, while odd use of reverb and sound effects create a musique concrete effect blending voice and music. Trippy? You bet. Even the song titles chart the course of an acid trip. It’s also a bit of a time machine back to the heady days of the Summer of Love; and for this limited edition vinyl reissue, we’ve pressed up 1600 copies in red, blue & green “kaleidoscope” vinyl. Turn on and tune in with the guy Richard Nixon called "The most dangerous man in America!"

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    Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane Mahoney's Last Stand--Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Green Vinyl Edition) LP

  • The soundtrack to Mahoney’s Last StandIs One of the Rarest Entries in the Respective Discographies of Faces Members Ron Wood and Ronnie Lane

  • Recorded in 1972 by Wood and Lane While Waiting Around for Rod Stewart to Show Up for the Ooh La La Recording Sessions, the Album Was Not Released Until 1976

  • Its Obscurity Can Also Be Traced to the Fact that Actor-Director Alexis Kanner’s Film Never Saw a Proper Theatrical Release

  • But the Recording Sessions Attracted the Cream of British Rock Royalty, Including Pete Townshend, Blind Faith and Family Member Ric Grech, Fellow Faces Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones, Soon-to-Be Rolling Stones Companions (for Wood) Ian Stewart, Bobby Keys, and Jim Price, Micky Waller (Wood’s Band-Mate in The Jeff Beck Group of the Late ‘60s), and Grease Band Member Bruce Rowland

  • Much of the Music Has a Rustic, Rural Feel in Keeping with the Film’s Setting

  • Also Includes Some Blues-Rock Riffage (e.g. “Woody’s Thing”) Like What Wood Would Explore with Keith Richards in the Stones

  • Highlight of the Album Is Lane’s “Just for a Moment,” Which Is a Prime Example of the Wistful, Yearning Roots-Rock That Made His Solo Work So Successful

  • Never Before Reissued on LP

  • Green Vinyl Pressing

  • Limited to 700 Copies!

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    Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane: Mahoney's Last Stand--Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Green Vinyl Edition) LP

    What do two Faces do when their lead singer (bon vivant Rod Stewart) doesn’t show up for the Ooh La La recording sessions? They work on a soundtrack for an obscure film by actor and friend Alexis Kanner (most famous for his guest roles on the late-‘60s TV series The Prisoner), and draft the uppermost rank of British rock royalty to play on it! Indeed, given the pedigree of the personnel on this project, it is rather stunning how obscure this 1976 album from Faces members Ron Wood and Ronnie Lane remains, having only been issued on CD abroad and for a brief time at that (and never reissued on LP); one suspects it has much to do with the flop of the film (which appears to have only been screened at the Canadian Film Festival), and the fact that the original LP was released four years after it was recorded in 1972. Just listen to the roll call of session men on Mahoney’s Last Stand, which was produced by Glyn Johns, himself a British rock and roll noble of good standing and fresh from producing Paul McCartney and Wings’ Red Rose Speedway when he worked on this album: Pete Townshend (guitar and “special electronic effects”), Blind Faith and Family member Rick Grech, fellow Faces Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones, soon-to-be fellow (for Wood) Rolling Stones habitués Ian Stewart, Bobby Keys, and Jim Price, Micky Waller (Wood’s fellow member in the Jeff Beck Group of the late ‘60s), and Grease Band member Bruce Rowland to name but a few. As for the music, much of it has a rustic, rural feel in keeping with the film’s setting, which follows the misadventures of a recluse who rents a ramshackle farm in the Canadian countryside, with some nods (“Woody’s Thing”) towards the blues-rock Wood would explore with Keith Richards in the Stones. But without a doubt thehighlight is Lane’s “Just for a Moment,’ which is here in both vocal and instrumental versions; it’s a prime example of the wistful roots- rock that made Lane’s post-Faces solo career so compelling. For the first-ever vinyl reissue of this overlooked gem, we’ve pressed up 700 copies in green vinyl...better hurry, though, cuz they will in deed last “just for a moment.”

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    Joe Bataan Afrofilipino (Limited Opaque Yellow Vinyl Edition)

  • Joe Bataan is an American Treasure, and His Career Embodies the Indomitable Spirit of the American Dream

  • Born 1942 to African-American and Filipino Parents in Spanish Harlem

  • Leader of a Street Gang and Incarcerated for Car Theft

  • Emerged from Prison to Create His Unique Blend of Boogaloo, Doo Wop, and Soul

  • Signed by Fania Records, Where He Had a Very Successful Eight-Album Run

  • Then Co-Founded Salsoul Records, as Well as Inventing the Name (Salsa Plus Soul = Salsoul)

  • Recorded Three Albums for Salsoul, of Which Afrofilipino Was the First

  • Afrofilipino Added Disco and Funk to the Salsa and Soul Mix

  • Recorded on Both Ends of the Country, so an “East Coast Side” and a “West Coast Side”

  • Featured the Very Best Session Musicians Including Richard Tee, John Faddis, Cornell Dupree, Randy Brecker, and David Sanborn

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue

  • Newly Remastered for Vinyl by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • Opaque Yellow Pressing

  • Limited to 1000 Copies!

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    Joe Bataan: Afrofilipino (Limited Opaque Yellow Vinyl Edition)

    Joe Bataan’s career offers a true All-American success story. Born on November 15, 1942 to African-American and Filipino parents in Spanish Harlem, Bataan briefly led a street gang and spent time in a correctional facility on a stolen car charge before emerging in the mid ‘60s to author his own unique blend of boogaloo, doo wop, and soul. Bataan’s sound caught the ears of Fania Records, who signed him for a string of eight successful albums before Bataan left to co-found the Salsoul label—he also came up with the name, a combination of salsa and soul—where he recorded three albums, of which this 1975 record was the first. You’ll hear a little disco and funk mixed in with the salsa and soul on this release, whose “East Coast Side” and “West Coast Side” were recorded on opposite sides of the country. But no matter where Bataan laid down the tracks, he made sure to get the best musicians—playing on Afrofilipino is a veritable Who’s Who of session cats including Richard Tee, John Faddis, Cornell Dupree, Randy Brecker, and David Sanborn. For the first-ever vinyl reissue of this classic Latin R&B album, we've given it a brand-new remastering (by Mike Milchner at SonicVision), and pressed up 1000 copies in opaque yellow vinyl…hip-shakin’ stuff!

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    Ken Boothe Black, Gold & Green (Limited Black & Green Vinyl Edition) LP

  • Ken Boothe Is One of the Greatest Singers to Come Out of Jamaica

  • His Gritty Vocals Brought the Sound of Memphis Soul to the Kingston Rock Steady and Reggae Sound

  • Boothe Began His Solo Career on the Legendary Clement “Coxsone” Dodd’s Studio One Label, then Worked with Leslie Kong on His Beverley’s Records Label

  • But in 1973, Boothe Made a Major Career Shift and Signed with the Trojan Records Label

  • Black, Gold & Green Is the First Record Boothe Cut with Trojan

  • It Was Also the First Record He Made with Producer Lloyd Charmers

  • Features Much Darker and More Politically Aware Material Than That Offered by Boothe’s Previous Albums

  • Highlights Include “Out of Love,” “Missing You,” and a Great Cover of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine”

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue

  • Remastered for Vinyl by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • Pressed in Black & Green Vinyl

  • Limited to 700 Copies!

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    Ken Boothe: Black, Gold & Green (Limited Black & Green Vinyl Edition) LP

    Ken Boothe had left his “Mr. Rock Steady” days far behind him by the time he recorded this 1973 album, his first with producer Lloyd Charmers and his first for the legendary Trojan label. Black, Gold & Green took Boothe in a much darker and more politically aware direction, and featured some of the best and most passionate soul singing of his career, particularly on “Out of Love,” “Missing You,” and his fantastic cover of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine.” This is Memphis-meets-Kingston reggae soul at its very best, and for its first-ever vinyl reissue, we’ve had Mike Milchner at SonicVision remaster the album, and pressed it up in black and green vinyl limited to 700 copies. Essential!

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    Grateful Dead: Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 4--Penn State/Cornell '80 (3-CD SET)

  • The Grateful Dead’s Road Trips Series Featured Hand-Picked Live Recordings from Throughout the Band’s Long Career

  • These Releases Were Only Sold Through the Dead.Net Website

  • Now, Real Gone Music Is Bringing These Superb Live Shows to Regular Music Retail for the First Time

  • Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 4—Penn State/ Cornell ’80 Offers the Better Part of Two Shows from Penn State’s Recreation Hall on May 6, 1980 and Cornell’s Barton Hall (Site of Their Famed 1977 Show) on May 7, 1980

  • Captures the Band Right After the Release of Go to Heaven and Early in Keyboardist Brent Mydland’s Tenure with the Band

  • Strong Vocals and Performances Abound on Both Nights, Particularly on “He’s Gone” and “Wharf Rat” from Penn State and “Jack Straw” and “Cassidy” from Barton Hall

  • The Powerful Pairing of “China Cat Sunflower” and “I Know You Rider” Beginning the Second Set at Barton Hall Is Perhaps the Highlight

  • Beautifully Recorded by Dan Healy

  • Mastered by Jeffrey Norman

  • Liner Notes by Blair Jackson

  • 3-CD Set Never Before Available at Retail

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    Grateful Dead: Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 4--Penn State/Cornell '80 (3-CD SET)

    Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 4 offers an indispensable sample of the band during the early phase of Brent Mydland’s tenure as the band’s keyboardist, right after
    the release of the Go to Heaven album. Beautifully recorded by Dan Healy and mastered by Jeffrey Norman, the 3-CD set mixes the first sets of the May 6, 1980 show at Penn State’s Recreation Hall and the May 7 show at Cornell’s Barton Hall (or “Playing in the barn,” as gleefully sang by Bob Weir in tribute to the venue; also the site of their famed 1977 show) on Disc One, and presents the complete May 6 second set on Disc Two and the complete May 7 second set (save for a few moments of “Rhythm Devils” and “Space”) on Disc Three. Strong vocals and performances abound on both nights, particularly on “He’s Gone” and “Wharf Rat” from Penn State and “Jack Straw” and “Cassidy” from Barton Hall. But the highlight just might be the Penn State set two opener pairing of “China Cat Sunflower” and “I Know YouRider,” two songs the Dead had by this point been playing for over a decade but given extra verve here. Liner notes by Blair Jackson round out a very satisfying document of what turned out to be one of the Dead’s most versatile and consistent line-ups. Never before available at retail!

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    Johnny Mathis: I Love My Lady CD

    Real Gone Music Takes a Break from Its Survey of Johnny Mathis’ Classic ‘70s Albums for Columbia with a Very Special, One-of-a-Kind Release

    • In Late 1980, Johnny Teamed Up with the White-Hot CHIC Production Team of Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, Fresh from Producing Smashes for Diana Ross and Sister Sledge

    • The Result Was I Love My Lady, Which Took Mathis into New, Uncharted Territory on Eight Anthemic, Club-Ready Tracks

    • This Is Johnny Doing Rhythm and Blues Inflected with Funk, Jazz, Disco, and Dance Rhythms

    • Powerhouse Performances, Flawless Production, and Au Courant Sound Made This Record a Sure Winner

    • Nevertheless, Sony Music Shelved the Release

    • But, Its Legend Only Grew as Years Passed

    • Was Sampled by The Shapeshifters, and Songs Began to Trickle Out on Compilations

    • Finally, the Full Album Was Released in 2017 as Part of the Mammoth Mathis Complete Album Box Set

    • Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records Now Present I Love My Lady as a Standalone Release for the First Time in Any Physical Format

    • All-New Cover Art

    • Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Are Drawn from a Brand-New Interview with Johnny Mathis

    • Deluxe Booklet with Rare Photos

    • Remastered by Mike Piacentini at Sony’s Battery Studios

    • Johnny Mathis as You Have Never Heard Him Before, Just in Time to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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      Johnny Mathis: I Love My Lady CD

      Johnny Mathis was billed on his very first album as “A New Sound in Popular Song.” In the decades since that 1956 debut, the vocalist has always explored new avenues in pop from Latin music to Philly soul. But the most adventurous of Mathis’ 60-plus albums may be the one that got away…until now. In late 1980, Johnny teamed up with the white-hot CHIC production team of Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, fresh off triumphant collaborations with artists including Sister Sledge and Diana Ross, for I Love My Lady. Mathis took his voice into new, uncharted territory on eight anthemic, club-ready tracks that pushed the envelope of rhythm and blues as they incorporated funk, jazz, disco, and dance rhythms. Despite the irresistible beats, incomparable vocals, and of-the-moment production, Columbia Records shelved I Love My Lady in 1981. Yet its legend only grew as the years passed. In 2006, house music duo The Shapeshifters even tantalizingly sampled a track from one song (“Love and Be Loved”) while the full track remained in the vault. Finally, beginning in 2010, its songs began to trickle out on compilations, and in 2017, I Love My Lady was issued for the first time as part of a Mathis box set. Now, Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records are proud to present the first-ever standalone compact disc of this remarkable album by two American treasures: Johnny Mathis and CHIC. For the occasion, we’ve commissioned all-new cover artwork, and Johnny has graciously sat down for an interview with The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese to reflect on the album’s creation. The deluxe booklet also features rare photos of Johnny, and Mike Piacentini has remastered at Sony’s Battery Studios. A lost album no more, the sleek I Love My Lady presents the eternal Voice of Romance out on the town in the early 1980s, with sensuality and soul going hand-in-hand. It’s Johnny Mathis as you’ve never heard him before.

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    Orange County The Soundtrack (2-LP Set)

  • Jake Kasdan’s 2002 Film Orange County Boasted a Winning Screenplay from Mike White and an Appealing Cast Led by Colin Hanks and Jack Black

  • It Also Landed a Top Ten Soundtrack

  • Included New Tracks from Foo Fighters (“The One”) and Orange County Legends The Offspring (“Defy You”)

  • Also Featured Tracks from Social Distortion, Cake, Pete Yorn, Lit, Brian Wilson, and More

  • First-Ever Vinyl Release

  • 2-LP Set

  • Custom Gatefold Sleeve Features Production Stills from the Film

  • Orange Vinyl Pressing

  • Limited to Just 700 Copies

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    Various Artists: Orange County--The Soundtrack (Limited Orange Vinyl Version) (2-LP Set)

    This 2002 tale of an Orange County kid (Colin Hanks) who wangles admission to Stanford despite the best efforts of his stoner brother (Jack Black) and then turns his back on academia to be with his girlfriend and buds down by the beach won hearts both with its amiable humor (the great Mike White penned the screenplay) and with its Top Ten soundtrack, which featured new releases by Foo Fighters (“The One”) and Orange County legends The Offspring (“Defy You”) among other great tunes. For its first-ever LP release, we’ve created a custom gatefold sleeve adorned with production stills, and pressed up (only) 700 copies in (what else?) orange vinyl! Get ‘em while they last!


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    Vanilla Sky Soundtrack (2-LP Set)

  • As a Former Music Journalist for Creem and Rolling Stone, Cameron Crowe Has Always Put a Lot of Thought and Care into the Soundtracks of His Films

  • For His Most Ambitious Film, Vanilla Sky, Crowe (Along with His Wife, Heart’s Nancy Wilson, and Soundtrack Co-Producer Danny Bramson) Created His Masterwork

  • Vanilla Sky Was a Waking Dream, Subject to Various Interpretations, So Its Score Explored Shifting Moods and Shades in Unflaggingly Surreal Fashion

  • Star-Studded Soundtrack Featured Tracks by R.E.M., Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, and More

  • Grammy-Nominated

  • Labeled “A Music Masterpiece” by the New York Times

  • First Vinyl Reissue

  • 2-LP Set

  • Custom Gatefold Cover Featuring Production Stills

  • “Blue Cloud” Vinyl

  • Limited to 1000 Copies

  • One of the Greatest “Mix-Tapes” Ever Created by a Film Director

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    Various Artists: Music from Vanilla Sky (Limited "Blue Cloud" Vinyl Edition) (2-LP Set)

    As a former music journalist (for Creem and Rolling Stone among other periodicals), director Cameron Crowe has always put his heart and soul into the soundtracks of his films. So, it’s no wonder that the most ambitious of all his films, Vanilla Sky, sported the most far-ranging and masterful of all of his scores. The film itself was a waking dream, subject to various interpretations; the soundtrack, too, explored shifting moods and shades, but always maintaining the surreal tone and aesthetic of the film, with a glittering line-up (R.E.M., Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan) of artists. The result was breathless praise for the soundtrack(the New York Times called it “a music masterpiece”) andan Academy Award nomination. It is, quite simply, one of the greatest “mix-tapes” a film director has ever created (with some help from soundtrack Co-Producer Danny Bramson and Crowe’s then-wife, Nancy Wilson of Heart); and, for its first vinyl reissue since its initial release, we have created a custom gatefold cover for the 2-LP release and pressed up 1000 copies in “blue cloud” vinyl. A sublime listening and visual experience awaits.

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    Love Actually Soundtrack (2-LP Set)

  • Richard Curtis’ 2003 film Love Actually Remains One of the Best Romantic Comedies of the Last 20 Years

  • Ten Interlocking Love Stories Captured the Complexity of Modern Romance in Bittersweet, Poignant Fashion

  • Love Actually Continues to Be a Fixture on Cable TV and Even in Revival Theaters

  • Amazing Cast Included Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Billy Bob Thornton, Andrew Lincoln & Rowan Atkinson

  • But, as Director Curtis Attests in the Personal Note That Accompanies the Package, the Soundtrack Played Every Bit as Big a Role as the Actors

  • Features Songs by The Beach Boys, Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Norah Jones, Dido, Eva Cassidy, Joni Mitchell, The Pointer Sisters, and Otis Redding Among Others

  • Debut Release on Vinyl

  • New, Gatefold Jacket Featuring Stills from the Film

  • White Vinyl Pressing

  • Limited to 1000 Copies

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    Love Actually: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited White Vinyl Edition) . LP

    Ten interlocking love stories, one big (mostly) happy ending...Love Actually is one of the best romantic comedies of the last two decades, capturing, in poignant, bittersweet fashion, all of the complexity of modern love. One reason why Richard Curtis’ 2003 film succeeded with critics and audiences alike (and still plays on cable and even in theaters all the time!) was its incredible cast: Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Billy Bob Thornton, Andrew Lincoln, Rowan Atkinson...the list goes on. But another very important reason was its score; as Curtis writes in the personal note we’ve included in the package, “Without its music, Love Actually wouldn’t work at all. I know—because I sawthe film without the music, and 1t’s a shocker.” Indeed, the highwattage star power of the actors in Love Actually is matched by its musical artists: The Beach Boys, Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Norah Jones, Dido, Eva Cassidy, Joni Mitchell, The Pointer Sisters, and more (plus a bonus Christmas-themed track from Otis Redding)! The result: a listening experience every bit as satisfying (and romantic)as the film. For its maiden release on vinyl, we’ve created a new, gatefold jacket and pressed up 1000 copies in white vinyl. A must forthe movie’s many fans!

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    New Kids on the Block Merry, Merry Christmas (Limited Green Vinyl Edition) LP

  • By the End of 1989, New Kids on the Block Were the Biggest Act in Pop Music

  • Their 1988 Sophomore Release Hangin’ ToughHad Gone 8x Platinum, Steadily Climbing the Charts to Hit #1 in 1989

  • In That Environment, Any Kind of Christmas Album Would Have Been a Hit

  • But the Group and Its Manager Maurice Starr Produced a Christmas Classic

  • Merry, Merry Christmas Went Top 10 and Double Platinum

  • Featured the Top Ten Hit “This One’s for the Children”

  • Included Other Spirited Originals Highlighted by “Funky, Funky Xmas”

  • NKOTB Also Delivered Admirable Versions of Such Yuletide Favorites as “White Christmas,” “Little Drummer Boy,” and “The Christmas Song”

  • Now, Real Gone Music Is Giving a Gift to the Legion of NKOTB Fans New and Old, the First-Ever Vinyl Reissue of Merry, Merry Christmas

  • Includes Original Inner Sleeve

  • Christmas Green Vinyl

  • Limited to 1000 Copies

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    New Kids on the Block: Merry, Merry Christmas (Limited Green Vinyl Edition) LP

    When this album came out in 1989, the New Kids on the Block were so huge that a spoken-word album featuring them reciting “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” probably would have gone platinum. But to the credit of the ‘Boys and their producer Maurice Starr, they didn’t turn in a mere tree ornament with Merry, Merry Christmas; instead, they put together a completely charming entry in the venerable pop music tradition of Christmas music albums (and it went double platinum). Among the original compositions, “This One’s for the Children” was deservedly a Top Ten hit and “Funky, Funky Xmas” was a silly but spirited hoot, while the versions of “White Christmas,” “Little Drummer Boy,” and “The Christmas Song” were admirable additions to the Christmas canon. Our green vinyl pressing features the original inner sleeve and is limited to 1000 copies…merry, merry Christmas!

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    Hanson Snowed In (Limited "Christmas Tree Green" Vinyl Edition) LP

  • Over 20 Years Ago Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson Made a Huge Splash With Their Debut Album Middle of Nowhere and Its Huge Hit “MMMBop”

  • Their Next Album, the 1997 Christmas RecordSnowed In, Was Almost as Big, Ranking as the #1-Selling Christmas Album of 1997, and Selling Over One Million Copies in the U.S. and Two Million Copies Worldwide

  • The Album Featured Holiday Favorites (“White Christmas”; “Silent Night”; “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”) Both Secular and Sacred

  • Also Premiered the Hanson originals “At Christmas,”, “Christmas Time,” and “Everybody Knows the Claus”

  • Now, Real Gone Music Presents the Vinyl Debut of Snowed In

  • New Custom Inner Sleeve

  • “Christmas Tree Green” Vinyl

  • Limited to 1200 Copies

  • With a Label of Their Own, and a Busy Tour Schedule, the Boys (Now Full-Grown Family Men) Have Come a Long Way Since Their Tulsa, OK Days, but This Charming Christmas Album Captures Them Right at the Beginning of Their All-American Success Story

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    Hanson: Snowed In (Limited "Christmas Tree Green" Vinyl Edition) LP

    It was the #1-selling Christmas album of 1997, and has sold over one million copies in the U.S. and two million copies worldwide. So how come Snowed In hasn’t come out on vinyl yet? Beats us…but we have a feeling that this platter ranks at the top of a lot of Christmas vinyl wish lists! This is Isaac, Taylor, and Zac mere months after their worldwide breakthrough album Middle of Nowhere and its huge hit “MMMBop,” and it presents holiday favorites (“White Christmas”; “Silent Night”; “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”) both secular and sacred, mixed with Hanson originals “At Christmas,”, “Christmas Time,” and “Everybody Knows the Claus.” With a label of their own, and a busy tour schedule, the boys (now full-grown family men) have come a long way since their Tulsa, OK days, but this charming Christmas album captures them right at the beginning of their All-American success story. “Christmas Tree Green” vinyl limited to 1200 copies, with a new, custom inner sleeve!

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    Lorne Greene & the Cast of Bonanza The Complete Christmas on the Ponderosa CD

  • Airing for 14 Years and 431 Episodes from 1959 to 1973, NBC’s TV Western Bonanza Reached an Estimated 400 Million Viewers in 87 Countries

  • The Success of the Show Led to Tie-Ins Ranging from Action Figures to Comic Books to Steakhouses to a Lake Tahoe Theme Park

  • RCA Joined the Party by Bringing the Cast of Bonanza into the Studio to Record a Couple of Albums That Turned Out to Be Worthy Additions to the Christmas Canon

  • Now, Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records Present a Real Yuletide Bonanza with The Complete Christmas on the Ponderosa

  • Includes the Newly Remastered 1963 AlbumChristmas on The Ponderosa Featuring Lorne Greene (Ben Cartwright), Pernell Roberts (Adam Cartwright), Dan Blocker (Hoss Cartwright), and Michael Landon (Little Joe Cartwright) Reprising Their Television Roles for a Merry Family Sing-Along

  • Also Includes the Worldwide CD Debut of Lorne Greene’s 1965 seasonal album Have a Happy Holiday

  • The Collection Also Boasts Both Sides of Greene’s Rare 1966 Single “Must Be Santa” b/w “One Solitary Life”

  • Liner Notes by The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese

  • Original Album Art and Added Photos

  • Remastered by Mike Piacentini at Battery Studios in New York

  • Spend Your Christmas at the Ponderosa This Season with Real Gone Music

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    Lorne Greene & the Cast of Bonanza: The Complete Christmas on the Ponderosa CD

    Between 1959 and 1973, viewers tuned in weekly to NBC for the latest episode of Bonanza. The beloved western, following the exploits of the Cartwright family on their Ponderosa ranch, aired for a remarkable 431 episodes and reached an estimated 400 million watchers in 87 countries. Bonanza inspired, well, a merchandising bonanza, with action figures, comic books, lunchboxes, model sets, dinnerware, and even a chain of steakhouses and a Lake Tahoe theme park. The program was so popular that RCA Victor jumped at the chance to bring its cast into the recording studio. Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records are proud to ring in the holiday season with a true yuletide Bonanza. The Complete Christmas on The Ponderosa brings together the newly-remastered 1963 album Christmas on The Ponderosa—featuring Lorne Greene (Ben Cartwright), Pernell Roberts (Adam Cartwright), Dan Blocker (Hoss Cartwright), and Michael Landon (Little Joe Cartwright) reprising their television roles for a merry family sing-along—plus the worldwide CD premiere of Lorne Greene’s 1965 seasonal album Have a Happy Holiday, along with both sides of Greene’s rare 1966 single “Must Be Santa” b/w “One Solitary Life.” The Complete Christmas on The Ponderosa has been remastered by Mike Piacentini at Sony’s Battery Studios and features new liner notes by The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese along with album art and photos. This first-of-its-kind release celebrates the festive musical legacy of this true TV classic and its memorable stars. Saddle up this season with the Cartwright family!

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    The McGuire Season's Greetings from The McGuire Sisters--The Complete Coral Christmas Recordings CD

  • The McGuire Sisters Were the Most Popular Female Vocal Group of the ‘50s

  • Got Their Big Break with Arthur Godfrey on His Talent Scouts Show

  • Signed with the Coral Label in 1952 and Had a Steady String of Hits for the Label Including the Smashes “Sincerely” and “Sugartime”

  • Their Christmas Album Greetings from the McGuire Sisters Was Released in 1958 at the Height of Their Popularity

  • Featured the Two-Sided Hit “He” b/w “If You Believe”

  • Another Highlight Was the Charming Children’s Song “Cactus Christmas Tree”

  • But Somehow Greetings from the McGuire Sisters Has Never Been Released on CD Until Now

  • Real Gone Music’s New Collection Season’s Greetings from the McGuire Sisters—The Complete Coral Christmas RecordingsIncludes That Album Plus the Sisters’ Other Three Christmas-Themed Songs for the Coral Label

  • Features “Be a Santa” from the album

    The McGuire Sisters Sing “Subways Are for Sleeping”

  • Also the Tunes “Peace” from May You Always and “Ave Maria” from In Harmony with Him

  • Produced and Annotated by Tom Pickles

  • A Long-Cherished Christmas Album Bolstered with Bonus Tracks

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    The McGuire: Season's Greetings from The McGuire Sisters--The Complete Coral Christmas Recordings CD

    One of the most popular vocal groups of the ‘50s releases a Christmas album at
    the peak of their popularity...and it never comes out on CD? Well, that’s a that calls for our resident Real Gone Christmas elves to “comb” through the vaults and set straight! Inspired by The Andrews Sisters and The Dinning Sisters, The McGuire Sisters were the most popular female vocal group of their era, having risen rapidly through the ranks thanks in part to a big break given them by Arthur Godfrey on his Talent Scouts show. Christine, Dottie, and Phyllis McGuire signed with Coral Records in 1952, and it was at Coral that they scored all their big hits, including “Sincerely” and Sugartime.” The hits continued onGreetings from the McGuire Sisters, their 1958 Christmas record for Coral, which featured the two-sided smash “He” b/w “If You Believe” along with such charming fare as the children’s song “Cactus Christmas Tree.” But we didn’t stop there on this reissue! We found three bonus tracks from long out-of-print albums to append to the original album to make this The Complete Coral Christmas Recordings: “Be a Santa” comes from the album The McGuire Sisters Sing “Subways Are for Sleeping,” “Peace” is from May You Always, and “Ave Maria” comes from In Harmony with Him. Tom Pickles produces and annotates our release. The term “long overdue” doesn’t quite capture just how long and how ardently folks have been waiting for this’s a Christmas classic!

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    Rod McKuen New Carols for Christmas--The Rod McKuen Christmas Album CD

    Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Performer Rod McKuen Was One of the True Renaissance Men of the ‘60s and ‘70s

    McKuen Recorded a Number of Albums for Warner Bros., but His Disarmingly Personal Recordings for His Own Stanyan Label Are Among His Most Treasured

    Of Those Stanyan Records, 1971’s New Carols of Christmas—The Rod McKuen Christmas Album Is One of His Gems

    All but One Track Recorded on December 6, 1970 at Chappel Studios in London with Members of the Westminster Symphony Orchestra

    Offers Rod’s Trademark Blend of Poetry, Song, and Beautiful Instrumental Passages on Such Songs as “Bethlehem B.C.”

    Expanded Edition Features a Great Duet Between Rod and Petula Clark on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

    Other Highlights Include “So My Sheep May Safely Graze,” Which Tells the Story of the Birth of the Good Shepherd; and the Upbeat, Uplifting “Here He Comes Again”

    Writing Partners Include Rod’s Long-Time Collaborator Anita Kerr, Art Podell of The New Christy Minstrels, and Electronic Music Pioneer Mort Garson

    Liner Notes by McKuen Biographer Barry Alfonso

    Rare Period Photos Along with Original Gatefold Art

    Only Briefly Available on CD and Out of Print for Over 20 Years

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    Rod McKuen: New Carols for Christmas--The Rod McKuen Christmas Album. CD

    Originally released in 1971 on Rod McKuen’s own Stanyan label, and available on CD for only a brief time in the mid-‘90s, New Carols of Christmas—The Rod McKuen Christmas Album offers the poet/singer/songwriter’s trademark blend of spoken word and song, with songwriting assistance from Rod’s long-time artistic partner Anita Kerr on three of the tracks (The New Christy Minstrels’ Art Podell and electronic music pioneer Mort Garson are his other collaborators).

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    John Klein A Christmas Sound Spectacular CD

  • Trained by Igor Stravinsky and Nadia Boulanger (teacher to Aaron Copland and Quincy Jones), John Klein Was a Musical Renaissance Man

  • Klein Made a Number of Albums for RCA and Assorted Labels, But His Two Christmas Albums Are Without a Doubt His Most Beloved

  • His First Christmas Album, 1959’s A Christmas Sound Spectacular, Was One of the Most Distinctive Recordings Released by the Famed Living Stereo Imprint

  • It Featured the Largest Instrument in the World, the Carillon Americana, Consisting of 1500 Bronze Cast Bells Ringing in Perfect Tonal Quality

  • The Sound of the Bells, Combined with Klein’s Billy May-Inspired Arrangements, Resulted in an Album So Unique RCA Offered a Money-Back Guarantee to Consumers

  • Real Gone’s Reissue Marks Its First Release on CD in Stereo, the Only Way to Hear This Album

  • Klein’s Other Christmas Album for RCA, 1964’s Let’s Ring the Bells All Around the Christmas Tree, Was Recorded at the 1964 World’s Fair with a Carillon Specially Built for the Occasion

  • Arrangements by Henri Renè, Famous for Scoring Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby”

  • CD Debut, Also in Stereo

  • Liner Notes by R. Steve Harmon Add a Personal Touch to the Package

  • Remastered by Mike Piacentini at Battery Studios in New York

  • Christmas Bells Will Be Ringing this Holiday Season with This Real Gone Release

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    John Klein: A Christmas Sound Spectacular/Let’s Ring the Bells All Around the Christmas Tree. CD

    RCA’s Living Stereo imprint made quite the cottage industry out of releasing Christmas albums in the late ‘50s/early ‘60s, and indeed we at Real Gone Music have taken great pleasure and pride in releasing a lot of them on CD. But of all the Living Stereo Christmas records, the one that is perhaps the most distinctive—and one that remains close to many people’s hearts—is the 1959 album by musical Renaissance man John Klein, A Christmas Sound Spectacular. Trained by Igor Stravinsky and Nadia Boulanger (teacher to both Aaron Copland and Quincy Jones!), Klein brought his formidable talent and skill on this album to the most imposing instrument in the world: the Carillon Americana, the largest of its kind, consisting of 1500 bronze caste bells ringing in perfect tonal quality. In fact, the Carillon Americana was so large that RCA Victor brought all of their recording equipment to the instrument’s home at the Schulmerich Bells’ offices in Sellersville, PA. instead of trying to move it to New York! The sound of the bells, beautifully meshed with Klein’s Billy May-inspired arrangements for accompanying orchestra, resulted in a record so unique that RCA offered a money-back guarantee to any customer who didn’t agree that it was “the most spectacular sound on records.” One suspects they got very few takers; however, this one-of-a-kind holiday classic has never been out on CD except for a small private pressing of the mono version; this marks the stereo CD debut of A Christmas Sound Spectacular, and, trust us, you’re gonna want to hear this in stereo! We’ve paired it with Klein’s other “bells” record, Let’s Ring the Bells All Around the Christmas Tree, which was recorded at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York with a Carillon specially built for the occasion, with arrangements by Henri Renè, who had already won his Christmas bona-fides by scoring Eartha Kitt’s unforgettable “Santa Baby”…another CD debut, also in stereo! Liner notes are by R. Steve Harmon, whose father James Harmon, President and Program Director at the mighty 690 in San Diego, chose to bring A Christmas Sound Spectacular home to play for the family out of all the thousands of Christmas records the radio station received. Remastered by Mike Piacentini at Battery Studios in New York...Christmas bells will be ringing once again this holiday season with this Real Gone release!

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    Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra The Complete Christmas Albums (2CD-Set)

  • Along with Ray Conniff, Percy Faith, and Mitch Miller, Andre Kostelanetz Was One of the Great Orchestral Conductors/Arrangers Under the Columbia Label Umbrella

  • First Made His Name Bringing Classical Music to the Masses Via CBS Radio

  • ReportedlySoldover52MillionRecordsandSet the World Record for Attendance at a Classical Concert When 250,000 People Showed Up to a 1979 Performance in Central Park

  • In His Discography of Over 100 Releases, Kostelanetz’s Christmas Albums Are Among the Most Treasured

  • Now, Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records Present The Complete Christmas Albums, a 2-CD, 42-Track Set

  • Includes the Albums Joy to the World: The Music of Christmas (1959), Wonderland of Christmas (1963), and Wishing You a Merry Christmas(1965), on Which He Was Joined by Vocalist Phyllis Curtin and The St. Kilian Boy Choir

  • Wishing You a Merry Christmas Makes Its CD Debut

  • Also Includes a Host of Holiday Bonuses Featuring His Rare 1950 Single of “White Christmas” and a Performance of The Nutcracker Suite Featuring Peter Ustinov

  • Basically Kostelanetz’s Complete Christmas Recordings (Except He Made Several Recordings of The Nutcracker)

  • Sparklingly Remastered in Original Mono and “360 Sound” Stereo by Maria Triana at Sony’s Battery Studios

  • Notes by The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese

  • Includes Photos from the Columbia Vaults

  • Beautiful Christmas Music Collection in the Tradition of Real Gone’s Prior Percy Faith, Ray Conniff, and Mitch Miller Compilations

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    Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra: The Complete Christmas Albums. (2CD-Set)


    Almost forty years after his passing, the name of Andre Kostelanetz is still synonymous with the sound of beautiful music. The Russian-born American conductor gained national attention bringing classical music to the masses first on CBS Radio in the 1930s and then via a series of albums on Columbia Records. A guest conductor of The New York Philharmonic and Washington, DC’s National Symphony, he reportedly sold over 52 million records and set the world record for attendance at a classical concert when 250,000 people showed up to a 1979 performance in Central Park. In his discography of over 100 albums conducting everything from Swan Lake to the hits of Chicago, Kostelanetz’s Christmas albums are among the most treasured. Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records invite you to a true wonderland of Christmas with the release of Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra’s The Complete Christmas Albums. This comprehensive 2-CD, 42-track set features all three of the legendary conductor’s classic Columbia Christmas LPs – Joy to the World: The Music of Christmas (1959), Wonderland of Christmas (1963), and Wishing You a Merry Christmas (1965), on which he was joined by vocalist Phyllis Curtin and The St. Killian Boychoir – plus a host of holiday bonuses. These include Kostelanetz’s rare 1950 single of “White Christmas,” a complete recording of “The Nutcracker Suite” featuring Peter Ustinov, and additional seasonal favorites from the Kostelanetz catalog. Wishing You a Merry Christmas makes its CD debut here. Along with his fellow “easy listening” kings Percy Faith and Ray Conniff, Kostelanetz defined the sound of the holiday with his Columbia Christmas recordings, and you’ll find them all here (this is really his complete Christmas recordings, except he made several recordings of The Nutcracker, sparklingly remastered in crisp original mono and splendid “360 Sound” stereo by Maria Triana at Sony’s Battery Studios. The Second Disc’s resident Christmas elf Joe Marchese has penned the new liner notes. There’s no doubt the maestro’s yuletide recordings will become a few of your favorite things!

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    Badfinger Wish You Were Here (Expanded Edition) CD

  • Badfinger Are Generally Considered One of if Not the Greatest Power Pop Band of All Time

  • Four Accomplished Singer-Songwriters in Tom Evans, Mike Gibbins, Pete Ham, and Joey Molland Plus Support from the Beatles Should Have Spelled Superstardom

  • But Management Woes, Band Infighting, and Label Incompetence Held Them Back

  • It All Came to a Head with Their Two Albums for Warner Bros., Where They Headed After Recording Four Albums and Hits Like “Come and Get It,” “No Matter What,” “Day by Day,” and “Baby Blue” for the Beatles’ Apple Imprint

  • Badfinger and Especially Wish You Were Here Are Generally Considered Their Finest Records, but They Were Recorded in the Midst of Chaos, Resulting in the Break-Up of the Band and Personal Tragedy

  • Now, Real Gone Music and Badfinger Biographer Dan Matovina Present the Ultimate Look at These Two Unjustly Overlooked Albums with Deluxe Expanded Editions

  • Ineptly Released by Warner Bros. at the Same Time as Apple Released Ass, Their Last Album for the Label, and Without Any Discernible Album Title, 1973’s Badfinger Sold Poorly

  • But It Boasted Such Solid Tunes as “Lonely You,” “Shine On,” and “Love Is Easy”

  • Expanded Edition Includes the Unreleased Song “Love My Lady,” Plus Nine More Outtakes from the Album Sessions

  • 1975’s Wish You Were Here Is Recognized as Badfinger’s Masterwork

  • But the Release Was Pulled after Seven Weeks Due to Their Manager Squirreling Away Publishing Advance Money, Prompting a Lawsuit by Warner Bros.’s Publishing Arm

  • An Album Without a Weak Track, Highlighted by Ham’s “Dennis,” Molland’s “Love Time,” and Evans’ “King of the Load”

  • Expanded Edition Includes an Unreleased Song, “Queen of Darkness”

  • Also Features Eight New Alternate Mixes with Unused Vocals and Novel Arrangements

  • Both Albums Remastered by Dan Matovina from Original Tapes for the First Time Since Their Maiden Release on CD

  • Liner Notes by Matovina Include Exclusive Quotes from Chris Thomas, Producer of the Two Albums

  • Brilliant, Essential, and Criminally Underrecognized Work, Fully Unveiled

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    Badfinger: Wish You Were Here (Expanded Edition) CD

    Most folks point to Badfinger as the greatest power pop band of all time. But, with four accomplished songwriters in Tom Evans, Mike Gibbins, Pete Ham, and Joey Molland, and the creative assistance and imprimatur of The Beatles, Badfinger should have been bigger stars than they were. Their four albums for The Beatles’ Apple label get most of the attention, and understandably so, with hits like “Come and Get It,” “No Matter What,” “Day by Day,” and “Baby Blue.” But their subsequent two albums for Warner Bros. represent their true creative peak, reached even as the band—and the lives of the members of the band—fell apart. Now, Real Gone Music, together with Badfinger biographer Dan Matovina, is taking a fresh look at Badfinger’s brilliant but ill-fated Warner Bros. albums, Badfinger and Wish You Were Here. Things went from bad to worse for Badfinger as Warner Bros. ended up pulling their second release after seven weeks in the stores due to their manager squirreling away publishing advance money, prompting a lawsuit by the label’s publishing arm. Yet, somehow in the midst of all the chaos, the band delivered its masterpiece. Recorded by Chris Thomas at the Caribou Ranch studio in Colorado and George Martin’s AIR studio in London, 1975’s Wish You Were Here stands as Badfinger’s most cohesive and powerful artistic statement, with stellar contributions by all four of the band’s songwriters. It’s an album without a weak track, so it’s hard to single out any songs, but Ham’s “Dennis,” Molland’s “Love Time,” and Evans’ “King of the Load” might take the honors. For this Expanded Edition (which offers a new remastering of the album for the first time since it was initially released on CD), we’ve unearthed an unreleased song (“Queen of Darkness”), and uncorked eight new remixes that highlight many un-used vocals and novel instrumental arrangements. Matovina’s notes include exclusive quotes from original producer Chris Thomas. The last and best record with the original line-up, now fully unveiled!

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