Zacherle Zacherle's Monster Gallery (Limited Green & Orange "Pumpkin" Vinyl Edition) LP

Through out the ‘50s and ‘60s, John Zacherle Was the “Cool Ghoul” of East Coast Television, Presenting Late-Night Horror Movies to Delighted Teenagers in New York and Philadelphia

Zacherle Parlayed His TV Success in to a Recording, Acting, and Radio Career

His Rarest and Most Sought-After Album Is 1963’s Zacherle’s Monster Gallery, Which Sells for Up to $150 Online If You Can Find it

Released on Elektra’s Budget Imprint Crestview, the Record Was a Copy of the 1960 Release Spook Along with Zacherley, Except That It Featured Cover Art by Legendary Mad Magazine Artist Jack Davis

Real Gone Music’s Release of Zacherle’s Monster Gallery Comes in Green & Orange “Pumpkin” Vinyl and Features the Original Cover Art

Limited to 1000 Copies

Released in Time for Halloween Almost Exactly a Year After Zacherle’s Death

A Timely Tribute to Two Unconventional Funny Men (Davis Died in 2016 as Well) 


Zacherle: Zacherle's Monster Gallery (Limited Green & Orange "Pumpkin" Vinyl Edition) LP

Fittingly enough, The Cool Ghoul himself, John Zacherle, passed away right around Halloween in 2016, and now we here at Real Gone Music are celebrating his one-year “deathday” by releasing his incredibly rare album Zacherle’s Monster Gallery, originally issued on the budget Elektra imprint Crestview, on green & orange “pumpkin” vinyl limited to 1000 copies! This record was originally released in 1963, and was actually a copy of the 1960 Elektra album Spook Along with Zacherley, except for one very important detail: the cover art to the Crestview release was inked by legendary Mad Magazine artist Jack Davis, who actually passed away last year as well. Which probably explains why original copies of this record are selling for about $150 if you can find them…So consider this release a twin tribute to two guys who brought a big smile to millions of kids, especially those on the East Coast that used to see Zach present all those cheesy horror movies on TV. R.I.P., Zach and Jack!

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Carol Burnett Sings (Expanded Edition) CD

Carol Burnett Is the Greatest Comedienne of Her Generation 

 In Fact, She Is Such a Great Entertainer That Her Prodigious Vocal Talents Tend to Be Overlooked

This 1967 RCA LP Was Released as a Tie-In with the Launch of Her Legendary, Emmy-Winning CBS-TV Series

Though It Sports a Picture of Carol as Her Iconic, Sad-Sack Maid Character on the Cover, She Sings Rings Around This Collection of Show and Pop Tunes

Arranged by Mort Garson and Ernie Freeman

First-Ever Reissue in Any Form

Real Gone Music’s Expanded Edition Includes “Make Me Rainbows,” an Unreleased Outtake from the Album Sessions, and “The Bullfrog Patrol” from the Obscure NBC-TV Soundtrack Album The General Motors 50th Anniversary Show

New Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Accompany Carol’s Pal Julie Andrews’ Original Sleeve Notes

Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York 


Carol Burnett: Sings (Expanded Edition). CD

It’s no wonder folks tend to forget that Carol Burnett was and is a heckuva singer; that’s what happens when you’re arguably the most talented and accomplished comedienne of your generation. Indeed, although Carol’s pose as her iconic maid character on the cover of this 1967 RCA LP was a tie-in with the launch of Carol’s legendary, long-running, Emmy-winning CBS-TV series, one could also view it as a commentary on her recording career—always the (brides)maid, never the bride. But make no mistake about this record—after starring on Broadway in the acclaimed musical Once Upon A Matress and working her way up the ranks of TV’s top variety programs—Carol simply sings rings around this engaging collection of show and pop tunes, with arranging and conducting duties shared between the estimable Mort Garson and Ernie Freeman. Now reissued for the first time anywhere, we’ve added two bonus tracks for our Expanded Edition: “Make Me Rainbows,” an unreleased Alan & Marilyn Bergman/John Williams composed outtake from the album sessions, and “The Bullfrog Patrol” from the obscure 1958 NBC-TV soundtrack album The General Motors 50th Anniversary Show. With liner notes by Joe Marchese augmenting Carol’s pal Julie Andrews’ original sleeve notes, and digital remastering by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York, Carol Burnett: Sings provides yet more evidence that Carol Burnett is a national treasure.


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DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince: He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper (Expanded Edition) (2CD-Set) 

  • D.J. Jazzy Jeff (a.k.a. Jeff Townes) and The Fresh Prince (a.k.a. Will Smith) Were One of the First and Biggest Hip Hop Acts to Cross Over into Pop Music Stardom
  • Their 1988 Double Album He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper Went to #4 on the Pop Charts 

  • Despite the Album’s Success, the Jive Label Elected to Release a Truncated Version on Compact Disc, Deleting One Song and Shortening Eight Others 

  • Only Rare 1988 German Pressings of the Album Feature the Unedited Album Tracks, But That Version of the CD Deleted Two Tracks 

  • Real Gone Music’s 2-CD Expanded Edition Offers the COMPLETE, Original He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper Album for the First Time Ever on CD 

  • Also Includes 11 Bonus Tracks Drawn from 12” Mixes Featuring the CD Debuts of Four Instrumental Versions and the Live Version of “Brand New Funk” 

  • Remastered from Original Tapes by Sean Brennan at Battery Studios in New York 

  • Liner Notes by Aaron Kannowski 

  • Features Original Album Gatefold Art Plus12” Single Sleeves 

  • D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince Are Gigging This Summer in Europe, So Sure to Be a Buzz...and 30th Anniversary of the Album Occurs Early Next Year 

  • A Crucial Album in Hip-Hop’s Move to the Mainstream Finally Reissued Properly


    DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince: He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper (Expanded Edition) (2CD-Set) 

    Originally released in April 1988 on Jive/Zomba, He’s the DJ, I’m The Rapper by D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (that’s Will Smith for you youngsters out there) is often listed as one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever recorded, one of the first releases in the genre that “crossed over” into mainstream chart success (#4 on the Pop charts). But, hard as it is to believe, the original vinyl double-LP and cassette are the only places to hear the album in full. When He’s the DJ, I’m The Rapper originally came out as the first-ever hip-hop double album, it clocked in at just over 82 minutes. Rather than issue it as a 2-CD set, Jive shortened the album for CD release. In the U.S., one of the songs was removed from the album while eight others were presented in shorter versions. To date, only rare 1988 German pressings of the CD contain the original, unedited LP versions of the songs, although even that version left off the last two tracks due to the same space issues.

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    Melissa Manchester Through the Eyes of Love-The Complete Arista 7" Singles (2CD-Set)

  • During the Decade (1975-1984) She Spent Recording for the Arista Label, Melissa Manchester Established Herself as One of the Premier Singer-Songwriters in All of Pop Music

  • Now, Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records Present the Most Comprehensive Melissa Manchester Compilation Ever Assembled

  • The 2-CD Set Through the Eyes of Love—The Complete Arista 7” Singles Includes 43 Songs for a Total of 157 Minutes

  • Features Hard-to-Find 7” Mixes of Such Hits as “Midnight Blue,” “Don’t Cry Out Loud,” the Oscar-nominated “Theme from Ice Castles (Through the Eyes of Love),” and “You Should Hear How She Talks About You” (Which Also Makes Its CD Debut in Its 12” Extended Mix)

  • Of the 43 Songs Collected Here, 23 of Them Appear in Unique Single Mixes and/or Edits

  • Remastered by Mike Piacentiniat Battery Studios in New York

  • Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Include Exclusive Quotes from Melissa Manchester

  • Added Photos

  • A Great RideT hrough Melissa’s One-of-a-Kind Blend of Pop, Rock, Soul, R&B, New Wave, Dance, Jazz, and Plenty of Heart 


    Melissa Manchester: Through the Eyes of Love-The Complete Arista 7" Singles (2CD-Set)

    “Please, don’t let this feeling end…” The sentiment of that famous lyric is one shared by listeners every time Melissa Manchester begins to sing. From her earliest pop hits through her recent triumphs on the jazz charts, Manchester’s voice has always resonated with warmth and power. In 1975, she was one of a handful of select talents chosen by Clive Davis to inaugurate his Arista Records label, and during her near-decade on the label, the fiercely independent artist established herself as both a singer and songwriter. Inspired by the trailblazing Laura Nyro, the onetime student of Paul Simon scored a crossover smash with the beautifully intimate “Midnight Blue,” established such songs as “Don’t Cry Out Loud” and the Oscar-nominated “Theme from Ice Castles (Through the Eyes of Love)” as standards, and reinvented herself as a contemporary dance diva with the Grammy-winning “You Should Hear How She Talks About You.” All of those songs and many more—including over fifteen chart hits—can be heard on Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records’ Through the Eyes of Love—The Complete Arista 7” Singles Collection. This landmark release brings together every one of Manchester’s Arista 45 RPM releases, all in their original single versions featuring 23 unique single mixes/edits, for a total of 43 tracks on two discs.

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    Ornette Coleman Ornette at 12/Crisis CD

  • Ornette Coleman Didn’t Just Invent Free Jazz, He Coined the Term

  • His Body of Work Is One of the Most Innovative, Challenging, and Transcendent in All of Jazz

  • Somehow, Two of His Albums on the Impulse Label, 1969’s Ornette at 12 and 1972’s Crisis, Have Never Been Reissued on CD

  • Real Gone Music Is Now Releasing Both Albums on a Single Compact Disc

  • Ornette at 12 Featured Ornette on Alto Sax,Trumpet, and Violin with Dewey Redman on Tenor Sax, Long-Time Collaborator Charlie Haden on Bass, and Son Denardo (Age 12 at the Time of the Recording) on Drums

  • Crisis Added Trumpeter Don Cherry, Fresh from His Own Experiments in African and World Music, to This Already Potent Line-Up

  • Reissue Features Both Albums’ Original Gatefold Album Art

  • Liner Notes by Howard Mandel, Author of Miles, Ornette, Cecil: Jazz Beyond Jazz

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision from Tape Sources

  • Two Crucial Coleman Releases Finally Available Again


    Ornette Coleman: Ornette at 12/Crisis. CD

    As the man who basically invented free jazz and even coined the term, Ornette Coleman has had the vast majority of his catalog reissued on CD, and rightfully so. But there are two records, both released on the legendary Impulse! label, that have somehow escaped digitization until now, The first, 1969’s Ornette at 12, features Ornette on alto sax, trumpet, and violin with Dewey Redman on tenor sax, long-time collaborator Charlie Haden on bass, and son Denardo (age 12 at the time of the 1968 recording) on drums. The jazz world was still getting over the effrontery of Denardo playing drums—he had made his debut two years earlier on The Empty Foxhole—which may explain why this one’s remained in the vaults till now. But Redman’s playing on tenor is just stellar, and Ornette’s untrained trumpet and violin technique make a nice foil for Denardo’s fresh approach to the traps. Another boundary-pushing record in a career full of them. But if it’s a puzzle that Ornette at 12 has not been previously reissued, it’s a downright mystery why 1972’s Crisis also hasn’t come out; recorded live in 1969 at N.Y.U. with a killer band of Redman, Haden, Denardo, and Don Cherry on flute and trumpet, it takes its place with Broken Shadows and Science Fiction as one of Ornette’s great small group recordings of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. The version of Haden’s “Song for Che” is one of the best on record, the rendition of “Broken Shadows” here is simply beautiful, which is not a term many associate with Coleman’s playing, and the addition of Don Cherry—fresh from his own experiments in Indian and African music—spices up what is already a pretty heady brew. Real Gone Music’s two-for-one reissue of this pair of albums features the original gatefold album art and an essay by Howard Mandel, author of Miles, Ornette, Cecil: Jazz Beyond Jazz. Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision from original tape sources.

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    Duane Eddy Guitar Star—The Complete RCA Singles CD

  • Duane Eddy Is the # 1 Rock’N’Roll Instrumentalist of All Time

  • The Sound of His Gretsch 6120 Brought the Word “Twang” into the Pop Music Vocabulary

  • Nevertheless,There Has Never Been a Collection Devoted to the Classic Single Sides He Recorded for RCA Victor, Many of Them Under the Supervision of the Legendary Lee Hazlewood

  • Guitar Star—The Complete RCA Singles A’s and B’s Includes All 22 Original Mono Single Sides Duane Eddy Recorded for RCA Victor

  • Remastered from Original Tapes by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios and Painstakingly Compared to Original 45’s to Ensure Maximum Fidelity to That Original “Twang” Sound

  • Liner Notes by Ed Osborne Include Exclusive Quotes from Duane Eddy Himself

  • Booklet Includes Rare European Picture Sleeves and Photos from the RCA Vaults

  • Seven Chart Hits Including “(Dance with the) Guitar Man,” “The Ballad of Paladin,” “Boss Guitar,” and “The Son of Rebel Rouser”

  • Over 53 Minutes of Twang 


    Duane Eddy: Guitar Star—The Complete RCA Singles. CD

    He’s the #1 rock and roll instrumentalist of all time, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer of long standing, and the sound of his Gretsch 6120 brought the word “twang” into the pop music vocabulary. He’s Duane Eddy, and here, for the first time ever, is a collection devoted to the classic single sides he recorded for the RCA label during the ‘60s. Those familiar with Duane’s discography know that it had two distinct periods: one, the late-‘50s/early-‘60s recordings for the Jamie label, and, two, the early-to-mid-‘60s sides for RCA Victor. Strangely, though he had seven chart hits for the label, the RCA Victor material has never really seen a good compilation come out in the U.S.; now, in true Real Gone fashion, we’ve assembled the A and B-sides of all 11 original mono singles he recorded for RCA, remastered from the original tapes by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios and painstakingly compared to the original 45’s to ensure maximum fidelity to that original sound that Duane perfected with Lee Hazlewood among others during his stay at RCA. The booklet includes detailed liner notes by Ed Osborne drawn from a new interview with Duane, festooned with rare European picture sleeves and photos from the RCA archives. Features such classics as “(Dance with the) Guitar Man,” “The Ballad of Paladin,” “Boss Guitar,” and “The Son of Rebel Rouser”…22 tracks of twang!

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    GRATEFUL DEAD Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 4--Spectrum 4-6-82 (3CD)

  • The Grateful Dead Remain an American Phenomenon That Spans Decades and Generations

  • Having Released All 36 Volumes of the Band’s Groundbreaking Dick’s Picks Series of Live Recordings, Real Gone Music Now Brings Another Series of Grateful Dead Concert Performances to Music Retail for the First Time

  • Road Trips Was the Successor to Dick’s Picks and Was Only Sold Through the Dead’s Own Website

  • The First Volumes Assembled Tracks from Various Concerts on a Single Tour, While Later Volumes Presented Single Shows

  • Just Like the Label Did with Dick’s Picks, Real Gone Music Will Release the Last Volumes in the Road Trips Series First

  • The Original Designer of the Series, Steve Vance, Has Converted the Original Wallet Packaging to Customer-Friendly Triple-CD Slimline Jewel Cases

  • Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 4—Spectrum 4-6-82 Was Only the Second Authorized Release to Pull from the Excellent Touring Year of 1982 When It Came Out in 2011, and Only One Other Subsequent Release Has Included 1982 Material

  • Captures the Dead in One of Their Favorite Venues, The Spectrum in Philadelphia

  • A Rock Solid First Set Kicks Off with a Driving “Cold Rain and Snow” Segue-ing into “Promised Land” and Follows Them with Sparkling Versions of “Big Railroad Blues,” “Jack-A-Roe,” and “It’s All Over Now” Among Others

  • Set Two Also Starts Strong with an Irresistibly Funky “Shakedown Street” and Winds Up with a Sublime Encore of “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” with Exceptional Versions of “Truckin’,” “The Other One,” and “Morning Dew” in Between

  • Includes Bonus Material from the Night Before Featuring the Rarely-Performed “Deep Elem Blues”

  • Presented in HDCD Sound

  • 12-Page Full-Color Booklet



    Grateful Dead: Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 4—Spectrum 4/6/82 (3-CD Set)

    It was our great honor at Real Gone Music to issue all 36 volumes of Dick’s Picks, the Grateful Dead’s landmark live concert series. Well, our diligence in releasing Dick’s Picks has had a “Ripple” effect, for now the band is entrusting us with releasing its subsequent live concert series, Road Trips! Unlike Dick’s Picks, which saw about two-thirds of its titles go to regular retail in their original incarnations, NONE of the entries in the Road Trips series were offered to retail outlets outside of the Dead’s own website. Since it worked so well with Dick’s Picks, we are reissuing the last titles first, and we have enlisted the series’ original designer, Steve Vance, to convert the original wallet packaging to customer-friendly triple-CD slimline jewel cases. This volume dates back to 1982, which, despite having been among the best years of touring for the Brent Mydland-era Grateful Dead, had seen only one authorized release (Dick’s Picks Vol. 32) from that year prior to the August 2011 release of this concert, and only one other since (one of the shows included in the Thirty Trips Around the Sun box); it remains probably the least-documented year in the band’s history when weighed against its overall quality. But that’s just one of the reasons Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 4 belongs in any Deadhead’s library; this show, which hails from one of the band’s best and favorite venues, the Philadelphia Spectrum, kicks off a rock solid first set with “Cold Rain and Snow” segue-ing into “Promised Land” and follows it with sparkling versions of “Big Railroad Blues,” “Jack-A-Roe,” and “It’s All Over Now” among others, while set two gets off to a similarly strong start with an irresistibly funky “Shakedown Street” and winds up with a sublime encore of “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” with exceptional versions of “Truckin’,” “The Other One,” and “Morning Dew” in between. Bonus material from the previous night (including the rarely-performed “Deep Ellem Blues”) just add to the early ‘80s goodness, all presented in HDCD sound. Nice 12-page full-color booklet, too!


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  • The East Bay Band Fifteen Was Led by Jeff Ott, One of the Most Interesting Figures in the Punk Rock Movement

  • Sexually Abused as a Child and Homeless in His Teens, Ott Brings a Vulnerable, Personal Touch to Topics Like Racism, Drug Addiction, and Pacificism That Sets Him Apart from Many of His Punk Peers

  • Ott’s Unique, Untrained Voice Also Makes Fifteen’s Music More Approachable Than Most in the Genre

  • Their Third Album, 1994’s Buzz, Is Considered By Most to Be Their Best

  • Used Copies of Its Short-Lived Initial Vinyl Release Go for Huge Sums

  • Real Gone Music’s First Ever Vinyl Reissue Comes in Maroon Vinyl

  • Limited to 1000 Copies 



    Jeff Ott, the leader of Fifteen, is one of punk-rock’s most intriguing figures. Sexually abused as a child and homeless in his teens, Ott brought a personal perspective to such topics as pacificism, drug addiction, and racism that was a refreshing break from the doctrinaire rant ‘n’ cant that marred many a punk song, and his voice—while definitely untrained—lent his music a vulnerable, everyman touch. This record, the third by his band Fifteen, is reckoned by most to be their finest, and because it came out in 1994, it was only out on vinyl for a heartbeat, and therefore sells for inappropriately lofty sums. Real Gone’s reissue of this classic East Bay punk album comes in maroon vinyl limited to 1000 copies!

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    The Slits Return of the Giant Slits

  • The All-Female Trio The Slits Were One of the Most Challenging and Forward-Looking Bands of the Post-Punk Movement

  • Viv Albertine, Tessa Pollitt, and Ari Up Shocked the World with Their Muddy, Topless Torsos on Their Classic Debut Album, Cut, Which Ranks as One of the Signature Releases

  • The Slits Were So Out There That Island Records Dropped Them after Cut...and Then They Went Even Further Out for Return of the Giant Slits, Their Debut Album for Their New Label, Sony

  • Joined by Drummer Bruce Smith of The Pop Group and Multi-Instrumentalist Steve Beresford, The Slits Added World Music and Free Jazz to Their Blend of Atonal Vocals, Skittering Guitar, and Dubwise Bass Riddims

  • Sony Didn’t Even Bother Releasing Return of the Giant Slits in the U.S. and It Has Been Hard to Find Ever Since

  • Newly Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue Features Original Artwork Including Printed Inner Sleeve

  • Fluorescent Yellow Vinyl Limited to 1000 Copies

  • CD Reissue Features New Liner Notes by John Dougan

  • Says Slits Co-Founder Viv Albertine about Return of the Giant Slits: “It’s More Experimental Than Cut and Brings in Even Wider Musical Influences. In Some Ways, I Think It’s a Better Record.” 



    The Slits Return of the Giant Slits (REMASTERED EDITION). CD

    The Slits Return of the Giant Slits (LIMITED FLUORESCENT YELLOW VINYL EDITION) 

     Labeling The Slits groundbreaking just doesn’t (pardon the pun) “cut” it. No other post-punk band was as confrontational—an all-female trio calling themselves The Slits and posing muddily topless on their debut album cover was about as in-your-face as a feminist statement gets—or as determinedly uncommercial. Indeed, after being dropped by their label, Island, despite having made Cut, of the signature albums of the era, Viv Albertine, Tessa Pollitt, and Ari Up treated Sony, their new label, to an even more radical record, 1981’s Return of the Giant Slits. Already far removed from the male-dominated, louder-faster ethos of punk rock, The Slits, with new drummer Bruce Smith of The Pop Group and multi-instrumentalist Steve Beresford in tow, added world music and free jazz to Up’s Ono-esque ululations, Albertine’s skittering guitar, and Pollitt’s dubwise bass riddims. Predictably, Sony dropped the record like a hot potato, not even bothering to release it in the U.S., and it has only been intermittently available on CD in the 35-plus years since. But the reputation of Return of the Giant Slits has continued to grow, with Albertine herself recently commenting, “It’s more experimental than Cut and brings in even wider musical influences. In some ways, I think it’s a better record.” Now, Real Gone Music is “returning” Return of the Giant Slits to availability in two ways: a compact disc release featuring new liner notes by John Dougan and a fresh remastering by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York, and a fluorescent yellow vinyl edition limited to 1000 copies that includes the original printed inner sleeve. Either way, this record demands to be in your collection…you can trace the beginning of the whole “riot grrrl” movement to right here.

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    Rosemary Clooney I Feel a Song Coming On CD

  • Rosemary Clooney Was One of the Greatest Female Vocalists of All Time, Equally Adept at Pop and Jazz Material 

  • But During the ‘50s, Her Record Label, Columbia, and Her Producer, Mitch Miller, Forced Her to Sing Novelty Material That Was Not Worthy of Her Talent 

  • These 24 Unreleased Radio Performances from the ‘50s Feature Rosemary in Her Element, Interpreting Classics from the Great American Songbook in Both Big Band and Small Group Settings 

  • Taken from The Bing Crosby Show for General Electric, The Ford Road Show, and The Rosemary Clooney Show Courtesy of the Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney Estates 

  • Tape Sources Ensure Excellent, Studio-Quality Fidelity 

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision 

  • Annotated by Clooney Expert Tom Pickles 

  • Rare Photos 

  • A Must for Clooney Fans


    Rosemary Clooney: I Feel a Song Coming On CD

    Hey, Rosemary Clooney fans—what say you to 24 completely unreleased radio performances from the ‘50s?! Courtesy of the Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby estates, these songs hail from The Bing Crosby Show for General Electric, The Ford Road Show, and The Rosemary Clooney Show, and have never been released in any format, not even on that humongous box set of radio transcriptions issued by Mosaic a few years ago. Rosie was in her element singing on the radio; freed from Mitch Miller’s iron hand (and seemingly inexhaustible supply of novelty songs) at Columbia, she was able to tackle material that was a more suitable match for her effortless, floating voice. This collection of rarities includes selections pre-recorded for radio broadcast on tape for outstanding studio quality and features Rosie in both small group and big band settings. Liner notes by Clooney expert Tom Pickles, rare photos and warm remastering by Mike Milchner at SonicVision designed to capture every lilting note make this a keeper for Clooney aficionados.

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    Jo Stafford It Had to Be You CD

  • Jo Stafford Was One of the Greatest and Most Popular Female Vocalists of the Pre-Rock and Roll Era and Beyond 

  • Perfect Diction, Immaculate Phrasing, and a Tone as Clear as a Bell Were Jo’s Calling Cards During a Five-Decade Career 

  • It Had to Be You—Lost Radio Recordings Presents a Treasure Trove of 24 1950-1951 Performances from The Carnation Contented Hour 

  • Completely Unreleased Recordings Featuring Jo Interpreting Songs, Like “Ain’t Misbehavin’,” “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” and “I’ve Got the World on a String,” That Were Big Hits for Other Artists 

  • These Tracks Come from Tape Sources, Not Transcription Discs, and Therefore Are Studio Quality 

  • Provided to Real Gone Music by the Tony Martin Estate Via Michael Feinstein 

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision 

  • Annotated by Joe Marchese 

  • Rare Photos 

  • A Major Addition to the Jo Stafford Discography


    Possessing a tone as clear as a bell, perfect diction and phrasing, and no shortage of personality, Jo Stafford was one of the greatest and best- selling female singers of the pre-rock and roll era and beyond; whether it’s her early sides with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and The Pied Pipers or her classic solo recordings for the Capitol and Columbia labels with arranger/conductor husband Paul Weston, there is no mistaking the sound of that magnificent voice. Now, we at Real Gone Music have a very special treat for fans of this superb, yet to some degree overlooked, vocalist: a treasure trove of 24 radio performances taken from The Carnation Contented Hour, which Jo co- hosted on the Columbia Broadcasting System. These previously unreleased 1950-1951 recordings come to us from the Tony Martin estate courtesy of Michael Feinstein and with the blessing of Jo’s son Tim Weston, and are taken from original master tapes, not transcription discs; remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision, these are studio quality sessions and thus a major, major find in the Jo Stafford discography. It is such a treat to hear Jo interpret songs like “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” “Ain’t Misbehavin’” and “I’ve Got the World on a String” that became big hits for other artists; Joe Marchese’s notes put it all in context along with rare photographs from that golden era.


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    Samson Shock Tactics (Limited Crimson Loincloth Vinyl Edition). LP

  • Samson Was One of the Most Talented and Theatrical Bands in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Movement 

  • Led by Guitarist/Vocalist Paul Samson and Featured Vocalist “Bruce Bruce” a.k.a. Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden 

  • Also Featured the Masked Drummer Thunderstick, Who Appeared on Stage Inside a Metal Cage 

  • But Poor Management, Legal Problems, Label Bankruptcy, and Bad Timing (Dickinson Joined Iron Maiden Right When Samson Caught Their Big Break) Doomed Them 

  • Despite Being Recorded in the Midst of Major Turmoil, Their Third Album, Shock Tactics, Was Their Best 

  • Produced by AC/DC Producer Tony Platt 

  • Real Gone Music’s Reissue Includes the Original Album Insert 

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue 

  • Pressed in “Crimson Loincloth” Vinyl 



    Samson: Shock Tactics (Limited Crimson Loincloth Vinyl Edition). LP

    Of all the bands in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, Samson takes the woulda/coulda/shoulda been big stars prize. The band’s talent and theatricality were undeniable; guitarist and singer Paul Samson had replaced Bernie Tormé (of Gillan fame) in the band Scrapyard before founding Samson, which soon enlisted the lead vocal talents of a certain “Bruce Bruce” a.k.a. Bruce Dickinson, soon to be of Iron Maiden. Throw in bassist Chris Aylmer and drummer Thunderstick, who performed inside a metal cage wearing a gimp-style mask, and this was an outfit seemingly destined for big things. But, constant promotional gaffes (e.g. booking them on tour with an ill-matched Robin Trower) led the band to terminate their contract with management, who promptly brought an injunction keeping them off the road.

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    Jaguar Power Games (Limited Brown & Green "Camo" Vinyl Edition) LP

  • Jaguar Was the Hardest ’n’ Fastest Band in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Movement 

  • Their Frenetic, Frenzied Sound Was a Harbinger of the Speed and Thrash Metal to Come 

  • 1982’s Power Games, Theyr Debut Release, Is a Lost NWOBHM Classic 

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue 

  • Brown and Green “Camo” Vinyl 



    Jaguar: Power Games (Limited green & Brown “Camo” Vinyl Edition). LP

    This lost 1982 NWOBHM classic foretold the emergence of speed and thrash metal with high RPM work-outs like “Coldheart,” “No Lies,” and “Dutch Connection.” Was it a coincidence that Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All came out the following year? Maybe, but one could easily suspect that Power Games was on the Metallica turntable. Jaguar along with Bronze label-mates Raven were definitely the most balls-out outfit in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, and this record, aside from one mid-tempo track (“Rawdeal”) is pure pedal-to-the-metal metal. Our first-ever vinyl reissue comes in green and brown “camo” vinyl limited to 700 copies!

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    The Matrix Music from the Motion Picture (2LP-Set)

  • Released in 1999 at the Height of Y2K Anxiety, The Matrix Ranks as One of the Greatest Science Fiction Films of All Time

  • A Trend-Setting Blend of Japanese Animé, Hong Kong Martial Arts Films, Cyperpunk Sci-Fi, and Hacker Hero Worship

  • Its Paranoid View of a Grim Future Marked by Blanket Surveillance and Pathological Interconnectedness Looks More Prophetic by the Day

  • The Soundtrack to The Matrix Was Similarly Forward-Looking, Eschewing the Obligatory Blues- Based Heavy Metal Guitar Rock for the Breakbeat and Electronic Sounds Making Inroads into Popular Music at the Time

  • A Neck Snapping Blend of Electronica, Hip Hop, and Stoner Metal Perfectly in Tune with the Film’s Cinematographic “Bullet Time” Innovations

  • Never Before Released on Vinyl

  • Features Such Artists as Marilyn Manson, Deftones, Ministry, Rage Against the Machine, Prodigy, and Rammstein

  • Real Gone Music’s 2-LP Set Comes in a Newly Designed Gatefold Package Featuring Production Stills from the Film 


    The Matrix: Music from the Motion Picture (Limited Red and Blue Pill Vinyl Version). (2LP-Set) Limited to 1,500 copies

    The Matrix: Music from the Motion Picture (Limited LED Green with Black Marble Vinyl Edition). (2LP-Set) (Webstore Exclusive) Limited to 300 copies

    Every decade or so a science fiction film comes along that captures the Zeitgeist and simultaneously casts a searchlight into the murk of what’s to come. Such a film was The Matrix. Released in 1999 to a public already grappling with huge technological change and subject to Y2K hysteria whipped up by the media, The Matrix wove such au courant tropes as Japanese animé, Hong Kong martial arts films, cyperpunk sci-fi, and hacker hero worship into a tale of druggy paranoia whose vision of a grim future marked with universal surveillance and pathological interconnectedness actually looks less paranoid by the day. And its soundtrack was similarly forward-looking. Instead of offering the blues-based, heavy metal rock that might have populated the score had the movie been made a decade before, The Matrix tapped into the new, breakbeat electronic sounds making inroads into popular music. The result was a propulsive audio ride perfectly mated to the film’s cinematographic “bullet time” innovations, a doom-laden, neck-snapping blend of stoner metal, hip hop and electronica. Now, Real Gone Music is proud (in fact, we’re pinching ourselves…is this some machine-made illusion?) to present, for the first time EVER on vinyl, the original soundtrack to The Matrix in a limited (what else?) “red and blue pill” vinyl edition.
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    Rain Parade Emergency 3rd Rail Power Trip/Explosions in the Glass Palace (Remastered Edition) CD

    • Rain Parade’s 1983 album Emergency Third Rail Power Trip and 1984 EP Explosions in the Glass Palace Rank as Two of the Greatest Releases to Emerge from
      Los Angeles’ “Paisley Underground” Scene

    • A Blend of Byrds, Pink Floyd, Love, and Other ‘60s Influences, Rain Parade’s Sound Remained True to Its Roots While Managing to Transcend Them

    • Delicate but Dark, These Records Capture the Magic and the Mystery of the Psychedelic Experience

    • Single CD Twofer Includes “Look Both Ways,” a Track That Was Left Off the U.S. Release

    • Liner Notes by Pat Thomas Include Exclusive Quotes from Rain Parade Founding Members Matt Piucci and Steven Roback (Brother to Fellow Rain Parade Founding Member David Roback, Now of Mazzy Star)

    • Real Gone Music's Reissue Features Brand-New Remastering by Explosions in the Glass Palace Co-Producer Jim Hill Approved by Matt Piucci and Steven Roback...the First Remastering of This Material Since It Came Out on CD in the Early ‘90s 


    Rain Parade: Emergency 3rd Rail Power Trip/Explosions in the Glass Palace (Remastered Edition). CD

    Of all the albums that emerged from L.A.’s “Paisley Underground” scene, Rain Parade’s Emergency 3rd Rail Power Trip (1983)—and its follow-up EP, Explosions in the Glass Palace (1984)—were probably the most transparent in their influences and probably the most successful in transcending them. Here was the jangle-rock of the Byrds married with the soft, downbeat vocal harmonies of early Pink Floyd, infused with a Love-like delicacy—yet the dark lyrical themes and droning twin guitar melodies made listening to Rain Parade like being on an acid trip teetering on the knife edge between pure nirvana and colossal bummer. Which, for true fans of psychedelia, was an awfully sweet spot to be. We at Real Gone Music are thrilled to be putting these two classic records back into print, both of them complete on a single CD and including “Look Both Ways,” the track that was left off the original U.S. release, with liner notes by Paisley Underground historian Pat Thomas featuring quotes from Rain Parade founding members, guitarist Matt Piucci and bassist Steven Roback (brother to fellow founding member David Roback, now of Mazzy Star). And even more important, our new single CD edition of this twofer features a brand new remastering by Explosions in the Glass Palace Co-Producer Jim Hill approved by both Matt Piucci and Steven Roback…the first remastering since the album was originally released on CD back in the ‘90s!

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    TRUE ROMANCE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Pillow Feather White & Blood Red Splatter Vinyl Edition) (LP)

    True Romance Is One of the Great Action Flicks of the ‘90s and a Stone- Cold Cult Classic

    Though Directed by Tony Scott, the Film Bore All the Earmarks of Its Writer, Quentin Tarantino, from Its Grisly Violence to Its B-Movie Homages to Its Gleeful Amorality

    Tarantino’s Influence Carried Over to the Soundtrack, Which Careened from Rockabilly to Grunge to Honky- Tonk to Romantic Machismo

    Features Such Artists as Charlie Sexton, Chris Isaak, Soundgarden, Shelby Lynne, and Robert Palmer

    Composer Hans Zimmer Also Paid Homage to Another Violent Road Movie, Badlands, with His Carl Orff- Inspired Contribution

    Though the Soundtrack Is a Perennial Favorite on CD, and Seems Tailor- Made for Vinyl Release, It Has Never Appeared on LP Outside of a South Korean Release of Dubious Origin

    For Its First Legitimate Release on Vinyl, Real Gone Music Presents The True Romance Soundtrack Inside a Gatefold Album Jacket Featuring Commissioned, Custom Artwork by Rafał Wechterowicz.

    This Artwork Is Exclusive to This Album’s Initial Manufacturing Run and Will Never Be Reprinted

    Real Gone Music’s Release Comes in Pillow Feather White with Blood Red Splatter Vinyl

    Limited to 2000 Copies 


       True Romance: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  (Limited Pillow Feather White & Blood Red Splatter Vinyl Edition) (LP)

    Though it was directed by Tony Scott, the 1993 film True Romance displayed all the signature themes and images of its writer, Quentin Tarantino, from its grisly violence to its B-movie homages to its gleeful amorality. And the same could be said of the soundtrack; alongside composer Hans Zimmer’s riff on Carl Orff (which itself was an homage to another violent road movie, Badlands), True Romance offered a playlist that smacked of Tarantino in its embrace of rockabilly (Charlie Sexton, Chris Isaak), grunge (Soundgarden), honky-tonk (Shelby Lynne), and romantic machismo (Robert Palmer’s take on [Love Is] The Tender Trap).Vinyl would seem a natural for such a “warped” soundtrack; yet, outside of a very limited South Korean edition of dubious origin, the soundtrack to True Romance has never made it to LP. So how does a reissue label rectify this grievous oversight? With a bang! Real Gone Music and Wargod are proud to announce the first-ever legitimate release of the True Romance soundtrack on vinyl, housed inside a gatefold album jacket featuring commissioned, custom artwork by Rafał Wechterowicz. This artwork is exclusive to this album’s initial manufacturing run and will never be reprinted. What’s more, our release of True Romance comes in pillow feather white with blood red splatter vinyl limited to 2000 copies! Consider this our own homage to one of the greatest cult classic films of all time…don’t miss out on this limited edition.

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    TIM BUCKLEY Sefronia & Look at the Fool LPs

  • Of all the Great ‘60s& ‘70s Singer-Songwriters, Tim Buckley May Have Been the Most Talented

  • As a Singer, Buckley Was Unmatched, with Amazing Vocal and Emotional Range

  • As a Songwriter, Buckley Was Never Satisfied with the Status Quo, Going from Fragile Folk-Rock to Avant-Garde Jazz to Blue-Eyed Soul in the Course of His Short Eight-Year Career

  • Buckley’s Legend Has Continued to Grow, as Fans Constantly Discover New Facets of His Career

  • The Last Two Albums He Recorded During His Lifetime, Sefronia and Look at the Fool, Are Among His Most Controversial

  • Both Albums Mark a Stylistic Turn to R&B Out of Keeping with His Previous Releases

  • But Buckley Reveals Himself to Be Quite the Blue-Eyed Soul Singer on These Two Records, Which Deserved a Wider Audience Than They Got

  • Real Gone’s Vinyl Reissue of These Two Albums Features a Brand-New Remastering by Bill Inglot from the Original Master Tapes, a Significant Sonic Upgrade from What Has Been Available Previously

  • First Viny lIssue Since the Late ‘80s

  • Each Record Comes in Two Versions

  • An Audiophile 180-Gram Black Vinyl Edition Limited to 400 Copies

  • A Colored Vinyl Edition (Salmon Pink for Sefronia, Crimson for Look at the Fool) Limited to 300 Copies

  • Two Records Over due for Reappraisal 


    Tim Buckley: Sefronia (Limited Salmon Pink Vinyl Edition) (LP)

    Tim Buckley: Sefronia (Limited 180-Gram Vinyl Edition) (LP)

    1. Dolphins
    1. Quicksand
    2. Honey Man
    2. I Know I'd Recognize Your Face
    3. Because of You
    3. Stone in Love
    4. Peanut Man
    4. Sefronia--After Asklepiades, After Kafka
    5. Martha
    5. Sefronia--The King's Chain
    6. Sally Go 'Round the Roses

    Tim Buckley: Look at the Fool (Limited Crimson Vinyl Edition) (LP)

    Tim Buckley: Look at the Fool (Limited 180-Gram Vinyl Edition) (LP)

    1. Ain't It Peculiar
    1. Look at the Fool
    2. Bring It On Up
    2. Who Could Deny You
    3. Helpless
    3. Mexicali Voodoo
    4. Down in the Street
    4. Freeway Blues
    5. Tijuana Moon
    5. Wanda Lou

    The list of ‘60s and ‘70s singer-songwriters is long and full of legends; but perhaps the most talented of that very talented bunch was Tim Buckley. Certainly when it came to singing Buckley was at the very top; his range was unmatched, capable of covering several octaves and acres of emotion in one breath, from sweet, tenor tenderness to hoarse, cracking anguish. And his songwriting showed a similar wide range; in the course of eight short years Buckley went from baroque, psychedelic folk rock to jazzy, even avant-garde ravings to blue-eyed soul. This extreme eclecticism, of course, worked against Buckley commercially; by the time his fans caught up to his latest stylistic change he was off on another. But it’s also one of the reasons why his reputation has steadily grown in the years since his untimely death in 1975; countless listeners only familiar with his early Elektra albums have found themselves floored by his later output. Which is where we find ourselves with 1973’s Sefronia, one of the most controversial albums of his career. Long-time fans decried this record as a sellout, and indeed its soft ‘70s funk feel is jarring to those used to his more adventurous work. But Buckley proves himself to be one helluva R&B singer on this album, which deserved a much larger audience than it got (by this time Buckley was on Frank Zappa and Herb Cohen’s label DiscReet). Now, Real Gone Music is proud to present both Sefronia and Look at the Fool on vinyl for the first time since the late ‘80s, in versions newly remastered from the original master tapes by Bill Inglot. These releases mark a significant upgrade in sound from what’s heretofore been available, and to celebrate, we’re offering each of these records in two different versions: for audiophiles, a limited edition of 400 copies in 180-gram black vinyl, and for collectors, a limited edition of 300 copies in colored vinyl (salmon pink for Sefronia and crimson for Look at the Fool). It’s high time these albums were reappraised; these vinyl releases show them at their very best! 

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    Tom Tom Club: Tom Tom Club (Limited Blue & Yellow Starburst Vinyl Edition) (LP)

    • Tom Tom Club Was Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads

    • Their 1982 Self-Titled Debut Was Made in Barbados After the Intense Album Sessions for Remain in Light

    • Features Adrian Below and Steven Stanley from the Remain in Light Band

    • Though It Was Made as Something of a Lark, Tom Tom Club’s Mix of Downtown Alternative and Hip Hop Aesthetics Became Enormously Influential

    • Includes the Hit Singles “Wordy Rappinghood” and “Genius of Love”

    • Blue and Yellow Starburst Vinyl Edition Limited to 700 Copies 

    • ORDER NOW!

      Tom Tom Club: Tom Tom Club (Limited Blue & Yellow Starburst Vinyl Edition) (LP)

      The Talking Heads spawned a number of worthy side projects and spinoffs—David Byrne & Brian Eno’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, Jerry Harrison’s The Red and the Black—but none were as funky, danceable, and flat-out fun as Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth’s Tom Tom Club. Conceived as something of a larkish break from the grandly realized intellectual and artistic pretensions of the Heads’ Remain in Light record, the duo’s self-titled 1981 debut was recorded in Barbados with Weymouth’s sisters and Adrian Belew and Steven Stanley from the Remain in Light band, and not only spawned a couple of hit singles in “Genius of Love” and “Wordy Rappinghood” but also became, in its own way, enormously influential. This was the sound of downtown New York talking, listening, and rapping to the burgeoning hip hop movement, a hybrid heard in a whole host of acts in the ‘80s and ‘90s, from Madonna to Mariah Carey to the Beastie Boys and beyond. Weymouth and Frantz went on to record several more albums under the Tom Tom Club moniker, but this remains the classic; Real Gone Music is proud to offer Tom Tom Club in a blue and yellow starburst vinyl edition limited to 700 copies. Fun, natural fun!

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    EDDY ARNOLD When It’s Round-Up Time in Heaven—The Great Gospel Recordings CD

  • Eddy Arnold Was the Best-Selling Country Artist of the ‘40s, the #2 Best-Selling Country Artist of the ‘50s, and the #5 Best-Selling Country Artist of the ‘60s

  • But Aside from the Hits, Eddy Was Also a Best-Selling Gospel Artist

  • His First Non-45 Release Was a Box of Three Seven-Inches Called Eddy Arnold’s Sacred Songs, and He Recorded a Number of Religious-Themed Records for RCA

  • When It’s Round-Up Time in Heaven—The Great Gospel Recordings Takes Its 20 Tracks from Two of Eddy’s Best Inspirational Albums: 1954’s When It’s Round-Up Time in Heaven and 1963’s Faithfully Yours

  • Liner Notes by Joe Marchese

  • Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York 


    Eddy Arnold: When It’s Round-Up Time in Heaven—The Great Gospel Recordings CD

    Eddy Arnold is no stranger to our Real Gone roster; we’ve put out his hits (Complete Original #1 Hits), his only session with Lee Hazlewood and his last session with Chet Atkins (Each Road I Take—The 1970 Lee Hazlewood & Chet Atkins Sessions) and his holiday sides (The Complete RCA Victor Christmas Recordings). But there remains one aspect of his remarkable career that we have yet to address: his inspirational recordings. And it’s an important one; his first non-45 release was a box (Eddy Arnold’s Sacred Songs) containing three seven inches of spirituals, and he recorded a number of religious-themed records for RCA. We’ve snagged two of the best for this 20-track compilation: 1954’s When It’s Round-Up Time in Heaven and 1963’s Faithfully Yours. These two beautifully-recorded albums have been remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York, and come with notes by Joe Marchese examining the role religion played in Eddy’s life and in his art. Sure to uplift your soul!

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    LAURA NYRO A Little Magic, A Little Kindness—The Complete Mono Albums Collection (2-CD Set)

  • Laura Nyro Was One of the Great Singer-Songwriters of Her Generation

  • She Penned Such Classic as “Stoney End,” “And When I Die,” “Wedding Bell Blues,” “Eli’s Comin’,” “Stoned Soul Picnic,” “Sweet Blindness,” and “Blowin’ Away,” All of Which Came from the Two Albums That Make Up This Two-CD Collection

  • A Little Magic, A Little Kindness—The Complete Mono Albums Collection Brings the Extremely Rare Mono Versions of Nyro's First Two Classic Albums to CD for the First Time

  • More Than a New Discovery Came Out Initially on Verve Folkways, and Was Later Re-Sequenced and Re-Titled as The First Songs by Columbia

  • More Than a New Discovery Appears Here in the Hard-to-Find Sequence and Mix from the Very First Edition of the Album

  • The Mono Mix of Her Second Album, Eli and the Thirteenth Confession, Is Very Rare and Preferred by Many Nyro Devotees

  • Bonus Tracks Include the Bones Howe-Produced“Pop” Version of “Save the Country,” and CD Debuts of the Verve Censored Single Version of “Stoney End” and the Single Mix of “Eli’s Coming’”

  • Liner Notes by Joe Marchese

  • Rare Photos from the Columbia Label Archives

  • Remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York

  • A Real Gone Music/The Second Disc Release 


    Laura Nyro: A Little Magic, A Little Kindness—The Complete Mono Albums Collection (2-CD Set)

    Can you surry?  Can you picnic?  Laura Nyro, to use her own fanciful word, surried onto the scene 50 years ago with the release of her debut album More Than a New Discovery.  Its title was certainly apt. Throughout the course of her life, Nyro wrote and introduced some of the most beloved popular songs of all time with her singular fusion of pop, jazz, R&B, soul, Broadway, and folk sounds.  Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records are proud to celebrate the golden anniversary of Laura Nyro’s debut with a landmark 2-CD collection.  A Little Magic, A Little Kindness: The Complete Mono Albums Collection features, for the very first time on CD, both of Nyro’s original mono albums newly-remastered by Vic Anesini at Sony’s Battery Studios from the original master tapes.  More Than a New Discovery, originally released on Verve Folkways in 1967, premiered the songs that Barbra Streisand, Blood Sweat and Tears, and The 5th Dimension would all take up the charts, including “Stoney End,” “And When I Die,” “Blowin’ Away,” and perhaps the most famous song Nyro ever wrote, “Wedding Bell Blues.”  This special edition restores the original album sequence and mono mix from the very first version of the album.  In 1968, Nyro moved to Columbia Records for her most acclaimed album, Eli and the Thirteenth Confession.  Its songs were once again adopted by other artists such as Three Dog Night, Frankie Valli, and of course, The 5th Dimension.  Featuring “Eli’s Comin’,” “Emmie,” “Sweet Blindness,” and the era-defining “Stoned Soul Picnic,” this ultra-rare album – thought by many Nyro connoisseurs to be superior to the familiar stereo version – also makes its maiden appearance on CD.  A handful of bonus tracks round out this special package, including the Bones Howe-produced “pop” version of “Save the Country,” and the CD debuts of the Verve “censored” single version of “Stoney End” and the single mix of “Eli’s Comin’.”  The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese provides new liner notes; the crystal-clear remastering is by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York.  A Little Magic, A Little Kindness: The Complete Mono Albums Collection pays tribute to one of pop’s most enduring iconoclasts.  It’s a soul picnic you won’t want to miss.

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