The Quick Mondo Deco (Expanded Edition) CD

The Quick Were L.A.’s Missing Link Between Glam and Punk Intricate Guitar Harmonies, Heavy Guitar Solos, Sophisticated/Sardonic Lyrics and Hooky Melodies Courtesy of Band Songwriter Steven Hufsteter Had Them Poised to Break Out Nationally

Like The Runaways, They Were Brought to the Mercury Label by Kim Fowley

But the Band’s Resistance to Fowley’s Demands for “More Boogie” Resulted in Fowley Dumping the Band, Thus Ensuring Their Debut Record Mondo Deco Got No Promotion

The Band Continued, Attracting the Attention of Such Punk Pioneers as The Damned and John Lydon, but Band Infighting, Label Indifference, and Punk Puritanism Did Them In

Mondo Deco Has Since Become a Cult Classic

Engineered by Earle Mankey of Sparks, Who Was a Huge Influence Real Gone Music’s Expanded Edition Features the CD Debut ofMondo Deco and 10 Album Demos

Also Includes an Unreleased Outtake of “Anybody”

Liner Notes by The Quick’s Danny Benair (Later of The Salvation Army and The Three O’Clock) and Quick Fan Club President Lisa Fancher, Who Went On to Form Frontier Records

Rare Photos from Archives of The Quick and Lisa Fancher Remastered by Bill Inglot

The Quick Were the Right Band at the Wrong Time...Now Their Time Has Come



The Quick: Mondo Deco (Expanded Edition) CD

The Quick were the crucial link between the
glam and punk eras in Los Angeles. Like The
Runaways, they were brought to the Mercury
label by local impresario Kim Fowley, but
The Quick proved much less pliant than their
distaff peers, resisting Fowley’s demands for
“more boogie” on their 1976 debut album
and instead pursuing a power pop sound
influenced by Sparks (ex-Sparks guitarist
Earle Mankey engineered). The Quick’s
intricate harmonies, heavy guitar solos,
sophisticated/sardonic lyrics and hooky
melodies (both courtesy of songwriter
Steven Hufsteter) deserved a much wider audience than they got;
but Fowley, enraged by the band’s defiance of his vision, pulled the plug on all promotional support and Mondo Deco sank without a trace commercially. But the band (and their rabid following) were undeterred; after ceremoniously setting their Mercury contract on fire in front of the label offices, there were soon opening for The Damned with such luminaries as Johnny Rotten attending their shows. But, alas, The Quick could not navigate the shift in trends, undercut by band infighting, record label indifference, and punk rock Puritanism. Now, over 40 years later, we at Real Gone Music are very proud to present, for the first time ever on CD, Mondo Deco in an expanded edition that features the original album remastered by Bill Inglot,
plus ten demos produced for the album, and an unreleased outtake. Quick fan club president (and future Frontier Records owner) Lisa Fancher writes the liner notes, while Quick drummer (and future Salvation Army/Three O’Clock member) Danny Benair contributes track-by-track commentary (with photos from Fancher and Benair’s private archives as well). As Fancher puts it in the notes, The Quick were the right band, it was just the wrong time. Now their time has come.


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Roy Buchanan Live at Town Hall 1974 (2CD-Set)

Roy Buchanan Is One of the Greatest Electric Guitarists of All Time 

In different to Fame and Fortune, His Reputation Is Largest Among Fellow Musicians 

His Ferocious Telecaster Tone and Incredible, Effects-Free Technique Continue to Inspire Awe Among Guitarists Professional and Casual 

Roy Was Recruited by The Rolling Stones and John Lennon to Play with Them 

Jeff Beck’s “‘Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers” from Blow by Blow Was Dedicated to Him 

While Buchanan Recorded Some Fine Studio Albums, His Live Album Live Stock Is Generally Considered His Best, as It Was in Performance That His True Genius Really Emerged 

Like Most Live Albums, the Tracks on Live Stock Were Cherry-Picked from Several Shows, in This Case Two Sets at New York City’s Town Hall on November 27, 1974 

Of the 21 Songs Roy Played That Night, Only Six Were Issued on the Album, and Another One, a Version of Neil Young’s “Down by the River,” Came Out on a Subsequent Compilation 

Now, Real Gone Music Presents Live at Town Hall 1974, a 2-CD Set Featuring Both Town Hall Shows 

14 Unreleased Tracks 

The Performances Chosen for Live Stock Were the “Safe” Ones, and Only One Came from the Second Show 

Roy Really Loosened Up in the Second
Set, Resulting in Some Absolutely Blistering Performances 

One of Roy’s Best Bands, Featuring Malcolm Lukens on Keyboards, John Harrison on Bass, Ronnie “Byrd” Foster on Drums, and Billy Price on Lead Vocals 

Liner Notes by Buchanan Biographer Phil Carson, Who Was at Town Hall for These Performances 

Photos from the Actual Gig by Charles R. Cohen 

Mixed and Mastered by Tom Lewis at Studio 1093 in Athens, Georgia 

Produced by Bill Levenson 

A Major Addition to the Buchanan Discography and Further Affrmation of His Legendary Status


Roy Buchanan: Live at Town Hall 1974 (2CD-Set)

Roy Buchanan is the guitarist’s guitar hero. Singularly uninterested in rock
stardom and the trappings of fame that
go with it, Buchanan never achieved
the popularity of his six-string peers;
yet his unfathomable technique and
ferocious Telecaster tone put him near
the top of any serious listing of the
greatest guitarists of all time. Stories
abound about the regard with which
other musicians held Roy (and the
indifference with which he greeted
their esteem); for example, legend has
it he turned down the Rolling Stones
for the job Mick Taylor got, and blew off playing with John
Lennon, while Jeff Beck dedicated “’Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers” from Blow by Blow to him. These days, his ability to create the sounds he did without the use of any effects, often from his patented “pinch harmonic” method of playing, continue to astound players both casual and professional. Buchanan recorded a number of commendable studio albums, but on stage was where the magic happened; that’s why most listeners deem the 1974 Live Stock album to be his best. But the tracks
on that album, like most live records, were cherry-picked from several different shows, in this case both sets Roy played at New York City’s Town Hall on November 27, 1974. In fact, of the 21 songs Roy played that night, only six came out on Live Stock, and one other, a version of Neil Young’s “Down by the River,” came out on
a subsequent compilation.

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Barry McGuire & The Doctor: Barry McGuire & The Doctor. CD

Legendary Singer-Songwriter Barry McGuire First Tasted Stardom as a Member of The New Christy Minstrels Before Scoring a #1 Solo Hit in 1965 with “Eve of Destruction” 

But by 1971, Barry Was Miles Away from His Chart-Topping Protest Song Days Mentally, Artistically, and Commercially 

Fueled by Copious Quantities of Illicit Substances, He and Guitar Prodigy “Doctor” Eric Hord, Who Had Played Guitar for The Mamas and The Papas, Recorded Barry McGuire & the Doctor, by Far the Most “Out There” Album McGuire Ever Made 

Produced by Lou Adler and Two of Barry’s Pals from The New Christy Minstrels, Nick Woods and Art Podell 

Features Such Country-Rock Pioneers as Chris Hillman (Byrds), “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow (Flying Burrito Brothers), Byron Berline (Dillard and Clark), and Bernie Leadon (The Eagles) 

Also Features an Uncredited Herb Alpert on “South of the Border” 

Country-Rockin’ Jams with a Side of Blues and Psychedelia 

The Album Did Not Sell a Lick, but Has Since Become a Bona-Fide Cult Classic, Recently Cited in No Depression as “A Lost Treasure of the Era” 

Tom Pickles’ Liner Notes Features Lengthy Quotes from McGuire and Album Producer Podell 

Rare Photos Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision 

McGuire’s Last “Secular” Album Before Re-Emerging as a Christian Artist 

Worldwide CD Debut


Barry McGuire & The Doctor: Barry McGuire & The Doctor. CD

Who hasn’t heard “Eve of
Destruction?” Certainly no one who
lived through the Sixties. It’s one
of the most iconic protest songs of
the era, sung by one of the most
instantly recognizable voices of a
generation...Barry McGuire. But
here’s an album that came a wee
bit later—1971, to be specific—
that’s unlike anything McGuire had
done before or has done since.
Produced by Lou Adler and two of
Barry’s former pals from the New
Christy Minstrels (Nick Woods
and Art Podell,) Barry McGuire and the Doctor was a freewheeling
collaboration with blues guitarist “Doctor” Eric Hord, so called because
of his wizardry on guitar. It was recorded at a dark time in Barry’s life when he was, in his words, “out of control.” There was a lot...a lot...
of white powder at the sessions, but in spite of that (and, perhaps, a
wee bit because of that) the album stands as Barry’s nest work in the opinions of blues/rock critics. Essentially a series of country blues jam sessions reminiscent of some of Fred Neil’s more outre work, the music
is a marriage of Hord’s artistry on blues guitar and McGuire’s storytelling charms. Hord had been lead guitarist for The Mamas and The Papas,
and his name carried weight among rock musicians in Los Angeles at the time; thus, the project attracted an all-star cast of country rock pioneers. Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke of The Byrds, “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow
of The Flying Burrito Brothers, Byron Berline of Dillard and Clark, and Bernie Leadon of The Eagles all played on the sessions. Even Herb Alpert (uncredited) added a haunting trumpet accent to one track, “South of the Border.”

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James Horner Commando--Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Real Gone Music Follows Up Its Acclaimed Vinyl Release of the Soundtrack to
Predator with the Soundtrack to Another Arnold Schwarzenegger Star-Making Vehicle, 1985’s Commando 

Coming on the Heels of the First Terminator, Mark Lester’s Film Showed that Schwarzenegger Was Capable of Much More as an Actor Than Just Playing a Robot 

Like Predator, Commando Bene ted from a Thrilling, Innovative Soundtrack 

Composed by the Legendary James Horner, the Man Behind the Scores to Such Blockbusters as Avatar, Titanic, and Braveheart 

Horner Used the South American Setting of the Film as Inspiration, Incorporating Pan Flute and Steel Drums in Particular into the Score’s Pulsating, Suspenseful Motifs 

First-Ever Release on Vinyl 

Includes Three Tracks That Did Not Appear in the Movie 

Also Includes The Power Station’s “Someday, Somewhere, Someone’s Gotta Pay” 

2-LP Set Inside a Gatefold Jacket Festooned with Production Stills 

Bone with Black Face Paint Splatter Vinyl Limited Edition of 1500

James Horner: Commando--Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Bone with Black Face Paint Splatter Vinyl Edition) (2LP-SET) Limited to 1500 copies

James Horner: Commando--Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Gunmetal Grey & Blood Splatter Vinyl Edition) (2LP-SET) (Webstore Exclusive) Limited to 200 copies

Having released the Predator soundtrack to great acclaim, we at Real Gone Music now turn to another key film in the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Lester’s 1985 film Commando. Coming on the heels of the enormously successful first Terminator film, Commando showed that Schwarzenegger wasn’t just a (excuse the pun) robotic ex-bodybuilder on screen but a real actor capable of playing a multifaceted character, with a real gift for comedy. Commando also heralded Schwarzenegger’s arrival as the biggest action star in Hollywood, a mantle he would cement two years later with Predator. But the two films had more in common than just their leading man. They both benefited from innovative, propulsive soundtracks courtesy of, for Predator, Alan Silvestri, and, for Commando, the great James Horner, composer of scores for Avatar, Titanic, Braveheart, and too many blockbusters to name. For Commando, Horner brilliantly used the South American setting of the film as a jumping-off point, incorporating pan flute and, especially, steel drums into pulsating, suspenseful motifs. For the first-ever release of the Commando score on vinyl, we have taken the tracks that appeared on La-La Land’s extended CD version—complete with three bonus cuts of music that did not appear in the movie and The Power Station’s “Someday, Somehow, Someone’s Gotta Pay”—to create a double-LP set housed inside a gatefold jacket featuring production stills. Limited edition of 1500 in bone with black face paint splatter vinyl!

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  • The 1995 Film Tank Girl Is a Bona-Fide Cult Classic 

  • Set in a Dystopic, Resource-Starved Desert Setting, Featuring Great Action Sequences, and Starring the Inimitable Lori Petty in a Lead Role, Tank Girl Is a Feminist (and Funnier) Precursor to Mad Max: Fury Road 

  • But the Soundtrack to Tank Girl Is Even More of a Cult Classic Than the Film 

  • Compiled by Courtney Love 

  • A Who’s Who of ‘90s Female Indie Rock, Including Björk, Hole, L7, Belly, and Veruca Salt 

  • Features Tracks Exclusive to the Soundtrack, Including a Unique Version of Devo’s “Girl U Want,” “Mockingbird Girl” by The Magni cent Bastards (a Side Project of the Late Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots), and a Duet of “Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love” Between Joan Jett and The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg 

  • Also Includes Songs by Bush, Stomp, and Ice-T 

  • Never Before on LP 

  • Real Gone Music’s Release Features a Gatefold Cover with the Movie’s Distinctive, Comic Book Graphics and Production Stills 

  • Aqua Blue Vinyl 


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    It’s a tough call which is the bigger cult classic, the Tank Girl movie or its accompanying soundtrack, but on balance, we’d have to go for the soundtrack. Yeah, the lm had a cast composed of some of the most colorful characters (Iggy Pop, Ann Magnuson) and character actors (Malcolm McDowell, Ice-T, and of course the almighty Lori Petty!) in show biz. And, its dystopic, resource-starved desert setting, intense action sequences, and lead female character mark it as a feminist (albeit funnier) precursor to Mad Max: Fury Road. But check out the soundtrack’s bona- des: assembled by Courtney Love herself, it features a Who’s Who of ‘90s female rock including Hole, Björk, L7, Veruca Salt, and Belly among others. Plus, it even has tracks that were exclusive to its release, like a unique version of Devo’s “Girl U Want,” “Mockingbird Girl” by The Magnificent Bastards (a side project of the late Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots), and a duet of “Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love” between Joan Jett and The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg. There’s one more thing, though, that elevates this particular release from the mere cultish curio to gotta-have-it collectible: because it came out in 1995, the Tank Girl soundtrack NEVER came out on LP!  Yup...this marks the first-ever release of Tank Girl on vinyl, and if there ever was a score that needs to be on wax, this would be it. We’ve done it right, too, with a gatefold jacket featuring the trademark comic book art and stills from the lm, and an aqua blue vinyl pressing limited to 1000 copies!


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    Something's Gotta Give Music from the Motion Picture (Limited Sea Foam Green Vinyl Edition). LP

    The Soundtrack to Nancy Meyers’ 2003 Film Starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson

    Something’s Gotta Give Was the Rare Film to Focus the Romantic Spotlight on a Couple in the Autumn of Their Years 

    Fittingly, the Accompanying Soundtrack Was a Dazzlingly Eclectic and Seductive Mixtape from an All-Star Array of International Artists 

    Features Tracks from Everybody from Astrud Gilberto to Eartha Kitt to Charles Trénet to The Flamingos 

    Culminates in a Rendition of “La Vie En Rose” by Jack Nicholson Himself 

    First-Ever Vinyl Release 

    Sea-Foam Green Vinyl to Match Diane Keaton’s Beach House in the Movie 

    Limited Edition of 1000 Copies

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    Something's Gotta Give Music from the Motion Picture (Limited Sea Foam Green Vinyl Edition). LP

    Nancy Meyers’ 2003 comedy continued her successful collaboration with Diane Keaton (e.g. Baby Boom) and was the rare Hollywood film to focus the romantic spotlight on a couple in the autumn of their years, the fifty-something Keaton and the sixty-something Jack Nicholson. Fittingly for a film whose male lead played a wealthy music mogul who only dated women under 30, the accompanying soundtrack was a dazzlingly eclectic and seductive mixtape from an all-star array of international artists, from Astrud Gilberto to Eartha Kitt to Charles Trénet The Flamingos...and culminated in a rendition of “La Vie En Rose” by none other than Jack Nicholson himself! Something’s Gotta Give never did come out on LP, and for its maiden vinyl release we at Real Gone Music wanted to conjure images of that to-die-for Hamptons beach house inhabited by Keaton’s character—so sea foam green vinyl it is, limited to 1000 copies! 

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    Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Return: Original Soundtrack (Music from the Netflix Original Series) (Limited Blue-Grey "Satellite of Love" Vinyl Edition)

    • Joel Hodgson’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 Aired for 10 Seasons and 197 Episodes on Its Way to Being Named One of the Top 100 TV Shows of All Time by Time and Entertainment Weekly
    • Its 2017 Reboot on Net ix Overjoyed the Show’s Long-Time Fans While Gaining Some New Converts (and Has Been Renewed for 2018) 

    • Now, Real Gone Music in Association with Shout! Factory Brings Songs, Incidental Music, and Instrumental Bumpers from the Show’s Triumphant Return Season in the Only Format That Makes Sense for a Show Like This: Vinyl! 

    • Regular Cast Members Patton Oswalt, Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Hampton Yount, Baron Vaughn, and Rebecca Hanson Are Joined by Special Guest Stars Neil Patrick Harris and Mark Hamill 

    • Blue-Grey “Satellite of Love” Vinyl 

    • Gatefold Album Cover Featuring Photos and a Personal Message from Joel Hodgson 

    • Limited Edition of 1000 Copies

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      Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Return: Original Soundtrack (Music from the Netflix Original Series) (Limited Blue-Grey "Satellite of Love" Vinyl Edition). LP

    Stranded in space, a man and his robot sidekicks are forced by mad scientists to watch cheesy movies. How do they cope? With laughter—and song! Joel Hodgson’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 aired for 10 seasons and 197 episodes on its way to being named one of the top 100 best TV shows of all time by Time and Entertainment Weekly, and its 2017 reboot on Netflix overjoyed the show’s long-time fans while gaining some new converts (and has been renewed for 2018). Now, Real Gone Music in association with Shout! Factory brings songs, incidental music, and instrumental bumpers from the show’s triumphant return season in the only format that makes sense for a show like this: vinyl! Regular cast members Patton Oswalt, Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Hampton Yount, Baron Vaughn, and Rebecca Hanson are joined by special guest stars Neil Patrick Harris and Mark Hamill in transcendent musical moments, all capped by Har Mar Superstar’s dynamic update of the main theme. This is essential listening for MSTies everywhere...and it’s coming in blue-grey “Satellite of Love” vinyl housed inside a gatefold album cover featuring photos and a personal message from Joel Hodgson. Limited to 1000 copies!

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    Jack Kerouac Featuring Al Cohn & Zoot Sims: Blues and Haikus (Limited “Blues” & Yellow Starburst Vinyl Edition) LP

    Just Like Its Predecessor, Poetry for the Beat Generation, Legendary Beatnik Writer Jack Kerouac’s Second Album, Blues and Haikus, Teamed Him with Producer Bob Thiele and Came Out on Thiele’s Douglas Label in 1959 

    But This Time Kerouac Insisted on Real Jazz Musicians Instead of All-Around Entertainer Steve Allen 

    What He Got Were Two Jazz Legends, Both Veterans of Woody Herman’s Band, Saxmen Al Cohn and Zoot Sims, Who Provide E ective Counterpoint Commentary to Kerouac’s Readings 

    As Its Title Indicates, Blues and Haikus Reflects Kerouac’s Interest in Eastern Religion and Philosophy as Expressed in His Novel The Dharma Bums 

    Released in “Blues” and Yellow Starburst Vinyl Limited to 1000 Copies

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    Jack Kerouac Featuring Al Cohn & Zoot Sims: Blues and Haikus (Limited “Blues” & Yellow Starburst Vinyl Edition) LP 

    Legendary beatnik writer Jack Kerouac’s second album once again teamed him with producer Bob Thiele and came out on Thiele’s Douglas label in 1959 just like its predecessor, Poetry for the Beat Generation. But this time around, instead of Steve Allen’s dilettante-ish jazz piano jazz flourishes, Kerouac insisted on bona fide jazz musicians to accompany his stream-of-consciousness prose. And boy, did he get them—saxophonists Al Cohn and Zoot Sims made their bones in Woody Herman’s band and were big-time post-bop players, and here they provide effective counterpoint commentary to Kerouac’s readings. As for those who approach this release from a more literary angle, Blues and Haikus reflects Kerouac’s interest in Eastern religion and meditative practices as expressed in his novel The Dharma Bums as opposed to the more On the Road-like exultations of Poetry for the Beat Generation. But whatever your interest, boppish or bookish, Blues and Haikus is an essential document from one of our most iconic American authors, and, after listening to this album, one thing is for sure: no one is having a better time at this recording session than Kerouac himself! Our release of this cult classic record comes in “blues” and yellow starburst vinyl limited to 1000 copies!

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    Tiny Tim God Bless Tiny Tim (Limited Pink Vinyl Edition). LP

  • Tiny Tim a.k.a. Herbert Buckingham Khaury Was Far More Than a Mere Novelty Act 

  • Though Best Known for Getting Married to Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show and for His Farcical Falsetto- and-Ukulele Hit “Tiptoe Thru’ the Tulips with Me,” Tim Was Actually His Generation’s Leading Scholar of Vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley Music 

  • Tim Was Also Blessed with a Stupendous Vocal Range, from Baritone to his Trademark Falsetto, and Was Adept on Not Just Ukulele but Guitar, Mandolin, and Violin 

  • His Debut Album, 1968’s God Bless Tiny Tim, Displayed Both His Knowledge of Early 20th Century Pop Music and His Multi-Faceted Talent 

  • The Album Also Married Tim’s Unique Vision with Amazingly Lush Production by Richard Perry, Who Would Go On to Produce Everybody from Diana Ross to Rod Stewart 

  • God Bless Tiny Tim Featured an Amazing Array of Instruments Including Didgeridoo, Koto, Celeste, and Tympani, with Nary a Ukulele to Be Found on Many Tracks 

  • The Record Also Was Dusted with Some of the Period’s Psychedelic Touches, and Featured an Unexpected Cover of Sonny Bono’s “I Got You, Babe” 

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue in the U.S. 

  • 50th Anniversary Edition in Pink Vinyl

  • Limited Edition of 900

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    Tiny Tim: God Bless Tiny Tim (Limited Pink Vinyl Edition). LP 

    If you think, based on “Tiptoe Thru’ the Tulips with Me” and his nationally televised marriage to Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show, that Tiny Tim was a mere novelty act, think again. Behind that ukulele, pasty white make-up, falsetto, and prominent proboscis was a serious scholar of American music, perhaps the only performer of the ‘60s (and certainly the only performer of his age group) keeping the torch alive for songs from vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley. Tim (born Herbert Buckingham Khaury) also was blessed with a stupendous vocal range, from baritone to his trademark falsetto, and was adept on not just ukulele but guitar, mandolin, and violin. Even with all that talent, though, had Tiny Tim just made a straight ‘20s trad jazz/pop/folk album for his debut record, God Bless Tiny Tim would not be the stone-cold cult classic it is today. But the album married Tim’s innate eccentricity with stupendously lush production from Richard Perry, who was fresh from working on Captain Beefheart’s debut, Safe as Milk, and would go on to produce everybody from Diana Ross to Rod Stewart. With Perry’s production, and Artie Butler’s arrangements, God Bless Tiny Tim featured an incredible assortment of instruments, from didgeridoo to koto to celeste to tympani, with nary a ukulele to be found on many of the tracks. Furthermore, the album was sprinkled with some of the psychedelic fairy dust that was in the air at the time (1968), full of non sequiturs both verbal and musical (like the cover of Sonny Bono’s “I Got You Babe”). The result: an album that stands outside of time, defying categorization or description. Now, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Real Gone Music is releasing God Bless Tiny Tim on LP for the first time since its original issue in the U.S. in a pink vinyl edition limited to 900 copies. This record belongs in any serious—or not-so-serious!—record collection.


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    Scientist & Prince Jammy Scientist and Jammy Strike Back! (Limited Yellow-Green "Lightsaber" Vinyl Edition) LP

     King Tubby Proteges Scientist and Prince Jammy Are One of the Most Celebrated Production Teams in the History of Dub Music

    Their 1982 Album Scientist and Jammy Strike Back! Was a Career High Point 

    Featured Compositions by Lee “Scratch” Perry Acolyte Linval Thompson 

    Backed by the Legendary Roots Radics Band 

    Comes with Original Artwork Paying Homage to Iconic Sci-Fi Films and Figures Like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Ming the Merciless 

    First-Ever U.S. Vinyl Reissue Yellow-Green “Lightsaber” Vinyl Limited to 700 Copies

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    Scientist & Prince Jammy: Scientist and Jammy Strike Back! (Limited Yellow-Green "Lightsaber" Vinyl Edition) LP

    Jedi dub riddims from King Tubby protégés Scientist and Prince Jammy, bringing their mastery of the studio Force to tracks written by Lee “Scratch” Perry acolyte Linval Thompson. And backed by the Roots Radics band, no less…this 1982 album is about as good as early ‘80s dub gets, and the artwork, which pays a gleeful tribute to all sorts of sci-fi tropes, from Star Wars to Star Trek to Ming the Merciless, is just a bonus. First-ever Stateside vinyl reissue, in yellow-green “lightsaber” vinyl limited to 700 copies!

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    Girlschool The Singles 1979-84 (Limited Orange Vinyl Edition). LP

    • As The Runaways Are to American Rock ’N’ Roll, Girlschool Is to UK Rock ’N’ Roll, the Most Famous All-Female British Hard Rock Band 

    • But Girlschool Is Still Rocking 40 Years Later, with Three (Kim McAuli e, Enid Williams, and Denise Dufort) of Its Four Original Members 

    • Girlschool First Emerged in the Late ‘70s as Part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Movement 

    • Closely Associated with Motörhead, With Whom They Shared the Hit Single “Please Don’t Touch” Found on This Compilation 

    • The Singles 1979-1984 Includes All the Classic Single Sides Girlschool Cut for City Records and the Legendary Bronze Label 

    • Features the Hits “Race with the Devil,” “Hit and Run,” “C’Mon Let’s Go,” and “Wildlife” 

    • Compiled, Produced, and Annotated by Mark “Captain Oi” Brennan 

    • Gatefold Packaging Showing Rare Picture Sleeves 

    • Orange Vinyl Release Limited to 700 Copies

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      Girlschool: The Singles 1979-84 (Limited Orange Vinyl Edition). LP

    If your knowledge of hard-rockin', all-female bands from the late '70s is limited to The Runaways, friend, it is time to broaden your horizons and cast your eyes across the pond to the British rock institution that is Girlschool. Closely associated with fellow New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends Motorhead (with whom they shared the hit single "Please Don't Touch" found here), Girlschool is still kickin' out the jams 40 years later with three (Kim McAuliffe, Enid Williams, and Denise Dufort) of the four original members of the band. And here, collected inside a gatefold package sporting original picture sleeves and great liner notes by compiler Mark "Captain Oi" Brennan, are all their classic early singles, including their first one, "Take It All Away," for the City Records label, followed by all those fantastic Bronze-label sides featuring hits like "Race with the Devil," "Hit and Run," "C'Mon Let's Go," and "Wildlife." We're putting this one out in orange vinyl limited to 700 copies, and you might want to buy two…you're liable to wear out your first copy!

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    Debby Boone Midstream/Debby Boone & Love Has No Reason/Savin' It Up CDs

  • Having Released Debby Boone’s Smash Album You Light Up My Life for the First Time on CD, Real Gone Music Now Turns Its Attention to Her Other Four Warner Bros./Curb Albums, All of Which Are Making Their CD Debut 

  • Released as a Pair of Twofers, Midstream/Debby Boone and Love Has No Reason/Savin’ It Up 

  • Both Releases Come in Beautiful Digipaks with Booklets Boasting Rare Photos 

  • Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Feature Exclusive Quotes from Debby Boone 

  • Debby Worked with “You Light Up My Life” Writer Joe Brooks and Legendary Producer Brooks Arthur on Midstream 

  • The 1978 Album Featured Such Standout Cuts as “I’d Rather Leave While I’m in Love” and the Hits “California” and “God Knows” 

  • Brooks Arthur Was Solely Behind the Controls for 1979’s 

    Debby Boone 

  • Includes Two Hit Country Singles, “My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own” and “Breakin’ in a Brand New Broken Heart” 

  • Also Features a Great Cover of the Miracles’ Flipside “Choosey Beggar” and the Beautiful “I’d Rather Be Alone” 

  • Debby Then Went Country on 1980’s Love Has No Reason 

  • Produced by Kenny Rogers’ Producer Larry Butler and 

    Engineered by the Legendary Billy Sherrill 

  • Features the #1 Country Single “Are You on the Road to Lovin’ Me Again” and the Hits “Free to Be Lonely Again” and “Take It Like a Woman” 

  • Also Released in 1980 and Produced by Larry Butler, Savin’ It Up Notched Additional Hits with “Perfect Fool” and “It’ll Be Him” 

  • Real Gone’s Twofer of Love Has No Reason/Savin’ It Up Also Includes Five Bonus Tracks 

  • Features a Trio of Non-LP Sides Including the
    Country Hits “See You in September” and “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” 

  • Also Includes a Pair of Unreleased Sides 

  • A Pair of Treasure Troves for Debby Devotees

    Debby Boone: Love Has No Reason/Savin' It Up (Expanded Edition) CD

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    Debby Boone: Midstream/Debby Boone CD

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    Debby Boone: Love Has No Reason/Savin' It Up (Expanded Edition) CD

    We know Debby Boone fans have been “savin’ it up” for this: a pair of 1980 albums making their CD debuts, plus 5 bonus tracks! With Kenny Rogers’ producer Larry Butler and legendary Nashville figure Billy Sherrill at the controls, Debby went country on Love Has No Reason, and the move paid big dividends, with a number one single in “Are You on the Road to Lovin’ Me Again” and two more chart successes in “Free to Be Lonely Again” and “Take It Like a Woman.” Debby stayed with producer Butler for Savin’ It Up, which notched additional hits with “Perfect Fool” and “It’ll Be Him;” Debby then dedicated her recording career for the next decade to Christian music and winning more Grammys before returning to pop music with Reflections of Rosemary, her 2005 tribute to mother-in-law Rosemary Clooney. As a bonus, we’ve gathered together a couple of previously unissued masters and a trio of non-LP sides from her Warner Bros./Curb recordings as bonus tracks for this twofer, including country hits “See You in September” and “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool.” Another treasure trove for Debby devotees!

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    Eric Andersen The Essential Eric Andersen (2CD-Set)

    Author of Such Classic Songs as “Thirsty Boots,” “Violets of Dawn,” “Close the Door Lightly When You Go,” and “Is It Really Love at All” Among Many Others, Eric Andersen Is One of the Greatest Singer-Songwriters to Emerge from the Fabled Greenwich Village Folk Scene of the ‘60s 

    Such an Artist Demands a True, Career-Spanning Anthology Chronicling Every Phase of His Multi- Faceted Career 

    Now, Real Gone Music, along with Sony Legacy and with Input from Eric Andersen Himself, Is Releasing the Ultimate Retrospective of His Body of Work 

    The Essential Eric Andersen Spans 45 Years of Recordings Taken from 18 Di erent Albums 

    Includes Material from the Vanguard, Warner Bros., Columbia, Arista, Gold Castle, Appleseed, Meyer, Ryko, Smithsonian Folkways, CBS Holland and Sony Legacy Labels 

    33 tracks 

    Features an Unreleased Take on Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried” with David Bromberg 

    Other Collaborators Include Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, Rick Danko, Richard Thompson, Dan Fogelberg, Joan Baez, and Leon Russell 

    Highlights Include Four Tracks from the Classic Blue River Album and Five Tracks from the Stages Album, the Tapes for Which Were Lost for Two Decades 

    Also Features the Best of Andersen’s Recent European Recordings 

    The Collection Concludes with Andersen’s First-Ever Recording, a Duet with Phil Ochs on “Plains of Nebraska-O,” Taking Him Back to His Greenwich Village Roots 

    Liner Notes by Anthony DeCurtis of Rolling Stone 

    Photos from the Artist’s Private Collection 

    Remastered by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios in New York 

    Released in Conjunction with a New Documentary Film on Eric Andersen, The Songpoet, to Be Released Later This Year 

    The Definitive Look at a Major Artist in American Music

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    Eric Andersen: The Essential Eric Andersen (2CD-Set)

    Author of such nonpareil songs as “Thirsty Boots,” “Violets of Dawn,” “Close the Door Lightly When You Go,” and “Is It Really Love at All” among many others, Eric Andersen is one of the greatest singer-songwriters to emerge from the fabled Greenwich Village folk scene of the ‘60s. But the one thing missing from his catalog of recordings is a true, career-spanning anthology chronicling every phase of his multi-faceted career. Now, Real Gone Music, in association with Sony Legacy and the artist himself, presents The Essential Eric Andersen, a 2-CD, 33-track set that spans 45 years, 10 different labels, and 18 different albums in offering the de nitive look at his body of work. The highlights are too numerous to list but here are a few; the retrospective ttingly begins with two solo tracks from his 1965 debut Vanguard album Today Is the Highway before touching on such career standouts as his Blue River album (represented by four tunes including “Is It Really Love at All” and the title track with Joni Mitchell), its follow-up Stages ( ve songs including “Time Run Like a Freight Train” with Dan Fogelberg on background vocals), the tapes for which were lost for two decades before being found in the Columbia vaults, and even an unreleased track, a cover of Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried” featuring David Bromberg on dobro. Disc two leads off with several tracks from Eric’s Arista recordings including live takes of “Thirsty Boots” and “Violets of Dawn,” and then features collaborations with fellow legends Lou Reed (“You Can’t Relive the Past”), Richard Thompson (“Hills of Tuscany”), and Rick Danko (“Keep This Love Alive” and “Driftin’ Away,” with the Danko, Fjeld and Andersen band), as well as other recent recordings made in Europe. The collection concludes by coming full circle with his earliest recording, a 1964 duet with Phil Ochs on “Plains of Nebrasky-O” recorded for Smithsonian-Folkways and released on The Best of Broadside collection, bringing Eric all the way back to his Greenwich Village roots. With notes by Anthony DeCurtis of Rolling Stone, photos from Eric’s private collection, a pristine remastering job by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios in New York, and a timely release in anticipation of the release of a new documentary lm, The Songpoet, The Essential Eric Andersen isn’t just the essential work of a major gure in American music—it’s just plain essential.


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    Johnny Mathis Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head & Sings the Music of Bacharach & Kaempfert CDs

  • His 60-Year Career Still Going Strong, Johnny Mathis Is One of the Greatest Pop Vocalists of All Time 

  • But Most of the Albums He Cut for Columbia During the ‘70s Have Never Appeared on Stand-Alone CDs 

  • Now, Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records Are Embarking on a 10-Release Journey Through Johnny’s Classic ‘70s Columbia Catalog 

  • Each Release, Whether a Single-Album Release or a Twofer, Will Come in an Expanded Edition Featuring Rare Tracks 

  • All Will Include Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Drawn from Exclusive Interviews with Johnny Mathis Himself 

  • Remastered by Mike Piacentini at Battery Studios 

  • Original Album Art 

  • Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head Was Johnny’s First LP of the 1970s 

  • Features Lush Interpretations of Then-Current Pop Hits Like George Harrison’s “Something,” Paul Simon’s “Bridge over Troubled Water,” and the Bacharach-David Title Tune 

  • Produced by Jack Gold with the Orchestras of Ernie Freeman and Al Capps 

  • Expanded Edition Includes Five Bonus Non-LP Singles from Mathis’ Return to Columbia Records 

  • Sings Bacharach and Kaempfert Continued Johnny’s Tradition of Mining the Songbooks of All-Time Great Songwriters 

  • Arranged by Long-Time Kaempfert Collaborator Herbert Rehbein 

  • Complete Double Album with Five Bonus Tracks Including Bert Kaempfert’s “It Makes No Di erence” and Four Bacharach-David Tunes Featuring Their Very First Song with Johnny, “Warm and Tender” 

  • First-Ever CD Release

    Johnny Mathis: Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head. CD

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    Johnny Mathis: Sings the Music of Bacharach & Kaempfert CD

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    Johnny Mathis: Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head. CD

    Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records are proud to kick off a new series celebrating
    the legendary Johnny Mathis’ classic albums
    of the 1970s and onward with the first-ever expanded CD edition (and standalone U.S.
    CD premiere!) of the artist’s very first LP of the 1970s. Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My
    Head was titled after Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s Academy Award-winning hit from
    the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance
    Kid. On Raindrops, Mathis reinterpreted the popular hits of the day in his signature velvety smooth style, aided and abetted by the lush orchestras of Ernie Freeman and Al Capps, and the production of Columbia Records veteran Jack Gold. In addition
    to Bacharach and David, also represented by Johnny’s hit “Odds and Ends” and “Alfie,” the original album features his renditions of songs by Jimmy Webb (“Honey Come Back”), George Harrison (“Something”), Paul Simon (“Bridge Over Troubled Water”), John Barry (“Midnight Cowboy”), and Rod McKuen (“Jean”)—a true “Who’s Who.” The expanded Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head has been bolstered with ve bonus non-LP singles from Mathis’ return to Columbia Records circa 1968-1970, including Bacharach and David’s “Whoever You Are, I Love You” from their Tony Award-winning Broadway musical Promises, Promises; Bert Kaempfert’s “Night Dreams;” and Gordon Lightfoot’s “Wherefore and Why,” arranged by Harry Nilsson’s frequent collaborator, Perry Botkin, Jr.! The blues they sent to meet you won’t defeat you with this newly-expanded edition of one of Johnny’s most beloved albums!

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    Jackie DeShannon Stone Cold Soul--The Complete Capitol Recordings CD

    Memphis Masters Untouched 

    Now, for the First Time, All of DeShannon’s Capitol Masters Have Been Gathered into One Collection 

    Stone Cold Soul—The Complete Capitol Recordings Presents All 25 Sides DeShannon Recorded for Capitol, Including the Songs Album and All of Her Memphis Material Featuring Five Previously Unreleased Tracks 

    Joe Marchese’s Liner Notes Are Drawn from an Exclusive Interview with Jackie DeShannon 

    Booklet Includes Stunning, Never-Before-Seen Photos of Jackie DeShannon 

    Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision 

    Essential Listening for Any DeShannon Fan or Roots-Rocker

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    Jackie DeShannon: Stone Cold Soul--The Complete Capitol Recordings CD

    After spending the rst full decade  of her recording career at Liberty/ Imperial Records, where she immortalized such iconic anthems as “What the World Needs Now Is Love” and “Put a Little Love in Your Heart,” Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jackie DeShannon was wooed away to Capitol Records in 1971. Upon landing at her new label, the Kentucky-born DeShannon was dispatched to Memphis’ American Recording Studios, where, with producer Chips Moman and a crack band consisting of Bobby Emmons and Bobby Woods on keyboards, Reggie Young on electric guitar, Mike Leach on Bass, Johnny Christopher on acoustic guitar, and Gene Crisman on drums, she recorded a avorful mix that embraced her Southern soul roots blended with country, gospel, and pop. The wide-ranging repertoire included the DeShannon originals “West Virginia Mine” and “Now That the Desert Is Blooming” along with songs by George Harrison (“Isn’t It a Pity”), Van Morrison (“And It Stoned Me”), Carole King & Gerry Gof n (“Child of Mine”), Emitt Rhodes (“Live till You Die”), Arlo Guthrie (“Gabriel’s Mother’s Highway”), Spooner Oldham & Dan Penn (“Sweet Inspiration”), and others. But those tracks inexplicably remained in the vaults, leapfrogged by the tracks DeShannon cut at Capitol Studios upon returning to California that turned into her Songs album. In fact, of the Memphis tracks, only a single (“Stone Cold Soul”) and a lone track on Songs (“Show Me”) were released at the time. The rest of the Songs album, co-produced by DeShannon with Eric Malamud and John Palladino, featured covers of Bob Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay” (retitled “Lay, Baby, Lay”) and Hoyt Axton’s “Ease Your Pain” plus a shimmering trio of DeShannon originals: “Salinas,” “Bad Water,” and a remake of “West Virginia Mine.”  DeShannon’s stay at Capitol proved to be short-lived; legendary producer Jerry Wexler bought out her contract to bring her to Atlantic Records, leaving most of Jackie’s Memphis masters unreleased. Some of those masters emerged as part of a long-out-of-print UK collection decades later, but now, for the rst time, all 25 of Jackie’s Capitol recordings are available on this Real Gone Music compilation. Stone Cold Soul—The Complete Capitol Recordings presents Jackie’s rare Memphis tracks including 5 previously unreleased titles along with her Songs album. The CD also offers a stunning selection of never-before-seen period photographs from her personal collection along with in-depth liner notes from Joe Marchese taken from an interview with Jackie. Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision, Stone Cold Soul offers essential listening for any Jackie DeShannon fan or vintage roots-rocker!

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    The Oak Ridge Boys When I Sing for Him--The Complete Columbia Recordings and RCA Singles (2 CD)

    The Oak Ridge Boys Are One of the Most Popular Country Vocal Groups of All Time 

    Their Long Recording History Started in the ‘40s with The Oak Ridge Quartet 

    Though Their Discography Has Been Amply Documented Over the Years, Two Key Periods in Their Career Remain Largely Unavailable 

    The First Was Their 1973-1976 Stint at Columbia Records, Which Marked the First Time the Classic Line-Up of Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban Got Together 

    The Oak Ridge Boys Recorded Three Albums
    for Columbia, The Oak Ridge Boys, Sky High, and Old Fashioned, Down Home, Hand Clappin’, Foot Stompin’, Southern Style, Gospel Quartet Music, None of Which Have Ever Appeared on CD 

    They Also Recorded a Number of Non-LP Singles and Songs Only Found on Compilations for the Label 

    The Oak Ridge Boys Also Recorded Nine Single Sides for RCA from 1990-1993, with Steve Sanders Replacing William Lee Golden 

    Now, Real Gone Music’s New 2-CD Collection 

    When I Sing for Him—The Complete Columbia Recordings and RCA Singles Brings Together All of Their Recordings for Both Columbia and RCA 

    Includes the Grammy-Winning “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor” as Well as Homespun Renditions of Classics by Allen Toussaint, Paul Simon, Larry Gatlin, Kris Kristo erson, Dallas Frazier, and Porter Wagoner 

    Includes a Bonus Johnny Cash Single, “Praise the Lord and Pass the Soup,” That The Oak Ridge Boys Sang On Along with The Carter Family and Marked Their First Chart Entry 

    The RCA Material Features Their Moving Take on The Righteous Brothers’ “(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” 

    Remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York 

    Liner Notes by The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese 

    49 Rare ’n’ Essential Tracks from One of Country’s Most Revered Groups

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    The Oak Ridge Boys: When I Sing for Him--The Complete Columbia Recordings and RCA Singles (2 CD)

    Before “Elvira” and “Bobbie Sue” catapulted them into the mainstream of commercial pop, The Oak Ridge Boys paid their dues as both recording artists and popular live performers. The band’s history was a long one, with the original Oak Ridge Quartet dating back to the 1940s. But the birth of The Oak Ridge Boys, as we know the group, really took place in 1973 at Columbia Records. That was when Joe Bonsall joined Duane
    Allen, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban to complete the foursome that still packs houses today. The Oak Ridge Boys recorded three albums for Columbia between 1973 and 1976, dipping their toes into pop, rock, and mainstream country for the rst time while still embracing their gospel roots. Shockingly, none of these albums have ever been released on CD anywhere in the world—until now! Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records are raising the curtain on this lost chapter of Oak Ridge Boys history with a de nitive, new 2-CD anthology. When I Sing for Him: The Complete Columbia Recordings and RCA Singles boasts the group’s complete Columbia albums The Oak Ridge Boys, Sky High, and Old Fashioned, Down Home, Hand Clappin’, Foot Stompin’, Southern Style, Gospel Quartet Music, plus all of their period Columbia non-LP singles, and songs that only appeared on compilations. When I Sing for Him includes the Grammy-winning “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor” as well as homespun renditions of classics by Allen Toussaint, Paul Simon, Larry Gatlin, Kris Kristofferson, Dallas Frazier, Porter Wagoner, and Johnny Cash. The Man in Black even appears on two tracks here, leading the group on “No Earthly Good” and as a special bonus, Cash’s own single “Praise the Lord and Pass the Soup”—the Oaks’ rst country chart entry. The Columbia years are joined by every single from another long overlooked period of their career, their 1990-1993 tenure at RCA Records, during the time in which Steve Sanders had replaced William Lee Golden. At RCA, the Oaks moved further into pop, even covering The Righteous Brothers’ “(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” in their own inimitable style. This comprehensive collection brings the band full circle with a rousing, harmony-rich version of “Go Tell it on the Mountain.” Vic Anesini has remastered every track at Sony’s Battery Studios from the original tapes, and The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese has supplied the new liner notes. Throughout their career, The Oak Ridge Boys have never stopped singing for Him. Now, with When I Sing for Him: The Complete Columbia Recordings and RCA Singles, some of their rarest and most signi cant music is nally available again for you.

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    Axe Rock 'N' Roll Party--The Complete Atco Recordings CD

    Formed by Ex-Members of Babyface, and Led by Guitarist Bobby Barth (Later of Blackfoot), the Florida Band Axe Put Out a String of Minor Pop-Metal Classics in the Late ’70s and Early ‘80s 

    Inked to MCA in 1979, Axe Really Hit Their Stride When They Brought In Bassist Wayne Haner and Signed to Atco in 1981 

    Their Two Albums for Atco, Offering and Nemesis, O ered an Irresistible Heartland Rock Recipe of Good-Time Boogie Metal and Biker Rock Blended with Southern Rock and ’80 Keyboard Cheese 

    Real Gone Music’s New Collection Rock ’N’ Roll Party— The Complete Atco Recordings Includes Both Albums Plus a Bonus Track, “Midnight” 

    Features Such Great Tunes as “Rock ’N’ Roll Party in the Streets,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” and “Heat in the Street” 

    Liner Notes by Scott Schinder

    An American Answer to Judas Priest and Motörhead 

    21 Tracks

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    Axe: Rock 'N' Roll Party--The Complete Atco Recordings. CD

    It really was a rock ‘n’ roll party any time this Florida band came to town! Formed from the
    ashes (whiskers?) of Babyface, this ve-piece led by guitarist Bobby Barth signed with MCA in the late ‘70s for two albums, but really put the pedal to the metal when they brought in Wayne Haner as bassist and inked with Atco in 1981. In fact, the two albums they recorded for the label, Offering and Nemesis, offered good-time boogie metal and biker rock years before folks like Sammy Hagar and Motley Crüe rode the formula to platinum success and excess; throw in a little Southern rock (Barth went on to join Blackfoot) and a chunk of keyboard cheese and you had a greasy recipe tailor-made for heartland success. Unfortunately, Axe also became known for a true rock ‘n’ roll tragedy; guitarist Mike Osborne was killed in a car accident that also seriously injured Barth, and the band broke up soon after. But at their peak, Axe offered a uniquely American answer to period Brit-rockers like Judas Priest and Motörhead with melody to burn. This new collection offers every note Axe recorded for Atco, including the two albums plus a bonus track, “Midnight,” not to mention classic tunes like “Rock ‘N’ Roll Party in the Streets,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” and “Heat in the Street.”. Scott Schinder’s essay puts Axe in its proper place in the American metal pantheon. Get out your air guitar, er, axe!

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    Phyllis Dillon One Life to Live (Limited Violet Vinyl Edition) LP

    Phyllis Dillon Was the Biggest Female Star of the Rocksteady Movement in Jamaica

    Her Recordings for Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle Label Are Among the Most Highly Prized Work in the Entire Genre 

    Consisting of Sides Dating from 1968 to 1972, One Life to Live Is Her Sole Album Release 

    Includes the Hits ““Long Time No Nice Time,” “We Belong Together,” and “One Life to Live, One Love to Give” 

    Also Features Fantastic Interpretations of Such Songs as George Harrison’s “Something” and Stephen Stills’ “Love the One You’re With” 

    Newly Remastered to Sound Better Than the Album Ever Has Before 

    First-Ever Stateside Reissue

    Violet Vinyl Edition Limited to 700 Copies

    ORDER NOW!! 

    Phyllis Dillon: One Life to Live (Limited Violet Vinyl Edition) LP

    As the only album ever released by the leading female singer of the entire rocksteady movement, One Life to Live is a crucial document of the era and genre; that it also happens to be a fantastic record is just gravy! Dillon spent her entire career recording for Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle imprint; though One Life to Live was released in 1972, it is something of a compilation, including material recorded through 1968 to 1972. And as
    such, it features a bunch of her solo hits, including “Long Time No Nice Time,”
    “We Belong Together,” and the title tune. But to American ears, her interpretations of such rock warhorses as George Harrison’s “Something” and Stephen Stills’ “Love the One You’re With” may stand out the most; in her light, rocksteady style laced with rock and pop, she truly makes these songs her own. For this rst-ever Stateside vinyl reissue, we have remastered this seminal album to make it sound better than it ever has, and we’re issuing it in a violet vinyl edition limited to 700 copies!

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    Ken Boothe Freedom Street (Limited Grey “Asphalt” Vinyl Edition) LP

    Ken Boothe Is “Mr. Rock Steady,” Probably the Most Soulful Jamaican Singer of the ‘60s 

    His Mid-‘60s Sides for Clement “Coxsone” Dodd’s Studio One Imprint Are Treasured by Rocksteady Fans 

    Boothe Then Moved to Leslie Kong’s Beverley’s Imprint for the Classic 1970 Album Freedom Street 

    Freedom Street Continued Boothe’s String of Hits with the Songs “Why Baby Why,” “Now I Know,” and the Title Track 

    Newly Remastered to Sound Better Than Any Previous Release 

    First-Ever Vinyl Reissue

    Grey “Asphalt” Vinyl Edition Limited to 700 Copies

    ORDER NOW!! 

    Ken Boothe: Freedom Street (Limited Grey “Asphalt” Vinyl Edition) LP

    First-ever vinyl reissue of the classic 1970 album from Mr. Rock Steady! Ken Boothe was the most soulful singer of the rocksteady era, often likened to a Jamaican Wilson Pickett, and his mid-‘60s recordings for Clement “Coxsone” Dodd’s Studio One label were and are among the genre’s most coveted sides. In 1970, he moved to Leslie Kong’s Beverley’s imprint for this album, which continued his string of hits with the songs “Why Baby Why,” “Now I Know,” and the title tune, “Freedom Street.” We’ve remastered this landmark reggae/rocksteady release to make it sound better than it ever has, and pressed it up in a grey “asphalt” vinyl edition limited to 700 copies!

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    Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman Last of the Mohicans Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Sepia-Toned Vinyl Edition)

    Boasting a Bravura Performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, Michael Mann’s 1992 Epic Retelling of James Fenimore Cooper’s frontier classic The Last of the Mohicans Has Passed into the Classic Movie Pantheon, with Repeated Cable TV Showings 

    But the Movie’s Success Has Been Somewhat Overshadowed by Its Wildly Popular Soundtrack 

    Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman’s Score Is Easily One of the Most Popular Pieces of Film Music from the ‘90s Despite Having Been the Work of Two Different Composers 

    The “Main Title” Has Become as Much a Part of Pop Culture as the Themes to Titanic, Star Wars, and Other Blockbusters 

    Also Includes “I Will Find You” by Clannad 

    Real Gone Music’s First-Ever North American Release of the Soundtrack Comes in Sepia-Toned Vinyl 

    Gatefold Packaging Features Production Stills Limited Edition of 1000

    ORDER NOW!! 

    Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman: Last of the Mohicans Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Sepia-Toned Vinyl Edition)

    Rare is the soundtrack that as time passes overshadows the film of which it was a part, but that’s what has happened in the years since the 1992 release of The Last of the Mohicans. Not that the film is any slouch; Michael Mann’s epic retelling of James Fenimore Cooper’s frontier tale is a cable TV fixture and more evidence that Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the great actors of our time. But the film’s music has emerged as easily one of the most popular scores of ‘90s cinema, with the “Main Title” in particular having become a part of our popular culture the same way as, say, the signature themes from Titanic, Star Wars, and other blockbusters. What makes it even more extraordinary is that the movie’s score emerged from postproduction turmoil as the work of two different composers, Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman. Jones’ work is more of the traditional orchestral soundtrack ilk, Edelman’s has a more contemporary feel, but somehow it all fits, with the closing credit song “I Will Find You” by Clannad an added bonus. Long a bestselling soundtrack CD, we at Real Gone Music are releasing this revered soundtrack on vinyl for the first time in North America in sepia-toned vinyl limited to 1000 copies, inside a brand-new gatefold festooned with production stills. Guaranteed to get your blood stirring!

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