Dionne Warwick Odds & Ends--Scepter Records Rarities CD

Dionne Warwick’s ‘60s Recordings for the Scepter Label (Many Written by the Legendary Team of Hal David and Burt Bacharach) Remain Right at the Pinnacle of ‘60s Pop

With a Total of 40 Chart Hits, Dionne’s Run at Scepter Is the Most Successful of Any Female Artist on an Independent Label During the ‘60s 

But All That Success Led the Scepter Label to Be Bought and Sold Twice Before Dionne Bought Her Tapes Back, Leaving Her Recordings in Disarray 

Now, Real Gone Music Is Bringing Order to the Pop Universe with a 25-Track Collection of Dionne Warwick Rarities from the Scepter Vaults 

9 Unreleased Tracks Out of 25 Total 

Almost All Tracks Make CD Debut 

Includes Rare Alternate Versions of Hits Like “Don’t Make Me Over,” “I Say a Little Prayer,” and “Do You Know the Way to San Jose” 

Includes Stereo Single Versions of Songs Like “He’s Moving On” and “Amanda” 

Also Features Foreign-Language Single Versions of Such Hits as “A House Is Not a Home” and “Walk On By” and Long-Lost Songs Like “Monday, Monday” and “Our Ages or Our Hearts” 

Released with Cooperation of the Legendary Dionne Warwick Herself, Who Sat Down for an Interview with Liner Note Writer Joe Marchese 

Also Includes Rare Photos Remastered by Ted Carfrae 

Some of the Greatest—and Rarest—Vocal Pop of the ‘60s 

With a total of 40 Pop chart hits


 Dionne Warwick: Odds & Ends--Scepter Records Rarities CD

Dionne Warwick’s recordings for the Scepter label rank as arguably the most successful run of any artist—and certainly of any female artist—for an independent label during the 1960s. But all that success had a downside for her considerable legacy: Scepter became a hot property for acquisition, and as a result the label’s holdings were bought and sold several times before Dionne herself arranged to buy her own masters back. By that time, though, the Scepter tapes had been scattered in disarray, thus leaving a lot of material in limbo and causing compilers to throw up their hands. Well, where other reissue labels fear to tread Real Gone Music goes full speed ahead! Odds & Ends—Scepter Records Rarities offers 25 hard-to-find tracks (plus some bonus promo spots) from the Scepter vaults, including rare alternate versions (of hits like “Don’t Make Me Over,” “I Say a Little Prayer,” and “Do You Know the Way to San Jose”), stereo singles (“He’s Moving On;” “Amanda”), foreign language singles (“A House Is Not a Home” in Italian and French; “Walk On By” in German and Italian), and just plain lost tracks (like “Our Ages or Our Hearts” and “Monday, Monday”). Many of the selections are previously unissued and most are making their CD debut. What’s more, this one’s released with the full cooperation of the legendary lady, Dionne herself, who sat down for an interview with liner note writer Joe Marchese, and includes rare photos. Remastered by Ted Carfrae, Odds & Ends— Scepter Records Rarities is a stone solid must for any Dionne fan, and of course any Bacharach-David fan as well...this is some of the greatest—and rarest—vocal pop music of the ‘60s!

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Denny Doherty Of All the Things—The Complete ABC/Dunhill Masters. CD

Though Perhaps the Least Recognized Member of The Mamas and The Papas, Denny Doherty Arguably Had the Best Voice in the Group

But His Solo Career Never Got the Attention It Deserved

For Example, His 1971 Solo Album Watcha Gonna Do Was Only Reissued in Japan in 2002, and Commands Huge Figures Online

Now, Real Gone Music Not Only Presents the First Domestic CD Reissue of Watcha Gonna Do, but Also Adds Six Bonus Tracks to Create a New Collection, Of All the Things—The Complete ABC/Dunhill Masters

Includes an Unreleased Track (“Shadows on My Wall”) from the Album Sessions, a Non-LP Single Side (“To Claudia on Thursday,” with Supporting Vocals by Spanky McFarlane), and Four Unreleased Songs Recorded in 1972

Features Such Sidemen as Barry McGuire, Buddy Emmons, Russ Kunkel, “Fast” Eddy Fischer, and Eric “The Doctor” Hord

Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Offer Quotes from Eddy Fischer, Denny’s Daughters, Producer Bill Szymczyk, Mama Michelle Phillips, and Others

Unseen Period Photos
Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision Long-Lost, Classic Roots Rock 


Denny Doherty: Of All the Things—The Complete ABC/Dunhill Masters. CD

Almost to the day we released our The Mamas and The Papas: Complete Singles—50th Anniversary Collection back in January 2016, fans of the group (and they are legion!) started asking us about reissuing Papa Denny Doherty’s criminally overlooked 1971 solo album on the ABC/Dunhill label, Watcha Gonna Do. This record came out on CD only in Japan back in 2002, and commands hundreds of dollars online, so a straight reissue would have worked just fine. But that’s not how we do things at Real Gone Music…and so we aren’t stopping with the album. We’re adding six bonus tracks, five of ‘em previously unreleased, to fashion a brand-new compilation, Of All the Things—The Complete ABC/Dunhill Masters! Arranged by Jimmie Haskell, produced by Bill Szymczyk, and featuring songs written by Denny with his first wife Linda Woodward with such session players as Barry McGuire, Buddy Emmons, Russ Kunkel, “Fast” Eddy Fischer, and Eric “The Doctor” Hord, Watcha Gonna Do is truly a lost gem of early ‘70s roots rock, sort of The Mamas and Papas meeting The Band and The Eagles (Szymczyk went on to produce all of The Eagles albums). The bonus tracks include the rare single of the non-LP track “To Claudia on Thursday”—with additional vocals supplied by Spanky McFarlane of Spanky & Our Gang—plus five other tracks unearthed from both album session tapes and follow-up recordings left in the vaults. Joe Marchese provides liner notes featuring quotes and reminiscences from Eddy Fischer, Denny’s daughters, Bill Szymczyk, Michelle Phillips, and others. Artwork includes previously unpublished period photographs. Remastered by Mike Milchner/Sonic Vision, this release is a must for any fan of The Mamas and The Papas and of that gorgeous Doherty tenor!

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Sleepless in Seattle Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Blue Vinyl Edition). LP

One of the Trio of Classic Romantic Comedies Written/ Directed by the Late Nora Ephron and Starring

Meg Ryan, Sleepless in Seattle Is Perhaps the Most Romantic Movie of Its Generation 

Its Soundtrack, Which Ephron Helped Put Together, Was a Big Reason Why the Movie Was So Effective and Such a Big Hit

The Movie’s Array of Songs Appealed to Hearts of Every Vintage and Tastes of Every Stripe
Featured Artists Old (Louis Armstrong, Nat “King” Cole, Gene Autry), New (Céline Dion, Harry Connick, Jr.) and Somewhere in Between (Carly Simon, Joe Cocker, Tammy Wynette)
Also Singlehandedly Launched a Revival of Interest in Jimmy Durante, Whose “As Time Goes By” and “Make Someone Happy” Were Featured over the Beginning and End Credits, Respectively

First-Ever LP Release

Blue Vinyl Limited to 1000 Copies

The Plot Hinged on Meg Ryan Falling in Love with Tom Hanks After Hearing Him on a Christmas Eve Radio Talk Show...Maybe This Release Will Spark (or Re-Kindle) Some Holiday Romance of Its Own!


Sleepless in Seattle: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Blue Vinyl Edition). LP

One of the great trio of romantic comedies starring Meg Ryan that were written and/or directed by the late Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail being the other two), 1993’s Sleepless in Seattle was arguably the most romantic movie of its generation, and its soundtrack was a big reason why. With artists old (Louis Armstrong, Nat “King” Cole, Gene Autry), new (Céline Dion, Harry Connick, Jr.) and somewhere in between (Carly Simon, Joe Cocker, Tammy Wynette), the movie’s array of songs (many chosen by Ephron herself) appealed to hearts of every vintage and tastes of every stripe, and the tunes themselves represented the best that the Brill Building and Nashville had to offer. Indeed, the film re-introduced a whole new generation to the unique charms of Jimmy Durante with his renditions of “As Time Goes By” and “Make Someone Happy” over the opening and closing credits, respectively, resulting in a boomlet of enthusiasm for the work of the ol’ Schnozzola. The music was so powerful, in fact, and so integrated with the screenplay that it helped gloss over the incredibility of the film’s premise, which, as you might recall, had Meg Ryan falling in love with Tom Hanks, a stranger she had never met, merely from hearing him being interviewed on a radio talk show on Christmas Eve. But such fantasies are what movies are made for, especially romantic comedies, and for this first-ever U.S. release of the soundtrack to Sleepless in Seattle on LP, we at Real Gone Music have tried to capture some of that “stardust” with a blue vinyl edition limited to 1000 copies. Just in time for Christmas, too…maybe this release will spark (or re-kindle) some holiday romances of its own!

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Henry Mancini Mommie Dearest--Music from the Motion Picture (Limited White Vinyl Edition). LP

Christina Crawford’s Controversial Memoir About the Abuse She Suffered at the Hands of Her Mother Joan Crawford Spawned an Even More Controversial Movie 

Starring Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest Was Loved and Loathed for Its Over-the-Top Characters and Dramatic Situations 

But Henry Mancini’s Score for the Film, Which Paid Tribute to the Classic Soundtracks of ‘40s and ‘50s Hollywood Dramas by Such Composers as Bernard Herrmann, Alex North, and Elmer Bernstein, Won Universal Praise 

It Was a Model of Restraint, Balancing Passion and Pathos While Commenting and Adding Texture to the Extreme Emotions Being Displayed on Screen 

Mancini’s Characteristic Command of Melody and Orchestral Color Are on Full Display, Especially on the Track “No More Pain” 

First-Ever LP Release

Gatefold LP Jacket Features Production Stills 

Limited Edition of 1200 in Spotless White Vinyl


Henry Mancini Mommie Dearest--Music from the Motion Picture (Limited White Vinyl Edition). LP

Christina Crawford’s controversial memoir about the abuse she suffered at the hands of mother Joan Crawford spawned an even more controversial movie starring Faye Dunaway as the Hollywood diva. Panned by many, Mommie Dearest won (?) an award for the worst movie of the ‘90s, and to this day is loved/loathed for being an over-the-top camp cult classic. But one aspect of the movie was universally hailed: Henry Mancini’s elegant score. Fashioned to re-create the classic film themes from ‘40s and ‘50s dramas by such composers as Bernard Herrmann, Alex North, and Elmer Bernstein, Mancini’s work is a model of restraint, balancing passion and pathos while commenting and adding texture to the emotional extremes being displayed on screen. As always, Mancini’s command of orchestral color is masterful, and while none of the melodies here are quite as scene-stealing as, say, his work on Days of Wine and Roses among his darker-themed movies, he does save quite a punch for last with the penultimate “No More Pain” track. For this, the FIRST-EVER VINYL RELEASE of this classic score, Real Gone Music has designed a gorgeous gatefold cover featuring production stills. Limited edition of 1200 in very, very clean white vinyl!

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Jimmy Webb Angel Heart (35th Anniversary Expanded Edition) CD


Jimmy Webb; Angel Heart (35th Anniversary Expanded Edition). CD

Composer of evergreen hits including as “Galveston,” “Wichita Lineman,” MacArthur Park", and “Up, Up and Away,” Jimmy Webb is  one of the greatest songwriters of his generation

Angel Heart, a Webb solo recording-- 35 years later-- finally receives the attention it deserves

Along with Webb, co-producers Matt McCauley and Fred Mollin produced Angel Heart for the 20th Century Fox Label in 1978.  They assembled an unbelievable cast of session musicians including David Foster, Lee Sklar, Dean Parks, Bob Glaub, and Jeff Porcaro, David Paich, and Steve Lukather of Toto.Angel Heart was recorded at Sunset Sound with a young Mark Linett (soon to become the Beach Boys’ preferred engineer) at the controls.

But label issues forced Webb to foot the bill for the recording himself - he believed in the project that much. Everybody from Michael McDonald to Graham Nash to Daryl Hall to Kenny Loggins volunteered to sing on Angel Heart. 

Angel Heart was released in 1982 by Lorimar Records, with no marketing and distribution. Now, 35 years later, Real Gone Music presents this long-lost Webb classic the way it should have been.

Remastered by Mark Linett from the original tapes

Includes six unreleased bonus tracks featuring three songs from the original album sessions and three demos including "Adios" which would become an indelible part of American music as sung by Linda Ronstadt and Glen Campbell. 

Liner notes by original co-producer Fred Mollin

Scores of previously unseen photos from the recording sessions

Angel Heart is a  major find and an essential, overlooked part of the Jimmy Webb catalog

"Listening to this album 35 years later, I am more proud than ever of the results," says Webb.  "Besides the collection of songs, the musicians and singers that took part in the creation of Angel Heart continue to be revered as some of the best in the business.  Angel Heart is a snapshot of Los Angeles studio album production at its ultimate moment."

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Debby Boone You Light Up My Life 40th Anniversary Edition CD

Debby Boone You Light Up My Life 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition. CD

One of the Seminal Soft-Rock Albums of the ‘70s, Debby Boone’s You Light Up My Life Went to #6 on the 1977 Album Charts, and Its Title Tune Broke a Record by Staying at #1 for 10 Weeks

But, Unbelievably, You Light Up My Life Has Never Been Reissued in Any Form, Physical or Digital 

Real Gone Music’s 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition Presents This Long-Lost Album on CD for the First Time 

Features the Hits “You Light Up My Life,” “Baby I’m Yours,” “When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes,” and “Hasta Mañana” 

Includes 13 Bonus Tracks Featuring Non-LP Rarities like “He’s a Rebel,” the B-side to “You Light Up My Life,” and a Pair of Collectible Motown Singles by The Boone Girls 

Also Presents Six Unreleased Tracks Highlighted by Sunshine Pop Remakes of Classic ‘60s Pop Tunes Like “You Don’t Own Me” and “Popsicles and Icicles” 

Original Recordings Produced by Mike Curb, Bob Gaudio, Michael Lloyd, Fred Werner, Joe Brooks, and Don Costa 

Remastered by Ted Carfrae 

Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Based on a New Interview with Debby Boone 

Rare Photos Decorate a Gorgeous Digipak That Will Light Up the Life of Any Fan of ‘70s Pop


Debby Boone You Light Up My Life 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition. CD

Folks, you are probably not going to believe it when we tell you this, but Debby Boone’s You Light Up My Life platinum-selling original album has never been reissued in any form, physical or digital! That a #6 charting album from 1977, one with an iconic song that went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart—as well as Top 10 Country—and stayed there for a record-setting ten weeks, has been unavailable for decades is almost inconceivable when even the most obscure albums have been reissued on CD and everything seems to be available online even if you can’t find a physical copy. But no, it really is true…and now, with Debby’s help, we at Real Gone Music are going to make up for lost time in the 40th anniversary of its original release. To start, you get the original album remastered digitally (by Ted Carfrae) for the first time ever, featuring the #1 hit “You Light Up My Life” as well as the Adult Contemporary hits “Baby I’m Yours,” “When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes” and “Hasta Manana” (the latter two performed by Debby with her sisters). Then, for this Deluxe Expanded CD Edition, we’ve added no less than 13 bonus tracks: non-LP rarities like “He’s a Rebel,” the B-side to “You Light Up My Life,” a pair of collectible Motown singles by The Boone Girls and six unreleased recordings featuring charming remakes of classic ‘60s pop favorites from “You Don’t Own Me” to “Popsicles and Icicles.” With production work by Mike Curb, Bob Gaudio, Michael Lloyd, Fred Werner, Joe Brooks and Don Costa, these long-lost sides are seminal ‘70s soft rock, and to place them in proper context, writer Joe Marchese has conducted an extensive interview with Debby for the liner notes. Throw in rare photos and this set truly will light up the life of any pop music lover…still can’t believe this one went four decades without a reissue!

  1. You Light Up My Life
  2. A Rock and Roll Song
  3. Micol's Theme
  4. It's Just a Matter of Time
  5. Hey Everybody
  6. When I Look at You (My Love)
  7. From Me to You
  8. Baby I'm Yours
  9. When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
  10. The End of the World
  11. Your Love Broke Through
  12. Hasta Mañana
  13. He's a Rebel
  14. My Guy
  15. Please Mr. Postman
  16. Friend
  17. You Don't Own Me
  18. Till
  19. Put Your Head on My Shoulder
  20. Popsicles and Icicles
  21. Laugh While I Cry
  22. See If It Comes Out Love
  23. God Bless the Beasts & Children
  24. Anthem-Revelation
  25. Curiosity Killed the Cat

Cliff Martinez Contagion Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Stretching over Some Ten Projects (e.g. Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Traffic, Solaris), the Collaboration Between Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer Cliff Martinez and Film Director Steven Soderbergh Has Been One of the Most Fruitful in Cinema History

But Perhaps the Greatest Martinez-Soderbergh Soundtrack Is the One to 2011’s Contagion 

Because Soderbergh Re-Cut the Film Three Times, Martinez Ended Up Incorporating Orchestral and Electronic Elements into a Rhythmic, Propulsive Score 

The Most Chilling, Chill-Out Electronica You’ve Ever Heard, Simultaneously Hypnotic and Horrifying 

First-Ever Vinyl Release Comes in a Gatefold Cover Featuring Production Stills 

Yellow & Red “Biohazard” Vinyl Edition

Limited to 1200 Copies

Sure to Make You Schedule a Flu Shot This Fall


Cliff Martinez: Contagion--Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Gold & Red "Biohazard" Vinyl Edition). LP

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Cliff Martinez’s long-standing collaboration with director Steven Soderbergh ranks right up there with some of the other great composer-director teams in film history, like Bernard Herrmann-Alfred Hitchcock and Ennio Morricone-Sergio Leone, and his 2011 score for the disaster blockbuster Contagion is among his best work. Oddly, it owes some of its uniqueness to the fact that Soderbergh radically recut the film three different times, causing Martinez to adjust the score on the fly, first starting with a more conventional score indebted to thrillers like Marathon Man and The French Connection, then moving in a more dream-like, Tangerine Dream direction, before settling on a sound that incorporated orchestral and electronic timbres into highly propulsive and rhythmic framework. It’s like the most chilling “chill-out” electronica you’ve ever heard, simultaneously hypnotic and horrifying…and for its first-ever vinyl release, we at Real Gone Music have fashioned a gatefold album cover featuring film production stills housing a limited Yellow and red “biohazard” starburst vinyl edition limited to 1200 copies. Between the look of the package and the disquieting music, this one’s guaranteed to get you to sign up for a flu shot.

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The Supremes The Ultimate Merry Christmas (2 CD-Set)

Led by the Legendary Diana Ross, The Supremes Are the #1 Girl Group of All Time

Their 1965 Christmas Album, Merry Christmas, Hit the Christmas Charts Four Times and Yielded Two Charting Singles, “Children’s Christmas Song” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Me” 

Also Featured Jimmy Webb’s First-Ever Recorded Song, “My Christmas Tree,” and the Christmas Radio Staple “My Favorite Things” 

In 2015, to Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary, Merry Christmas Was Expanded as a Digital-Only Release with Nine Previously Unreleased Tracks 

Now, Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records, in Conjunction with Motown/Universal Music Group, Have Cooked Up a Christmas Feast So Elaborate It Can Only Be Called The Ultimate Merry Christmas 

50 Tracks on Two CDs
16 Previously Unreleased Tracks 

21 Other Tracks New to CD Including the Complete Original Mono Mix of the Album 

Also Includes the Album’s Original Stereo
Mix and a New, Never-Before-Heard 2017
Mix Premiering Previously Unheard Vocals and Instrumentation 

Other Unreleased Tracks Include a Duet on “Silent Night” Between Diana Ross and Florence Ballard, and Diana/Mary Wilson Duet on “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)” 

Curated and Produced by Andy Skurow and George Solomon, the Team Behind Motown’s Long-Running Series of Supremes and Diana Ross Expanded Editions 

Newly Remastered and (on the Bonus Tracks) Remixed by Kevin Reeves 

Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Include Commentary from Jimmy Webb 

Numerous Photos and Memorabilia 

The Ultimate Christmas Gift from the Greatest Girl Group of All Time, and the Christmas Release of the Year for Collectors


The Supremes: The Ultimate Merry Christmas (2 CD-Set)

Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, and Florence Ballard—a.k.a. The Supremes—ushered in 1965 with the electrifying, era-defining “Stop! In the Name of Love,” their fourth of five consecutive, record-breaking, chart-topping singles. In that year alone, the undisputed queens of Motown released five sizzling LPs, including their only holiday album: the instant classic Merry Christmas. Produced by Detroit legend Harvey Fuqua with arrangements by the great Gene Page, H.B. Barnum, and Ernie Freeman, Merry Christmas was filled with joyful delights. In addition to The Supremes’ inimitable versions of yuletide favorites, it introduced Jimmy Webb’s first-ever recorded song (“My Christmas Tree”) and yielded a pair of charting singles (the Motown originals “Children’s Christmas Song” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Me”) plus a yearly Christmas radio staple (“My Favorite Things”). This salute to the season quickly became a chart mainstay and all-time perennial. In 2015, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Merry Christmas was expanded as a digital-only release with nine previously unreleased bonus tracks. Now, Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records, in conjunction with Motown/Universal Music Group, are proud to present a Christmas feast that is so bountiful, it could only be called The Ultimate Merry Christmas.

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Fred Waring Twas the Night Before Christmas/Christmas Time CD

Though He Is Largely Forgotten Now, Fred Waring Was One of 20th Century Pop Music’s True Innovators 

His Firsts Ranged from Putting a Vocalist in Front of an Orchestra to Creating Weekly Musical Spectaculars for Television 

But Probably His Most Enduring Breakthrough Was Bringing the Choral Sound to Pop Music, Which Band Alumni Like Robert Shaw and Harry Simeone Helped to Cement as His Legacy 

Waring’s Band Had over 50 Chart Hits, but His Most Beloved Recordings Are Probably the Two Christmas Albums He Released in 1955 for the Decca Label, ’Twas the Night Before Christmas and Christmas Time 

The Two 12” Long-Players Reflected Over a Decade of Performing and Recording Christmas Music, as Waring and the Pennsylvanians Had Recorded Seasonal Repertoire in the Early ‘40s for the
78 RPM Format, Then Later for 10” 33 1/3rd RPM Releases 

The Band Also Recorded and Re-Recorded New Tracks in the Mid-‘50s for These Two Releases 

Ranked by the Christmas Music Website The Yule Log as the #5 and #6 Christmas Albums of All Time, Neither Album Has EVER Been Released on CD 

Detailed Liner Notes by Tom Pickles 

Original Album Art Featuring the Famous Norman Rockwell Cover Art on ’Twas the Night Before Christmas 

Remastered by Mike Milchner

Two All-Time Christmas Classics on One CD, Long Requested


Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians: Twas the Night Before Christmas/Christmas Time. CD

If there was ever a pair of Christmas albums crying for the twofer treatment, it would be these two 1955 Decca-label albums from Fred Waring and his band, The Pennsylvanians. Waring doesn’t get his due these days, but the man was one of 20th century pop music’s foremost innovators; as Virginia Morley Waring wrote in her biography of her husband, "Fred Waring was the first to have a singing band, the first to use megaphones, to feature vocalists with an orchestra, to combine an orchestra with a glee club, to originate the show choir concept, to make a full length musical talking picture, and the first to present weekly musical spectaculars on television.” Top it off with the fact that he launched the careers of Robert Shaw and Harry Simeone—and still found time to invent the Waring blender!—and it’s no exaggeration to say that Fred Waring introduced the sound of a choir to pop music.

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The Ames Brothers There'll Always Be a Christmas CD

Made Up of Ed, Vic, Gene, and Joe Ames, The Ames Brothers Had a Unique Vocal Group Sound Composed of Four Bass-Baritones and No Tenors 

Recorded 50 Chart Hits Including Three Number Ones and Six More Top Tens 

Their 1957 Album There’ll Always Be a Christmas Became an Instant Christmas Classic 

Arranged by Sid Ramin 

Features Both Upbeat Seasonal Standards Like “Silver Bells” and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” and Sacred Songs Like “What Child Is This” and “O Holy Night” 

CD Debut of Original Mono Version of Album (Previous CD Reissue Offered Rechanneled Stereo) 

Expanded Edition Adds the Comic “I Got a Cold for Christmas” and the Jaunty “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” 

Joe Marchese’s Liner Notes Feature an Interview with the Lone Surviving Ames Brother, Actor-Singer Ed Ames 

Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York 

Rare Photos 

Another Real Gone Music/The Second Disc Records Christmas Find


The Ames Brothers: There'll Always Be a Christmas--60th Anniversary Deluxe Mono Edition. CD

On their 1957 album of the same name, The Ames Brothers proclaimed in song, “There’ll Always Be a Christmas” – and as it turns out, Ed, Vic, Gene, and Joe Ames had created a joyful Christmas album for all time. Now, their classic holiday perennial is coming to CD in its original mono mix for the very first time on Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records’ There’ll Always Be a Christmas: 60th Anniversary Deluxe Mono Edition. Between 1948 and 1960, The Ames Brothers notched a remarkable fifty entries on the Billboard charts, including three Number Ones and a further six Top Ten hits, and became one of America’s most beloved singing groups. Their distinctive sound – consisting of four bass-baritones and no tenor voices – can be heard at its most robust on There’ll Always Be a Christmas. Supported by the lush orchestra of Sid Ramin, the quartet delivered fresh renditions of both upbeat Christmas standards like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “Silver Bells” and sacred songs such as “What Child is This?” and “O Holy Night.” This 60th anniversary reissue adds two bonus tracks to further showcase the enormous versatility of the group.

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Connie Smith Joy to the World (Expanded Edition) CD

Everybody from Keith Richards to Dolly Parton to Kris Kristofferson Are Big Fans of Country Legend Connie Smith 

Connie Has Notched 30 Charting Albums, Three Number One Hits, 11 Grammy Nominations, and Inductions to The Grand Ole Opry and The Country Music Hall of Fame 

In 1975, Connie Recorded Her Only Full-Length Christmas Album, Joy to the World, for the Columbia Label 

Featured The Jordanaires and Nashville’s Leading Session Musicians 

Shockingly, This Christmas Country Classic Has Never Been Released on CD 

Expanded Edition Includes a Bonus Duet with Willie Nelson on “Silent Night, Holy Night” 

Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York 

Liner Notes by Joe Marchese 

Booklet Includes Special Introduction from Connie Smith Herself 

Another Christmas Find from Real Gone Music and The Second Disc Records


Connie Smith: Joy to the World (Expanded Edition). CD

What do Keith Richards, Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, and the late George Jones all have in common? All have counted themselves as fervent fans of Connie Smith. A true singer’s singer, Connie has entertained fans for over fifty years with her singular blend of country-and-western, gospel, and pop. Along the way, she’s earned thirty charting albums and three Number Ones, twenty top ten Billboard Country singles, eleven Grammy Award nominations, and inductions to both The Grand Ole Opry and The Country Music Hall of Fame. In 1975, Connie recorded her only full-length Christmas album, Joy to the World, for Columbia Records. This rootsy holiday celebration featured Connie, The Jordanaires, and a cast of “Nashville cats”—the city’s finest session musicians—breathing new life into traditional melodies and spiritual favorites. Shockingly, this classic slice of seasonal Americana has never been released on CD…until now. Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records’ expanded edition of Joy to the World premieres the original album on CD and adds one rare bonus track for a vivid and festive portrait of Connie Smith’s Christmas classics.

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Percy Faith Music of Christmas (Expanded Edition) CD

Percy Faith Is One of Pop Music’s Most Legendary and Decorated Composer-Arrangers

Having Sold 250,000 Copies, His Music of Christmas Album from 1954 Had Already Reached Iconic Status When He Elected to Re-Record It in Stereo in 1959 

No Mere Cash-In, the New Stereo Version Made Faith’s Always Ethereal String Arrangements Sound Positively Celestial, and Allowed His Expert Use of Counterpoint to Shine 

The Result Was Another Faith Christmas Classic, Which Hit the Charts a Full Five Years Later at the Height of Beatle-Mania 

Ranked as THE #1 CHRISTMAS ALBUM OF ALL TIME by the Christmas Music Website The Yule Log 

Expanded Edition Includes Seven Seasonal Songs Lifted from Non-Holiday Albums 

Liner Notes by The Yule Log’s Chip Arcuri 

First Legitimate Remastering Ever by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York 

The Cornerstone of Any Christmas Music Collection, Now Sounding Better Than It Ever Has


Percy Faith: Music of Christmas (Expanded Edition). CD

Percy Faith’s Music of Christmas album had already reached legendary status when the maestro re-recorded it in stereo in 1959. In fact, the back cover of the 1959 album even included a thumbnail picture of the classic "Father playing Santa Claus while holding sleeping daughter" cover of the original 1954 mono LP with the legend: "In its original edition with this well-known cover, this collection sold over 250,000 copies.” Little wonder, then, that Faith and his label Columbia chose to revisit Music of Christmas using the latest in recording hardware. But this was no mere cash-in; the stereo separation on the new album made Faith’s always ethereal, string-soaked arrangements sound positively celestial, and allowed his expert use of counterpoint to shine. The result: Music of Christmas in its new stereo format instantly (again) became a Christmas classic, and even hit the charts a full five years later at the height of Beatle-mania! In fact, the Christmas music site The Yule Log has dubbed this record the #1 Christmas album of all time, and to emphasize the point, the site’s founder, Chip Arcuri, has written liner notes for our release and chosen seven rare seasonal songs from non-Christmas LPs to grace our Expanded Edition. Shockingly, this marks the first real remastering of Music of Christmas, and no less than the august Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York has taken the engineering reins. Simply put, no Christmas music collection is complete without this album—and now it sounds better than it ever has!

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The Robert Shaw Chorale Christmas Hymns and Carols Volume II

Fred Waring Protégé Robert Shaw Led the Most Popular Professional Choir in the United States During the ‘50s 

The Robert Shaw Chorale’s Two Holiday Albums, Christmas Hymns and Carols Volumes I & II, Rank as Two of the Greatest Choral Christmas Records

Ever Made 

Last Year Real Gone Music Released Volume I to Great Acclaim; This Year We Are Releasing Volume II, Which Features Less Familiar Carols Drawn Largely from European Songbooks 

Beautifully Recorded and Arranged by Robert Shaw and His Long-Time Collaborator, Alice Parker 

1952 Release Presented in Its Original Mono 

Includes Original and Reissue Album Art 

Liner Notes by Sean Cogan 

Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York 

CD Debut of a Choral Christmas Masterpiece


The Robert Shaw Chorale: Christmas Hymns and Carols Volume II. CD 

We released Volume I of the Robert Shaw Chorale’s Christmas Hymns and Carols to rapturous response from lovers of Christmas music everywhere, so following it up with Volume II was a natural. Indeed, this second volume of Christmas carols—presented, like on its predecessor, in a series of medleys—perfectly complements the first volume by casting its eye a bit farther afield in search of repertoire suited for the brilliant arrangements of Fred Waring protégé Shaw and his longtime collaborator, Alice Parker. So, instead of the well-worn “O Come All Ye Faithful”/”The First Nowell”/”O Little Town of Bethlehem” medley that led off Volume I, here a medley of “I Saw Three Ships”/”O Tannenbaum”/”Allon, Gay Gay Bergeres”/”The Holly and the Ivy” leads off, followed by “Fum, Fum, Fum”/”Hacia Belén”/”Ya Viene La Vieja”/”La Virgen Lava Pañales,” and more relatively unfamiliar fare, all flawlessly and fervently rendered by The Chorale. Though this 1952 record was meant as a follow-up to Volume I, and, unlike that album, did not enjoy a stereo re-recording later in the decade (it was reissued in mono with new album art in 1957; the stereo version of Volume I is the version we reissued in 2016), it more than holds its own against its forebear; and, since that record is generally reckoned among the greatest Christmas albums of all time, this one would rank right up there, too.

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Desmond Dekker You Can Get It If You Really Want (Limited Black & Blue Marble Vinyl Edition) LP

  • Desmond Dekker Was Already the King of Ska When the Film The Harder They Come Broke Him Internationally

  • Songs like “007 (Shanty Town)” and “Rudie Got Soul” Made Him the Face of Rude Boy Culture, and Influenced Several Generations of British Mods and Rockers

  • His Biggest British Hit Was “You Can Get It If You Really Want,” the Jimmy Cliff-Penned Title Track off This 1970 Album That Went to #2 on the British Charts

  • The Album Contains Another Big Hit,“Pickney Gal”

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue

  • Black & Blue Marble Vinyl Edition

  • Limited to 1000 Copies

  • A Ska/Rocksteady Classic! 


    Desmond Dekker: You Can Get It If You Really Want (Limited Black & Blue Marble Vinyl Edition) LP

    It took the 1972 release of the soundtrack to The Harder They Come to break Desmond Dekker internationally, but the King of Ska already was a legend in his own land of Jamaica, where songs like “007 (Shanty Town)” and “Rudie Got Soul” made him the face of the rude boy culture (and influenced several generations of British mods and rockers). This 1970 record, his first for the Trojan label, features Dekker’s irresistible version of the Jimmy Cliff tune “You Can Get It If You Really Want,” which went to #2 on the UK charts, as well as another hit, “Pickney Gal.” We’re reissuing this cornerstone ska/rocksteady classic on black & blue marble vinyl limited to 1000 copies...first-ever reissue on wax!

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    The Meters A Message from the Meters--The Complete Josie, Reprise & Warner Bros. Singles 1968-1977 (Black Vinyl Edition) (3-LP Set)

  • The Meters—Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste, Art and (Later) Cyril Neville, Leo Nocentelli, and George Porter, Jr.—Were Arguably the World’s Greatest Funk Band During the Late ‘60s and Early ‘70s

  • Their Recordings for the Josie, Reprise, and Warner Bros. Labels Laid the Foundation for New Orleans Funk

  • Now, Real Gone Music Presents a Collection of Their Classic, Groundbreaking Singles for All Three Labels

  • Includes Rare Mono Single Mixes for the Josie Sides and Stereo Single Mixes for the Reprise and Warner Bros. Sides

  • All but Five Tracks from the Original Tape Sources

  • Features Such Legendary Tracks as “Sophisticated Cissy,” “Cissy Strut,” “Look-Ka Py Py,” “Chicken Strut,” “Hand Clapping Song,” and “Hey Pocky A-Way”

  • All but Two Tracks Co-Produced by the Late, Great Allen Toussaint

  • Liner Notes by Bill Dahl Include Quotes from Nocentelli, Art Neville, and Porter

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • 40 Soulful and Ever-So-Funky Sides

  • The Best Meters Retrospective to Date

  • Lower-Priced Black Vinyl Triple-LP Set 


    The Meters: A Message from the Meters--The Complete Josie, Reprise & Warner Bros. Singles 1968-1977 (Black Vinyl Edition) (3-LP Set)

    How would you like to hear a new side—or should we say sides—of the world’s greatest funk band? This 3-LP, 40-track collecton presents the A and B-side of every single that organist Art Neville, guitarist Leo Nocentelli, bassist George Porter, Jr., and drummer Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste cut for the Josie, Reprise & Warner Bros. label, virtually their entire singles output (all but two co-produced by the late, great Allen Toussaint) save for a few odds ‘n’ ends issued mostly overseas. That means that you not only get every hit along with its hard-to-find B-side but also the rare single mixes, including the especially rare original mono single mixes of the 1968-1971 Josie sides, very few of which have appeared on vinyl since their original 45 release (the first three LP sides are all mono; the last three, featuring the later Reprise and Warner Bros. singles, presents all stereo single mixes). These songs represent the mother lode of New Orleans funk, classic tracks like “Sophisticated Cissy,” “Cissy Strut,” “Look-Ka Py Py,” “Chicken Strut,” “Hand Clapping Song,” “Hey Pocky A-Way,” and more. And, with liner notes by Bill Dahl featuring quotes from Nocentelli, Neville, and Porter, this 3- LP set offers the best vinyl retrospective to date of this enormously influential band. And how’s the sound? Well, after extensive and exhaustive tape research, we were able to come up with original tape sources for all but five of these single sides, and the remastering—by Mike Milchner at SonicVision—is tight. Now available in a lower-priced black vinyl version for crate-diggers everywhere! 

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    45 Grave Sleep in Safety

  • 45 Grave Was Arguably the First and Inarguably One of the Best American Goth/Deathrock Bands

  • Fronted by Dinah Cancer, the Group Also Included Paul B. Cutler (The Consumers), Don Bolles (The Germs), Rob Graves (The Bags), and Paul Roessler (The Screamers)

  • 1983’s Sleep in Safety Was the Lone 45 Grave Studio Album and the Only One Featuring All of the Band’s Original Members

  • The Graphic True-Crime Track “Partytime” Is the Album’s Most Famous Song, a 1985 Single Version of Which Appeared on The Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack

  • The Record Also Included Such Standout Tunes as “Evil” and “45 Grave”

  • Both CD and LP Have Been Out of Print for an Eternity and Command Horrifying Sums

  • Real Gone Music’s “Exhumation” of the LP Includes the Original Gatefold Art with Lyrics

  • Also Includes a Custom Inner Sleeve Drawn from the Very Rare “A Tale of Strange Phenomena” Press Release

  • Limited Edition of 1000 in “Ghastly Green” Vinyl

  • The Expanded Edition CD Includes a Non-LP Track, 45 Grave’s Cover of Don Hinson & the Rigamorticians’ “Riboflavin”

  • Also Includes the “Partytime” Single

    Featuring the B-Side Cover of Alice Cooper’s

    “School’s Out”

  • Liner Notes by Chris Morris Feature a Candid Interview with 45 Grave’s Paul B. Cutler

  • CD Booklet Includes Lyrics and Photos Plus Graphics Drawn from the “A Tale of Strange Phenomena” Press Release

  • A Morbidly Fascinating Release Just in Time for Halloween 

    45 Grave: Sleep in Safety (EXPANDED EDITION). CD ORDER NOW

    45 Grave: Sleep in Safety (Limited Ghastly Green Vinyl Edition). LP ORDER NOW

    Formed from putrefying remnants of The Germs, The Consumers, The Bags, The Gun Club, and The Screamers among other L.A. punk outfits, 45 Grave were arguably the first American Goth/deathrock band and inarguably one of the best. Fronted by the Exene-meets- Vampirella vocal and visual stylings of Dinah Cancer (still one of the greatest stage names in a punk rock genre full of ‘em), 45 Grave also featured Paul B. Cutler on guitar, Don Bolles on drums, Rob (Ritter) Graves on bass, and Paul Roessler on keyboards, and from that all-star line-up came 1983’s Sleep in Safety, their lone studio release and only recording with the band’s original members. Probably most famous for the first appearance of the horrifyingly graphic, true-crime track “Partytime,” the single version of which was subsequently cut in 1985 and featured on The Return of the Living Dead soundtrack (both versions appear on our Expanded CD Edition), Sleep in Safety also offered the early MTV track “Evil” and the band “theme song” “45 Grave” among other blandishments for those who like their rock and roll with a side of the macabre. Both the LP and CD have been out of print for an eternity, and cost an arm and a leg; for our Real Gone Music exhumation of this classic record, we have “embalmed” two very special editions. On LP, we have preserved the original album’s gatefold edition complete with lyrics and added a custom inner sleeve drawn from the band’s very rare “A Tale of Strange Phenomena” press release—limited edition of 1000 in “Ghastly Green” vinyl!

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    Charles Bernstein Cujo Music from the Motion Picture (Limited Black & Brown "St. Bernard" Vinyl Edition LP

    Starring Dee Wallace and Daniel Hugh-Kelly with Lewis Teague Directing, the 1983 Film Cujo Remains One of the Most Satisfying Adaptations of Stephen King’s Work

    The Film Alternated Bucolic Visions of Family Country Life with Scenes of Utter Terror

    Charles Bernstein’s Film Score Was a Huge Part of the Film’s Success, Employing Harsh Synthesizer Effects and Dissonant Orchestral Layers to Create Suspense Leading Up the Final Confrontation Between Mom and Beast

    But Bernstein’s Score Also Included a Tender Theme Evoking the Simple Joys of Hearth and Home

    Unfortunately, the Score Was Chopped Up During Post-Production

    Intrada’s Recent CD Release Presented Bernstein’s Score for the First Time as It Was Originally Recorded, and Is the Source for Real Gone Music’s First-Ever Vinyl Release

    Includes New (and Terrifying) Cover Art Plus Production Stills

    Released in Black & Brown “St. Bernard” Vinyl

    Limited Edition of 1000 Copies, Released Just in Time for Halloween! 


    Charles Bernstein Cujo: Music from the Motion Picture (Limited Black & Brown "St. Bernard" Vinyl Edition LP

    Ah, life in the country…such bucolic bliss. Until your neighbor’s dog contracts rabies, kills its owner, and then comes after you! With such emotional extremes, Cujo was not an easy movie to score, but when Stephen King’s classic novel came to the screen in 1983 starring Dee Wallace and Daniel Hugh-Kelly with Lewis Teague directing, composer/conductor Charles Bernstein (A Nightmare on Elm Street) proved mightily up to the task. In addition to employing harsh synthesizer effects and dissonant orchestral layers leading up to the climactic showdown between Mom and beast, Bernstein also penned a tender theme expressing the gentle joys of family life. Unfortunately, post production woes mixed up some cues and caused the score to be abbreviated in the film; Intrada’s recent CD release presented Bernstein’s work for the first time as it was originally recorded, and that’s where the 18 tracks on our first-ever vinyl release come from, with new (and terrifying) cover art. Limited black and brown “St. Bernard” vinyl edition limited to 1000 copies!

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    Zacherle Zacherle's Monster Gallery (Limited Green & Orange "Pumpkin" Vinyl Edition) LP

    Through out the ‘50s and ‘60s, John Zacherle Was the “Cool Ghoul” of East Coast Television, Presenting Late-Night Horror Movies to Delighted Teenagers in New York and Philadelphia

    Zacherle Parlayed His TV Success in to a Recording, Acting, and Radio Career

    His Rarest and Most Sought-After Album Is 1963’s Zacherle’s Monster Gallery, Which Sells for Up to $150 Online If You Can Find it

    Released on Elektra’s Budget Imprint Crestview, the Record Was a Copy of the 1960 Release Spook Along with Zacherley, Except That It Featured Cover Art by Legendary Mad Magazine Artist Jack Davis

    Real Gone Music’s Release of Zacherle’s Monster Gallery Comes in Green & Orange “Pumpkin” Vinyl and Features the Original Cover Art

    Limited to 1000 Copies

    Released in Time for Halloween Almost Exactly a Year After Zacherle’s Death

    A Timely Tribute to Two Unconventional Funny Men (Davis Died in 2016 as Well) 


    Zacherle: Zacherle's Monster Gallery (Limited Green & Orange "Pumpkin" Vinyl Edition) LP

    Fittingly enough, The Cool Ghoul himself, John Zacherle, passed away right around Halloween in 2016, and now we here at Real Gone Music are celebrating his one-year “deathday” by releasing his incredibly rare album Zacherle’s Monster Gallery, originally issued on the budget Elektra imprint Crestview, on green & orange “pumpkin” vinyl limited to 1000 copies! This record was originally released in 1963, and was actually a copy of the 1960 Elektra album Spook Along with Zacherley, except for one very important detail: the cover art to the Crestview release was inked by legendary Mad Magazine artist Jack Davis, who actually passed away last year as well. Which probably explains why original copies of this record are selling for about $150 if you can find them…So consider this release a twin tribute to two guys who brought a big smile to millions of kids, especially those on the East Coast that used to see Zach present all those cheesy horror movies on TV. R.I.P., Zach and Jack!

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    THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD: Original Soundtrack LP

    • Co-Written by John Russo, Who Was the Late George Romero’s Writing Partner, 1985’s The Return of the Living Dead Was the Punk Rock Sequel to Night of the Living Dead

    • Was the First Film to Feature Brain-Eating Zombies, Most Notably “Tarman”

    • The Amazing Soundtrack Included Songs by The Cramps, 45 Grave, The Damned, T.S.O.L.,
      The Flesh Eaters, The Jet Black Berries, and More Notorious Punk and Death Rock Acts

    • Original Cover and Label Art

    • Released in Time for Halloween in a Limited Edition of 1000 Copies in Black and Brown “Tarman” Vinyl 


    • THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD: Original Soundtrack. LP

      There are zombies…and then there are brain-eating zombies! And Return of the Living Dead was the film where brain-eating zombies got their first lease on, er, life. Co-written by John Russo, who was George Romero’s writing partner on Night of the Living Dead, this 1985 quasi-sequel introduced more “splatstick” humor to the horror formula as well as the indelible image of ghouls groaning “Braainsss” as they shuffle along. All set to a KILLER score featuring the greatest punk and death rock bands of the era, including The Cramps, 45 Grave, The Flesh Eaters, The Damned, Roky Erickson, The Jet Black Berries, T.S.O.L. and SSQ. 

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    Carol Burnett Sings (Expanded Edition) CD

    Carol Burnett Is the Greatest Comedienne of Her Generation 

     In Fact, She Is Such a Great Entertainer That Her Prodigious Vocal Talents Tend to Be Overlooked

    This 1967 RCA LP Was Released as a Tie-In with the Launch of Her Legendary, Emmy-Winning CBS-TV Series

    Though It Sports a Picture of Carol as Her Iconic, Sad-Sack Maid Character on the Cover, She Sings Rings Around This Collection of Show and Pop Tunes

    Arranged by Mort Garson and Ernie Freeman

    First-Ever Reissue in Any Form

    Real Gone Music’s Expanded Edition Includes “Make Me Rainbows,” an Unreleased Outtake from the Album Sessions, and “The Bullfrog Patrol” from the Obscure NBC-TV Soundtrack Album The General Motors 50th Anniversary Show

    New Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Accompany Carol’s Pal Julie Andrews’ Original Sleeve Notes

    Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York 


    Carol Burnett: Sings (Expanded Edition). CD

    It’s no wonder folks tend to forget that Carol Burnett was and is a heckuva singer; that’s what happens when you’re arguably the most talented and accomplished comedienne of your generation. Indeed, although Carol’s pose as her iconic maid character on the cover of this 1967 RCA LP was a tie-in with the launch of Carol’s legendary, long-running, Emmy-winning CBS-TV series, one could also view it as a commentary on her recording career—always the (brides)maid, never the bride. But make no mistake about this record—after starring on Broadway in the acclaimed musical Once Upon A Matress and working her way up the ranks of TV’s top variety programs—Carol simply sings rings around this engaging collection of show and pop tunes, with arranging and conducting duties shared between the estimable Mort Garson and Ernie Freeman. Now reissued for the first time anywhere, we’ve added two bonus tracks for our Expanded Edition: “Make Me Rainbows,” an unreleased Alan & Marilyn Bergman/John Williams composed outtake from the album sessions, and “The Bullfrog Patrol” from the obscure 1958 NBC-TV soundtrack album The General Motors 50th Anniversary Show. With liner notes by Joe Marchese augmenting Carol’s pal Julie Andrews’ original sleeve notes, and digital remastering by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York, Carol Burnett: Sings provides yet more evidence that Carol Burnett is a national treasure.


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