Dusty Springfield: Faithful (Limited Orange Vinyl Edition) LP

  • Dusty Springfield’s Sessions for the Atlantic Label Rank as Some of the Greatest Pop-Soul Recordings of All Time

  • In 1971, Dusty Recorded a Full Album and a Single for the Label with Famed Producer/Songwriter Jeff Barry, Husband and Songwriting Partner to Ellie Greenwich and Author of Multiple Chart-Topping Hits

  • Atlantic Released Four Tracks as Singles but the Rest of the Tracks Stayed on the Shelf for Over Two Decades Until They Were Found by Producer Jim Pierson

  • Faithful Assembles All the Jeff Barry-Produced Album Tracks and Presents Them on Vinyl and in Stereo Exactly As They Were Originally Intended for Release as Dusty’s Third Album for Atlantic

  • Inner Sleeve Includes Notes by Joe Marchese

  • Includes Rarely Seen Photos

  • Orange Vinyl Edition Limited to 1,000 Copies! 


    Dusty Springfield: Faithful (Limited Orange Vinyl Edition). LP

    In 1971, Atlantic Records released a pair of Dusty Springfield singles produced by the legendary songwriter/producer Jeff Barry (one-time songwriting and romantic partner of Ellie Greenwich, and author of too many hits to name): "Haunted"/"Nothing Is Forever" and "I Believe In You"/"Someone Who Cares." A restless Dusty, freshly relocating to America from her native England, then departed the label and left an additional 9 songs recorded with Barry in the can, where they stayed until Rhino issued one track, "Faithful" (in mono), as a bonus track on the 1990s CD release of Dusty's 1970 Atlantic album A Brand New Me. The other tracks didn’t surface until a subsequent deluxe reissue of Dusty’s landmark 1969 album Dusty in Memphis included them as bonus cuts. Now, reissue producer Jim Pierson—who tracked down the missing masters after being lost for over two decades —has assembled Dusty’s Barry-produced masters and put them together in a single package for the first time to create the third Dusty Springfield Atlantic Records album as planned in 1971.

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    Cat Mother and The All Night Newsboys


    • Co-Produced by Jimi Hendrix

    • Features the Hit "Good Old Rock 'N Roll"

    • Includes Original Album Art

    • Long-Time Collector's Darling Fetches Huge Sums Online 

      ORDER NOW!

    CAT MOTHER AND THE ALL NIGHT NEWSBOYS: The Street Giveth…and the Street Taketh Away. CD

    Let’s get the preliminaries over with right away by stating that this album, the 1969 debut release from Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys, was co-produced by none other than Jimi Hendrix (they were long-time friends, the band opened for the Experience on tour, and had the misfortune of sharing the same manager, Mike Jeffrey). But Cat Mother was far more than a footnote to a superstar’s career. Not only did this record score a Top 40 hit with “Good Old Rock ‘N Roll,” but it’s also a marvelously eclectic affair beloved by record collectors of every stripe—just do a quick Google search—with elements of folk, country and late ‘60s riff rock alongside the hit’s tongue-in-cheek revivalism. This album’s been briefly reissued on CD twice before and commands huge sums online; it’s not JUST for Hendrix completists (though they will want it, too)!

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    Mitch Miller The Definitive Collection (2-CD Set)

  • Head of A&R for Columbia for Over 15 Years, TV Star, Oboist and English Horn Player, Mitch Miller Exerted an Outsized Influence on Pop Music During the ‘50s and Early ‘60s

  • Signed and/or Produced Such Talents as Doris Day, Frankie Laine, Jo Stafford, Johnny Mathis,
    Guy Mitchell, and Many Others

  • Miller Was Also a Bestselling Recording Artist in His Own Right, Releasing 13 Top Ten Albums and a Series of Charting Singles Often Credited to “Mitch Miller & The Gang”

  • The Definitive Collection Includes 38 Tracks That Span His Recording Career at Columbia

  • Features Such Hits and Favorites as “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” “Tzena, Tzena, Tzena,” “Meet Mister Callaghan,” the Famous “The River Kwai March”/ ”Colonel Bogey March” Medley, “Song for a Summer Night,” “The Guns of Navarone,” and “The Longest Day”

  • Notes by Gene Sculatti

  • Photos from the Columbia Vaults

  • Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in NYC

  • Sing Along with Mitch on 38 Tracks! 


    Mitch Miller The Definitive Collection. (2-CD Set)


    There was never anybody like Mitch Miller in the music business. And there never will be again. Head of A&R for Columbia for over 15 years, star of his own television show on NBC, accomplished oboist and English Horn player, Miller was enormously influential on pop music during the ‘50s and early ‘60s, producing and nurturing the careers of such popular artists as Doris Day, Frankie Laine, Jo Stafford, Johnny Mathis, Guy Mitchell and many others, while famously passing on more rock and roll-oriented acts like Elvis, The Beatles, and Buddy Holly. But Miller’s contribution didn’t stop there—he was also a successful recording artist in his own right, recording13 Top Ten albums and a series of bestselling singles with an orchestra and chorus, often credited to Mitch Miller and the Gang. Spanning the years 1950 to 1962, The Definitive Collection covers virtually his entire recording career at Columbia, and includes such chart-topping highlights as “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” “Tzena, Tzena, Tzena,” “Meet Mister Callaghan,” the famous “The River Kwai March”/”Colonel Bogey March” medley, “Song for a Summer Night,” and more, plus the movie themes “The Guns of Navarone” and “The Longest Day.” Gene Sculatti’s notes (festooned with photos from the Columbia vault) trace a career arc like no other in the annals of the music industry. 38 freshly remastered tracks (by Maria Triana at Battery Studios) for you to sing along with Mitch!

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    Diamond Rio The Definitive Hits Collection (2-CD Set)

  • Diamond Rio Was, Along with Alabama, the Biggest Country Vocal Group of the ‘90s

  • Though the Band Began as an Opryland Theme Park Attraction, Their Insistence on Singing Their Own Songs and Playing Their Own Instruments Made Them More Authentic Than Most of Their Contemporaries

  • The Definitive Hits Collection Includes 31 of the 33 Hits They Notched for Arista Nashville, 40 Songs
    in All

  • Leads off with the First Debut Single Ever to Go #1, “Meet in the Middle”

  • Also Includes the #1 Hits “How Your Love Makes Me Feel,” “One More Day,” “Beautiful Mess,” and “I Believe”

  • Liner Notes by Bill Kopp

  • New Remastering by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in NYC

  • Added Photos

  • The Biggest and Best Diamond Rio Collection Ever 


    Diamond Rio The Definitive Hits Collection. (2-CD Set)


    Oddly enough for a band that started as an attraction at the Opryland theme park, Diamond Rio turned out to be more authentic and original than most any of their country contemporaries, eschewing session musicians to sing and play everything on just about every song they recorded. Add crisp, multi-part harmony arrangements and excellent songwriting to that streak of homegrown creativity and you had, along with Alabama, the biggest country group of the ‘90s, which The Definitive Hits Collection celebrates by living up to its name with all 31 of the 33 hits Diamond Rio notched during its unparalleled run on the Arista Nashville label. The 40-song set leads off “Meet in the Middle,” the only debut single EVER to hit #1 on the charts, and doesn’t let up with such chart-toppers as “How Your Love Makes Me Feel,” “One More Day,” “Beautiful Mess,” and “I Believe,” plus such favorites as “Love a Little Stronger,” “Walkin’ Away,” “You’re Gone,” and more. Notes by Bill Kopp round out the set, which is freshly remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios. By far the biggest and best Diamond Rio collection ever!

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    The New Christy Minstrels: Ramblin’ Featuring “Green, Green” (Expanded Edition) CD

    • Along with The Kingston Trio, The New Christy Minstrels Were the Most Popular Group of the Early ‘60s Folk Boom
    • 1963’s Ramblin’ Album Was Their Creative High Water Mark, and Stayed on the Charts for 77 Weeks
    • Expanded Edition Features the Hit “Green,Green” in Unreleased and Foreign-Language Versions
    • 13 Bonus Tracks in All Including Six Unreleased Highlighted by a Demo of “Last Farewell"
    • Newly Remastered in Vastly Improved Sound by Sean Brennan at Battery Studios in NYC
    • Liner Notes by New Christy Minstrels Expert Tom Pickles
    • Rare Photos 


    The New Christy Minstrels: Ramblin’ Featuring “Green, Green” (Expanded Edition). CD

    Hey, folk music fans! Have we got a Real Gone treat for you! The New Christy Minstrels’ classic Ramblin’ album has long been considered that great group’s creative high water work. Released in July of 1963, the album instantly made the charts and stayed there for 77 weeks, earning founder Randy Sparks and his group their first Gold Record…and bringing fame and a little “Green, Green” to one Barry McGuire. Here it is again, in long-overdue, sonically superior remastered form – and now in an expanded edition loaded with rare material (including six unreleased tracks) related to the album! You’ll hear the creation of “Green, Green” – the group’s biggest hit – in unreleased versions that feature members Dolan Ellis, Jackie Miller, and Gayle Caldwell (later “Jackie and Gayle” of Shindig fame), with Barry McGuire on only the third verse. It’s a great arrangement, very different from the hit single…and a MUST HAVE for every Christy fan. Plus, you’ll hear the German and Spanish versions of the hit – released in the US for the first time and recorded just after (future Byrd) Gene Clark joined the group.

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    The Beyond-Groundbreaking 1970 Debut Album from the First All Female Band Signed to a Major Label

    Originally Produced by Superstar Producer Richard Perry

    Includes Notes from Band Guitarist- Singer-Songwriter June Millington

    Original Gatefold Album Art Reproduced

    Fanny Were the Godmothers of Chick Rock! 



    FANNY: Fanny. CD

    It’s hard to overstate the importance of Fanny’s 1970 debut album. For the first time, a group of women (sisters June and Jean Millington, Alice De Buhr and Nickey Barclay) wrote and sang their own songs, played their own instruments and, perhaps most importantly, rocked just as hard as any male band out there. And, as the first all female band signed to a major label (Reprise) and with superstar producer Richard Perry at the board, these four women became perhaps L.A.’s biggest “buzz band,” landing repeated bookings at the Whisky-a-Go-Go with a who’s who of rock’s glitterati in attendance. But, without a reference point with which to review them, the rock press was less than kind, often dismissing them as a novelty act. Fanny would have to become that reference point, and so they did for the generations of female rockers to come after them, from Joan Jett to Girlschool to Courtney Love and beyond. They were truly the Godmothers of Chick Rock.

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    Fanny Mother’s Pride (Expanded Edition) CD

    Fanny Was the First All-Girl Rock Group Signed to Major Label, Paving the Way for Everybody from Joan Jett to Girlschool to Courtney Love and Beyond

    Real Gone Music Concludes Its Reissue Campaign of Fanny’s Classic Reprise Album Catalog with its Release of 1973’s Mother’s Pride

    Produced and Mixed by Todd Rundgren

    Includes Eight Bonus Tracks Featuring Album Demos

    Track-by-Track Annotation by the Band

    Rare Photos from the Band’s Archive

    Also Now Available from Real Gone: Fanny’s Self-Titled Debut Album

    Original Gatefold Album Art

    Liner Notes by June Millington

    The First and Last Releases from the Godmothers of Chick Rock! 


    Fanny Mother’s Pride (Expanded Edition). CD

    With the release of Fanny’s 1973 album Mother’s Pride, Real Gone Music concludes its reissue campaign of the groundbreaking female rock group’s classic Reprise catalog. And while there might be some argument as to whether or not we have saved the best for last—all four Reprise albums the band put out have their champions among Fanny followers—there is no question that we have saved the biggest for last, as this expanded edition clocks in with no less than eight bonus tracks! Indeed, Mother’s Pride is perhaps the most controversial entry in the Fanny catalog, as Todd Rundgren agreed to produce the album on the condition that he and he alone oversee the album mix. The result was a record that cemented Fanny’s popularity in the U.K. but failed to make a dent in the charts here in the States. Like our previous Fanny reissues, this release features track-by-track annotation from the band as well as rare photos. Another seminal ‘70s rock record from everybody’s favorite “forgotten” all-female rock group, supplemented with rare demos and lost tracks!

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    The B-52’s Live! 8.24.1979 CD

    • The B-52’s Were and Are One of America’s Most Beloved and Distinctive New Wave Bands
    • Live 8.24.1979 Captures the Group at the Beginning of Their Career, Opening for the Talking Heads Right After the Release of Their First Album
    • Only the Second Live Album Ever Released by The B-52’s, and the Only One from Their Early Years
    • Includes Such Favorites as “Rock Lobster,” “Private Idaho,” and “Dance This Mess Around”
    • Excellent Sound with Raw, Driving Guitar from the Late Ricky Wilson
    • Liner Notes by Jason Gross Feature Quotes from the Band
    • Rare Photos
    • CD Debut 


    The B-52’s: Live! 8.24.1979 CD

    Best to let the band itself describe this live album, which is only the second B-52’s concert recording and the only one to capture them during their early years: “We opened for the Talking Heads at the Berklee Center in Boston just six weeks after our first record was released. We were a little scared of the audience so we kept our heads down and focused – and we danced like mad when there was a break! Ricky was so fierce on the guitar – so intense – it was all so raw and live and we loved it.” Now, Real Gone Music is very proud to present this key live document of one of America’s most beloved and distinctive New Wave groups on CD for the first time, complete with liner notes by Jason Gross featuring fresh quotes from the band members and rare photos. From “Rock Lobster” to “Private Idaho,” you WILL dance this mess around when you hear this, we promise!

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    Wilson Pickett The Complete Atlantic Singles Vol. One CD

  • Wilson Pickett Is One of the Greatest Soul Singers of All Time

  • His Recordings for the Atlantic Label during the ‘60s Rank as Among the Most Hallowed Soul Sides Ever Made

  • Land of 1000 Dances — The Complete Atlantic Singles Vol. One Collects For the First Time His First 22 Single Sides for the Label

  • All Original Mono Single Mixes Never Before Available on CD, Not Even on Rhino Handmade’s Collection of Pickett’s Complete Atlantic Studio Recordings

  • Sources from Original Tape

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision

  • Features Such Hits as “In the Midnight Hour,”

    “634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A),” “Land of 1000 Dances,” “Mustang Sally,” “Don’t Fight It,” and More

  • Musicians Include Steve Cropper, Al Jackson, Donald “Duck” Dunn, and Isaac Hayes

  • Liner Notes by Joe Marchese, Who Penned the Notes to Real Gone Music’s Collection of Wilson Pickett’s RCA Recordings

  • The First of Three Volumes of the Wicked Pickett’s Atlantic Singles 



    Wilson Pickett The Complete Atlantic Singles Vol. One CD


    Are you ready for the wickedest Real Gone soul collection yet? Here, in one smokin’ hot set, are the first 22 single sides that the great Wilson Pickett recorded for the Atlantic label, some of the most hallowed recordings in the history of soul music. Along with the intoxicating mix of hits—“In the Midnight Hour,” “Mustang Sally,” “634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.),” “Land of 1000 Dances,” “Don’t Fight It,” and more—and rare B-sides that come with the territory on a singles collection, you also get those punchy mono single mixes/versions that bring out the raw excitement of these seminal performances, not to mention the incredible musicianship of folks like Steve Cropper, Al Jackson, Donald “Duck” Dunn, and Isaac Hayes. Indeed, even if you purchased Rhino Handmade’s collection of Pickett’s complete Atlantic studio sessions, you don’t own the single versions—this volume (and the two to come after it) are necessary complements to that outstanding set. Remastered by Mike Milchner from sources derived from the original tapes, and annotated by Joe Marchese, who penned the notes on Real Gone’s previous collection of the Wicked Pickett’s RCA recordings, The Complete Atlantic Singles Vol. One presents some of the greatest soul ever waxed exactly how it was originally waxed—as singles for airplay on the radio.

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    NEW YORK, NY – May 23, 2016:  ADA, the independent distribution and services arm of Warner Music Group (WMG), today announced a global partnership with Real Gone Music. Real Gone Music is now being physically distributed in the U.S. and digitally worldwide by ADA. ADA also offers a full-range of additional services including digital & sales strategy, retail marketing, radio promotion, publicity, synch licensing, and marketing.

    “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the ADA family,” said Gordon Anderson, Co-President of Real Gone Music. “Just take one look at their label roster and you will know we are in good company indeed. We think that with the support of ADA’s fantastic distribution team we can dig even deeper into the vaults to find the kinds of rare treasures that music collectors and consumers want.”

    “Real Gone Music has a treasure trove of classic hits and never before released material. I’m thrilled they chose ADA as their partner to distribute their music across the country, and across the globe,” said Eliah Seton, President of ADA Worldwide. “We look forward to working with the label not just on distribution, but on a range of services, to connect their music with their fans.”

    Real Gone Music, formed and helmed by industry vets Gordon Anderson and Gabby Castellana, is an eclectic and prolific catalog and reissue label. Anderson and Castellana each started businesses in 1993 — Collectors’ Choice Music and Hep Cat Records & Distribution, respectively — that became two of the most important outlets for buyers and sellers of vintage music recordings. They joined forces in 2011 to launch Real Gone Music, which serves both the collector community and the casual music fan with a robust release schedule combining big-name artists with esoteric cult favorites. Among the label’s most notable releases are complete singles collections on CD from The Mamas and the Papas and The Grass Roots, deluxe LP releases from Question Mark and the Mysterians, a previously unreleased live show from Tower of Power, the complete Christmas recordings of Johnny Mathis, and all 36 volumes of the Grateful Dead’s Dick’s Picks series of live performances. Real Gone’s future release schedule is similarly eclectic, with unreleased live sets from The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Fairport Convention, a limited color vinyl pressing of X Ray Spex’s classic Germfree Adolescents album, and singles collections from Wilson Pickett and Sonny and Cher on tap. Real Gone Music is dedicated to combing the vaults for sounds that aren’t just gone — they’re REAL gone.

    About ADA
    ADA is a worldwide service organization committed to independent artist and label development. As part of Warner Music Group, ADA gives the indie community access to an unparalleled global distribution system and a dedicated team that provides a complete spectrum of marketing, merchandising, promotion, and music licensing services.  ADA was created in 1993 to focus on the independent music business, where some of the most successful artists and record labels have built their initial followings. ADA marries the effectiveness and convenience of a major label with the marketing sensibilities of an independent. ADA’s partners include Alligator, Bar None, Beggars Group, Comedy Central, Domino, Dualtone, Epitaph, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Matador, Merge, Mute, Nettwerk, New West, Real World, Rise, Secretly Canadian, Smithsonian Folkways, Sumerian, Sub Pop, Tommy Boy, Vice, and many others.

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    Clint Eastwood Rawhide’s Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites (Limited “Tobacco Brown” Vinyl Edition). LP

  • Clint Eastwood Has Always Displayed a Deep Love and Aptitude for Music Throughout His Career as an Actor and Director (e.g. Play Misty for Me; Bird)

  • This 1962 Album Captures Him Right at the Beginning of His Career, Fresh from His Success on the TV Series Rawhide

  • He Croons a Collection of Country-Western Favorites Including “Along the Santa Fe Trail” and “Tumbling Tumbleweeds”

  • Real Gone Music and ABKCO Music and Records Salute the Iconic Image of Clint Eastwood with a Limited Edition Brown Vinyl Pressing of Rawhide’s Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites

  • Limited to 400 Copies 


    Clint Eastwood: Rawhide’s Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites (Limited “Tobacco Brown” Vinyl Edition). LP

    Clint Eastwood? That Clint Eastwood? Well, sure…Clint has demonstrated a deep love and aptitude for music as both an actor and a director (e.g. Play Misty for Me; Bird) during his entire career, and here you catch him right at the beginning of it, fresh from his success on the TV series Rawhide, crooning (and quite competently so) a collection of country & western favorites! And since Clint was often seen in those days clutching a cheroot between his teeth, we've pressed up 400 copies of the LP in tobacco brown vinyl! A little-known side of one of Hollywood’s biggest icons, courtesy of Real Gone Music and ABKCO Music and Records!

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    Question Mark and The Mysterians: Action (Limited Yellow Vinyl Edition)

  • Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan, Question Mark and the Mysterians Were the Garage Band’s Garage Band

  • Featuring the Inimitable Vocal and Visual Stylings of Question Mark Himself

  • Action Was Their Second Album, from 1967

  • Featured the Hits “Girl (You Captivate Me)”and “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby”

  • Mastered at 45 RPM for Maximum Sonic Impact

  • Yellow Vinyl Edition Limited to 385 Copies 


    Question Mark and The Mysterians: Action (Limited Yellow Vinyl Edition). LP

    Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan, Question Mark and The Mysterians will forever be anointed as the garage band’s garage band, with all the bona-fides collectors of ‘60s cool cherish—the name, derived from a Japanese horror film; the sound, an insistent, three chord beat powered by that unmistakable Vox organ tone; and, of course, the sunglasses-shod Question Mark himself, who claims to have been born on Mars and lived among the dinosaurs in a past life. By exclusive arrangement with ABKCO Music, we at Real Gone Music are releasing their 1967 album Action in limited edition yellow vinyl; this one didn’t see any chart “action,” but did notch a couple of hits with "Girl (You Captivate Me)" and "Can’t Get Enough of You Baby." Mastered at 45 rpm for maximum sonic effect!

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    Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain: Original Soundtrack (Limited White Vinyl Edition). LP

  • Holy Mountain, Alexandro Jodorowsky’s second film, went even further in its exploration of the surreal than its predecessor, El Topo

  • Cult Classic Soundtrack Was Composed by Jazz Legend Don Cherry, Studio Musician Ron Frangipane, and Jodorowsky

  • Gatefold Double-LP Edition Features Liner Notes from New York Times Contributor Eric Benson

  • Mastered from Original Tapes by Joe Yannece

  • Lacquer Cutting by Carl Rowatti at Trutone Mastering

  • White Vinyl Edition Limited to 500 Copies 


    One of the ironies of the career of Chilean-born filmmaker Alexandro Jodorowsky is that while he is best known as a visual stylist, his most avid and loyal champions have often been musicians. When Jodorowsky arrived in New York from Mexico City in 1970 carrying a copy of the then-unreleased El Topo, it was the jazz producer Alan Douglas who bought the distribution rights to the film. When Jodorowsky and Douglas were looking for a venue in which to screen El Topo, it was John Lennon and Yoko Ono who asked for it to run at midnight following their short-film festival at New York’s Elgin Cinema. After six months of sold-out midnight screenings at the Elgin, it was Lennon’s manager, Allen Klein (ABKCO’s founder), who bought the rights to El Topo and agreed to produce its follow-up, The Holy Mountain. And when Jodorowsky wanted, in his words, “another kind of music—something that wasn't entertainment, something that wasn't a show, something that went to the soul, something profound,” for the soundtrack to The Holy Mountain, forward came jazz legend Don Cherry and crack studio musician (and one-time Archie) Ron Frangipane to share composing and (along with Jodorowsky) conducting duties. And, boy, did they deliver—the score to The Holy Mountain is every bit as hallucinatory as the fantastic visual imagery in the film itself. The deep, primordial chants that begin the movie, “Trance Mutation,” give way to an almost jaunty percussion-and-plucked-strings melody, “Pissed and Passed Out.” On the next track, “Violence of the Lambs,” a single flute is slowly joined by a set of mournful strings while, onscreen, Gestapo-like soldiers in gas masks parade with bloody lamb carcasses on sticks. “Drink It,” an upbeat sitar folk melody, follows, briefly accompanying the main protagonist The Thief’s ill-considered decision to guzzle tequila (or sleeping potion). Then there is “Christs 4 Sale,” a blaring orchestral riff that sounds like it was ripped from a 1950’s swords-and-sandals epic. The next track, “Cast Out and Pissed,” begins with a bee-like buzz, then is overwhelmed by a cacophony of drums, horns, and, finally, screaming. “Eye of the Beholder” which follows, changes moods entirely once again—a string section swells with overwrought romanticism. (Onscreen, a group of young prostitutes prays in a church. One of them later walks arm and arm with a chimpanzee.) And then there is “Communion,” a brooding, trumpet-led number that would be at home on the noir-steeped Chinatown soundtrack. (As “Communion” plays, the Thief is not driving through Los Angeles at night but eating the face off a statue of Christ.) This veritable cornucopia of musical styles would be more than enough to fill an entire movie. It would be more than enough to fill three movies. But in fact, the eight musical compositions described above play entirely in The Holy Mountain’s first 24 minutes! Now, Real Gone Music, in association with ABKCO Music & Records, Inc., presents the original soundtrack to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 masterpiece The Holy Mountain. The CD gatefold double-LP edition features liner notes by New York Times contributor Eric Benson that include exclusive quotes from Jodorowsky himself, festooned with copious production stills. Produced for release by Grammy-winning producer Teri Landi and Mick Gochanour, and mastered from the original tapes by Joe Yannece with lacquer cutting by Carl Rowatti at Trutone Mastering, this release of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain: Original Soundtrack offers a completely unique listening experience. Now in a brand-new white vinyl edition limited to 500 copies!

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    El Topo Soundtrack Album (Limited “Coke Bottle” Clear Vinyl Edition) LP

  • Alexandro Jodorowsky’s 1970 Debut Film El Topo Shocked Critics and Enthralled Everybody from John Lennon to Peter Gabriel

  • The Soundtrack Ranges from Tibetan Buddhist Thighbone Trumpets to Sentimental Chamber Orchestra Pieces

  • Real Gone Music and ABKCO Music & Records’ Reissue of the LP Release Replicates the Original Gatefold Packaging and the Four-Page Booklet Boasting Some of the Film’s Hallucinogenic Imagery

  • Lacquer Cutting from Original16-TrackAnalog Tapes by Carl Rowatti at Trutone Mastering

  • Limited Edition of 450 Copies in “Coke Bottle” Clear Vinyl 


    El Topo: Soundtrack Album (Limited “Coke Bottle” Clear Vinyl Edition). LP

    Championed by everybody from John Lennon to Peter Gabriel—and decried by “Establishment” critics ranging from Vincent Canby to Gene Siskel—El Topo remains one of the controversial movies ever made. Director Alexandro Jodorowsky’s bizarre, blood-soaked blend of spaghetti Western, druggy surrealism, Christian allegory, Zen Buddhist themes and avant-garde sensibilities gave rise to the entire “Midnight Movie” counterculture phenomenon of the early ‘70s and forever changed the way adventurous audiences viewed film. Or, for that matter, heard film; for no soundtrack, before or since, has embraced so many styles in its pursuit of spiritual and artistic goals. Atonal, Tibetan Buddhist thighbone trumpets clash with beautiful, even sentimental, chamber orchestra pieces alongside pan flute rhapsodies, brass bands and parlor jazz; that Jodorowsky himself composed the score—after, no doubt, intently studying the work of Morricone--is almost as impressive an artistic achievement as the film itself. Now, Real Gone Music, in partnership with ABKCO Music & Records, is issuing this one-of-a-kind soundtrack album on LP in a limited edition "Coke Bottle" clear vinyl edition. What’s more, the vinyl reissue replicates the gatefold packaging of the original LP and include the four-page booklet boasting some of the film’s hallucinogenic imagery that came with the original release. Produced for reissue by ABKCO’s in-house Engineer Teri Landi and Mick Gochanour, with lacquer cutting by Carl Rowatti at Trutone Mastering from the original 16-track analog tapes, Real Gone/ABKCO’s release of El Topo on LP fully captures Jodorowsky’s singular sonic vision

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    Patty Duke The Complete Album Collection (2-CD Set)

  • With Critically and Popularly Acclaimed Roles in The Miracle Worker and The Patty Duke Show, Patty Duke Was America’s Most Popular Teenager in the Early and Mid-‘60s

  • Her Fame on Screen Resulted in a Recording Contract with United Artists, Where She Recorded Four Albums

  • The Complete Album Collection Includes All Four Albums (Don’t Just Stand There, Patty, Patty Duke Sings Songs from Valley of the Dolls, and Patty Duke Sings Folk Songs)

  • Patty Duke Sings Folk Songs Was Never Commercially Released

  • Also Includes Bonus Tracks

  • 48 Tracks in All

  • Mastered from Original Tapes

  • Liner Notes Include Quotes from Patty Duke Herself

  • A Timely Tribute to the Late, Great Legend 


    Patty Duke: The Complete Album Collection (2-CD Set)

    There was a lot of competition in the mid-‘60s for the title of America’s Most Popular Teenager, but a convincing case can be made that Patty Duke was IT. In 1962, at the age of 16, she became the youngest actress ever to win an Academy Award for her portrayal of Helen Keller in the film The Miracle Worker, a role she originated on Broadway. Then, in 1963, she was given her own series, The Patty Duke Show, in which she played two different leading roles of “identical cousins” (an ironic circumstance given Patty’s bouts of manic depression and her later championing of the cause). Like so many teen stars before and after her, stardom on television quickly translated into a recording contract and appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, Shindig! and The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, resulting in four albums for United Artists, all of which we are reissuing with bonus tracks. Don’t Just Stand There and Patty came out in 1965 and 1966, respectively; besides the first album’s Top Ten title track, they included the hits “Say Something Funny” and “Whenever She Holds You” (we’ve included another hit, “Funny Little Butterflies,” as a bonus track). 1967’s Sings Songs from Valley of the Dolls was a darker, more mature album as befitting her controversial role in the film Valley of the Dolls; we’ve paired that album with the never-before released album of folk songs she recorded with United Artists in 1968. All four albums are taken from the original master tapes; they feature additional photos and liner notes with quotes from Patty Duke herself. Long-lost music from one of the truly iconic figures in ‘60s pop culture

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    Sea Level Sea Level/Long Walk on a Short Pier

  • With an Initial Band Line-Up Including Three Members of the Allman Brothers Band (Keyboardist Chuck Leavell, Percussionist Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson, and bassist Lamar Williams), Sea Level Was the Prototypical Jam Band, Offering a Tasty Fusion of Jazz, Blues, and Rock

  • This Twofer Presents Their Self-Titled Debutand Long Walk on a Short Pier, Their Last Album for the Capricorn Label

  • Long Walk on a Short Pier Was Not Released for 20 Years Due to a Contractual Dispute

  • Both Albums Are Long Out of Print and Sell for Big $ Online

  • Scott Schinder’s Liner Notes Feature Exclusive Quotes from Band Leader Chuck Leavell 


    Sea Level: Sea Level/Long Walk on a Short Pier. CD

    Having put out Sea Level’s second and third albums, we’re now polishing off their Capricorn album catalog by releasing the first and last albums on a single CD! Sea Level had begun as a Allman Brothers spinoff, with three members of the mid-‘70s ABB (keyboardist Chuck Leavell, percussionist Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson and bassist Lamar Williams) leading their proto-jam band mixture of jazz, blues, and rock on the debut record, which was highlighted by such instrumentals as “The Rain in Spain” and “Tidal Wave” as well as the Leavell organ showcase “Grand Larceny.” And though the band had changed quite a bit between the first and fourth record—Jaimoe and drummer George Weaver had left, and guitarist Davis Causey, saxophonist/keyboardist Randall Bramblett, and drummer Joe English had joined—the band maintained its superb “level” of musicianship, even though Long Walk on a Short Pier didn’t come out in the U.S. for 20 years due to contractual problems with Capricorn. Both albums have been out of print on CD for over a decade and command huge prices on the reselllers’ market; they appear here with notes by Scott Schinder featuring exclusive quotes from Chuck Leavell himself!

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    Survivor The Definitive Collection (2-CD Set)

    The first 100 customers to buy the CD from us get an autographed BOOKLET from Jim Peterik. First-come, first-served.
    • After Leading the Chicago-Based Band The Ides of March (“Vehicle”), Jim Peterik Founded Survivor Along with Guitarist Frankie Sullivan in 1978
    • After a Couple of Releases for the Scotti Brothers Label, the Band Struck Gold When Sly Stallone Tapped Them to Record the Theme for Rocky III

    • The Resulting Track, “Eye of the Tiger,” Became One of the Biggest Hits of the ‘80s, Going to #1 and Taking the Album of the Same Name to #2 on the Charts

    • The Definitive Collection Is by Far the Most Comprehensive Collection Ever of This Legendary Windy City Band

    • 35 Tracks Including Key Songs from the Dave Bickler and Jimi Jamison Lead Vocalist Eras

    • Includes All but Two of the Band’s Hits, Highlighted by “Eye of the Tiger,” “Poor Man’s Son,” “American Heartbeat,” “I Can’t Hold Back,” “High on You,” “The Search Is Over,” “Burning Heart”

      (from Rocky IV), “Is This Love,” and More

    • Bill Kopp’s Liner Notes Include Exclusive Quotes from Jim Peterik

    • Added Photos and Album Art 

      ORDER NOW! 

      Survivor: The Definitive Collection (2-CD Set)

      After leading The Ides of March (“Vehicle”) and recording a solo album for Epic in 1976 (whose liner notes termed him “a survivor,” thus inspiring the band name), vocalist-guitarist-keyboardist Jim Peterik formed Survivor in 1978 along with guitarist Frankie Sullivan. After recording a couple of moderately successful albums for the Scotti Brothers label, the band struck gold when Sly Stallone tapped them to record the theme song for Rocky III. “Eye of the Tiger” went to #1, took the album of the same name to #2, and cemented Survivor’s place in rock history. Now, Real Gone Music is proud to present the most comprehensive collection ever devoted to this Windy City legend, a 2-CD set offering 35 tracks taken from the peak 1978-1988 years, featuring key tracks from both the Dave Bickler and Jimi Jamison lead vocalist eras. All but two of the band’s hits are here, including such indelible tracks as, of course, “Eye of the Tiger,” “Poor Man’s Son,” “American Heartbeat,” “I Can’t Hold Back,” “High on You,” “The Search Is Over,” “Burning Heart” (from Rocky IV), “Is This Love,” and more. Liner note writer Bill Kopp sat down for a nice, long interview with Jim Peterik, and we’ve included photos and album art. The definitive collection indeed…get your ‘80s groove on!

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    The Delfonics 40 Classic Soul Sides (2-CD Set)

  • The Delfonics Were One of the First and Greatest Philly Soul Vocal Groups

  • 40 Classic Soul Sides Is by Far the Largest Delfonics Collection Ever

  • Includes All but Six Tracks from Their Four Classic Philly Groove Albums Plus Three Non-LP Sides

  • Masterful Soul Crafted by Producer-Songwriter Thom Bell and Songwriter-Lead Vocalist William Hart

  • Includes Such Career Touchstones as “La-La Means I Love You,” “You Got Yours and I’ll Get Mine,” “(Didn’t I) Blow Your Mind This Time,” “Trying to Make a Fool of Me,” “I’m Sorry,” “Break Your Promise,” and More

  • Remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York

  • Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Include Quotes from Thom Bell, William Hart, and Philadelphia Sound Sideman Extraordinaire Bobby Eli

  • The Definitive Delfonics! 


    The Delfonics: 40 Classic Soul Sides (2-CD Set)

    Hey Philly Soul fans—we are going to blow your minds this time! Here is (by far) the biggest anthology ever afforded the trio that pioneered the Philadelphia Sound, The Delfonics, featuring 40 sweetly soulful tracks, most of ‘em recorded under the watchful eye of the great Thom Bell and featuring the potent songwriting team of Bell and lead singer William Hart. In fact, this collection is so comprehensive that it’s missing only six tracks from the group’s four classic Philly Groove studio albums, and has thrown on three non-LP sides to boot! Every key track is here, including “La-La Means I Love You,” “You Got Yours and I’ll Get Mine,” “(Didn’t I) Blow Your Mind This Time,” “Trying to Make a Fool of Me,” “I’m Sorry,” “Break Your Promise,” “Ready or Not Here I Come (Can’t Hide from Love), and more, all beautifully remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York. And for an extra special treat, Joe Marchese’s notes include exclusive quotes from Thom

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    Eddy Arnold Each Road I Take—The 1970 Lee Hazlewood & Chet Atkins Sessions

  • With 147 Chart Hits to His Name, Eddy Arnold Is One of Country Music’s Largest Legends

  • Each Road I Take—The Lee Hazlewood & ChetAtkins Sessions Captures Him in 1970, When His Career Was at a Crossroads

  • Includes the Album Love and Guitars, the Last Record He Would Cut with Chet Atkins

  • Also Includes the Only Album Arnold Cut with Famed Producer Lee Hazlewood (e.g. Nancy Sinatra), Standing Alone

  • Both Albums Have Never Been on CD

  • Love and Guitars Is a Largely Acoustic Record Featuring Guitar Work from Jerry Reed, Harold Bradley and Even Atkins Hmself

  • Standing Alone Features the Legendary Wrecking Crew

  • Both Albums Offer Songs by a Remarkably Wide Range of Songwriters

  • Also Includes Four Rare Single Sides

  • Features Two Unreleased Tracks from the Lee Hazlewood Sessions

  • 27 Tracks in All

  • Liner Notes by The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese with Added Photos

  • A Real Gone Music/The Second Disc Production 


    Eddy Arnold: Each Road I Take—The 1970 Lee Hazlewood & Chet Atkins Sessions. CD

    The countrypolitan crooner Richard Edward Arnold – better known as Eddy Arnold – scored 147 U.S. chart hits between 1945 and 2008, sold over 85 million records, and earned inductions into the Country Music Hall of Fame and The Grand Ole Opry. Yet, in 1970, the superstar known as “The Tennessee Plowboy” found himself at a crossroads. That year, he released two remarkable albums ending one chapter in his career and beginning another. Love and Guitars would be his final full-length collaboration with Nashville-based producer and legendary guitar man Chet Atkins, with whom he had first worked in 1950. Standing Alone marked his first and only project with hip maverick Lee Hazlewood – a pairing which inspired some of the finest vocals Arnold ever committed to record. Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records’ Each Road I Take: The 1970 Lee Hazlewood & Chet Atkins Sessions boasts both of these seminal, never-before-reissued albums together with Arnold’s singles from the landmark year, as well as two previously unreleased tracks produced by cult hero Hazlewood.

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    Brook Benton: Rainy Night in Georgia—The Complete Reprise & Cotillion Singles A’s & B’s (2-CD Set)

  • Brook Benton Was One of the All-Time Great Soul Balladeers

  • But His Last Great Body of Work, the Jimmy Bowen-Produced Sides He Cut for Reprise and the Arif Mardin-Produced Sides He Cut for Cotillion, Remains Largely Unavailable

  • Rainy Night in Georgia—The Complete Reprise & Cotillion Singles A’s & B’s Includes Both Sides of Every Single He Cut for the Two Labels

  • 31 Tracks in All, 28 from Original Tape Sources

  • 30 of 31 Tracks Are Presented in Their Original Mono Single Mixes; “My Way” Appears in Its Rare Stereo Single Mix

  • Benton’s Staggering Stylistic Versatility Is on Full Display, Ranging from Pop Standards to Gospel to Southern-Dipped Soul Featuring the Dixie Flyers

  • Includes Such Key Tracks as “Rainy Night in Georgia,” “Shoes,” “Nothing Can Take the Place of You,” and “Don’t it Make You Want to Go Home”

  • Liner Notes by Gene Sculatti

  • Added Photos

  • Belongs Right Next to Benton’s Fabled Mercury Material 


    Brook Benton: Rainy Night in Georgia—The Complete Reprise & Cotillion Singles A’s & B’s (2-CD Set)

    He’s one of the all-time great soul balladeers, with 58 pop and 38 R&B hits to his credit, and his beautiful baritone is one of the most recognizable voices in all of pop and soul music, but Brook Benton has never had any kind of collection devoted to his last great body of work, the Jimmy Bowen-produced sides he recorded for Reprise and the Arif Mardin-produced material he recorded for Cotillion during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Now, in true Real Gone fashion, we’ve put together a two-CD package that includes the A and B-side of every single side Benton recorded for the two labels, all but one (see below) in their original mono single mixes and, after an exhaustive vault search, all but three from original tape sources. These 31 sides display a staggering stylistic versatility ranging from R&B takes on pop standards like “My Way” (yes, that song can be funky, and it’s here in a rare stereo single mix!), “I Gotta Be Me,” and “The Glory of Love,” to gospel songs like “If You Think God Is Dead,” topical tunes like “Heaven Help Us All” and “A Black Child Can’t Smile,” and, of course, some Southern-dipped soul like the #1 R&B hit “Rainy Night in Georgia” and the seven single sides he recorded with the Dixie Flyers, including the hits “Shoes” and “Don’t It Make You Want to Go Home.” Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision and annotated by Gene Sculatti, Rainy Night in Georgia—The Complete Reprise & Cotillion Singles A’s & B’s is a major soul find and deserves a place on the shelf right next to Brook’s classic Mercury material.

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