• George Jones and Tammy Wynette Are One of the Most Celebrated Couples in the History of Country Music, Famous for Their Larger-Than-Life Music and Marriage

  • The First Collection of Its Kind, Songs of Inspiration Presents the Pair’s Devotional Recordings

  • Includes Songs Pulled from the Albums George Jones & Tammy Wynette: We Love to Sing About Jesus & Tammy Wynette: Inspiration

  • Inspiration Makes Its CD Debut on This Package

  • Also Includes Solo Inspirational Singles from George and Tammy

  • Liner Notes by John Alexander

  • Remastered at Sony’s Own Battery Studios

  • 26 Tracks 

GEORGE JONES & TAMMY WYNETTE: Songs of Inspiration. CD

Part of the attraction of country music is the way it juxtaposes the pious and profane, the sacred and sinful; Saturday night’s partier is Sunday morning’s penitent. And never was this contradiction at the core of country music quite so captured than by the very public ups and downs of the marriage between George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

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  • Jerry Williams Is the Greatest Rock and R&B Songwriter You Never Heard Of, with Songs Recorded by Delbert McClinton, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Ray Vaughan Among Many Others

  • His 1979 Album, Gone, Should Have Been His Big Break But Was Pulled from Circulation Due to a Label Dispute; It’s Since Become a Serious Cult Classic

  • Produced by Williams and Chris Kimsey, Who Produced the Rolling Stones’ Some Girls Album

  • Features Such Stellar Sidemen as Donald “Duck” Dunn, Steve Cropper and Jeff Porcaro

  • Liner Notes by Williams Devotee Bill Bentley

  • Worldwide CD Debut 




     First scheduled for release in 1979, Jerry Williams' debut album for Warner Brothers Records was pulled from distribution before it ever made the record stores, victim of a dispute with the label.

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    • Dick’s Picks Vol. 12 Combines the Second Sets of Two Different Nights to Create a Superlative Document of the “Wall of Sound” tour

    • Features One of the Greatest Performances of “China Cat Sunflower” Extant

    • Also Includes One of the Dead’s Most Historic Jams, a 27-Minute, Telepathic Improvisation Coming Out of a Beautiful “Weather Report Suite”

    • Second Set from the Second Night Begins with the Rarely-Performed Electronic Music Piece “Seastones,” and Includes a Separation of the “Sunshine Daydream” Section from “Sugar Magnolia” for Only the Second Time Ever

    • Out of Print for Years 


    GRATEFUL DEAD: Dick’s Picks Vol. 12—Providence Civic Center 6/26/74 & Boston Garden 6/28/74 (3-CD Set)

    Combining the second sets of two different nights is not standard operating procedure for the Dick’s Picks series of live Dead shows, but this volume is the exception that proves the rule—the playing is so extraordinary, and the repertoire so unusual, that one can understand why Dick Latvala played more curator than archivist on Vol. 12.

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  • Bobby Lance Wrote “The House That Jack Built” for Aretha Franklin and Other Hits for Girl Group and Doo Wop Acts

  • First Peace and Rollin’ Man Were His Only Two Solo Albums, Recorded for Cotillion in 1971 and Atlantic in 1972, Respectively

  • Both Albums Make Their Worldwide CD Debut on This Real Gone Release

  • First Peace Features Legendary Muscle Shoals Sidemen and an Uncredited Duane Allman on Guitar

  • Rollin’ Man Is Recorded and Mixed by Geoff Haslam (Cactus, Velvet Underground, Bette Midler) and Features Kenny Mims on Guitar

  • Liner Notes by Bill Kopp Include Quotes from Kenny Mims

  • Two Southern Rock ’n’ Soul Cult Classics 


    BOBBY LANCE: First Peace/Rollin’ Man. CD

    Nowadays, Bobby Lance is best remembered for having penned (along with writing partner Fran Robins) Aretha Franklin’s “The House That Jack Built” among a number of hits for doo wop and girl group acts, but by the early ‘70s, when these two cult classic albums were recorded, he was another in the seemingly endless supply of excellent soul singers recording for the Atlantic family of labels.

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    Louisiana-Born Tony Joe White Is One of the Most Distinctive Talents in American Music

    “Polk Salad Annie” Was White’s Biggest Hit, But He Penned Hits for Dusty Springfield (“Willie and Laura Mae Jones”). Brook Benton (Rainy Night in Georgia”) and Elvis Presley (“For Ol’ Times Sake”;“I’ve Got a Thing About You”)

    Real Gone’s New 2-CD Set The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings Includes the Three Classic Albums White Recorded for Warner Bros. in the early ‘70s: Tony Joe White, The Train I’m On and Homemade Ice Cream

    Also Includes Six Non-LP Singles

    Tony Joe White Paired White with Producer Peter Asher and Included Such Rockers as "They Caught the Devil and Put Him in Jail in Eudora, Arkansas” and “My Kind of Woman”

    The Train I’m On Was Produced by the Great Team of Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd and Featured the Great Muscle Shoals Session Musicians

    Homemade Ice Cream Was Produced by Dowd and Was Highlighted by the Original Version of “For Ol’ Times Sake”

    40 Tracks in All

    Set Includes Liner Notes by Ben Edmonds Featuring Exclusive Quotes from Tony Joe White Himself 

     AUTOGRAPHED COPIES ARE NOW SOLD OUT but the regular version is still available. 

    The first 50 customers to buy the CD from us get an autographed booklet or traycard. First-come, first-served, only one autographed copy per customers order allowed


    TONY JOE WHITE: The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings. (2-CD Set)

    71 years old and still going strong, Louisiana-born Tony Joe White is nothing short of a national musical treasure. White first gained fame mainly through his songwriting; 1969’s “Polk Salad Annie” was his only Top Ten hit, but artists such as Dusty Springfield (“Willie and Laura Mae Jones”), Brook Benton (“Rainy Night in Georgia”) and Elvis Presley (“For Ol’ Times Sake”; “I’ve Got a Thing About You Baby”) took his songs to the charts.

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    Autographed Theodore Bikel and a Christmas Music Sale!



  • While Chilean-Born Alejandro Jodorowsky Is Recognized as One of the Most Original Visual Stylists in the History of Cinema, His Soundtracks Are Also Among the Most Striking and Innovative Scores Ever Composed

  • Now, Real Gone Music in Association with ABKCO Music & Records, Inc. Is Releasing the Original Soundtrack to Jodorowsky’s 1973 Masterpiece The Holy Mountain on LP and Stand-Alone CD for the First Time Ever

  • Composers Include Jodorowsky, Studio Musician Ron Frangipane and Jazz Legend Don Cherry

  • The Wide-Ranging Score Includes Everything from Hard Rock to Lush Orchestral Romanticism to Noir-Ish Jazz and Beyond

  • Both LP and CD Releases Feature Liner Notes by New York Times Contributor Eric Benson Featuring Exclusive Quotes from Jodorowsky Along with Copious Production Stills

  • 2-LP Set Comes in Gatefold Jacket

  • Produced for Release by Grammy-Winning Producer Teri Landi and Mick Gochanour

  • Mastered by Joe Yannece

  • Lacquer Cutting by Carl Rowatti at Trutone Mastering 






    One of the ironies of the career of Chilean-born filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky is that while he is best known as a visual stylist, his most avid and loyal champions have often been musicians.

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  • While Chilean-Born Alejandro Jodorowsky Is Recognized as One of the Most Original Visual Stylists in the History of Cinema, His Soundtracks Are Also Among the Most Striking and Innovative Scores Ever Composed

  • Now, Real Gone Music in Association with ABKCO Music & Records, Inc. Is Releasing the Complete, Original Soundtrack to Jodorowsky’s Latest Film Triumph, The Dance of Reality, the First Work from the Cinematic Auteur in 23 Years

  • Composed by Jodorowsky’s Song Adan Jodorowsky (a.k.a. “Adanowsky”), Whose Work as a Composer and Performer (with Devendra Banhart among Others) Has Won Him an International Following
    in His Own Right

  • Alternately Lush and Comical, Brooding and Wistful, the Score to The Dance of Reality Is, as Always with a Jodorowsky Film, Surreal

  • LP Album Jacket and CD Booklet Include a Number of Production Stills from the Film

  • Mastered by Joe Yannece

  • Lacquer Cutting on LP by Carl Rowatti at Trutone Mastering 



    ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY’S THE DANCE OF REALITY: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. CD

    The release in 2014 of The Dance of Reality marked the triumphant return, after a 23-year hiatus, of Alejandro Jodorowsky, the visionary Chilean filmmaker behind cult classics El Topo and The Holy Mountain.

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    Jackie Moore

  • Jackie Moore Was One of the Great Southern Soul Divas of the ‘60s and ‘70s

  • The Complete Atlantic Recordings Presents the Sides That Made Her Famous, Including “Precious, Precious,” “Sometimes It’s Got to Rain (in Your Love Life)” and “Sweet Charlie Babe”

  • 2-CD Set Includes 14 Unreleased Tracks Out of 30 Total

  • Liner Notes by Acclaimed UK Writer Charles Waring Feature Extensive Quotes from Jackie Moore Herself

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision 


    JACKIE MOORE: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (2-CD Set)

    Florida-born soul singer Jackie Moore began her recording career in 1968 with singles on the Shout and Wand labels; however it was her first release for Atlantic Records in early 1970 that catapulted her to national prominence in the U.S with a song – written by Jackie and her cousin Dave Crawford, who produced it – that started out as the B-side to her debut single for the label.

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    Dick’s Picks Vol.13 Presents One of the Most Legendary Dead Shows of the ‘80s

    Features an Amazing Second Set Sequence of “He’s Gone” Leading into the Last-Ever Performance of the “Caution Jam” Morphing into the First Performance of “Spanish Jam” in Five Years

    Includes a Hidden 35-Minute Medley of “Scarlet Begonias”/“Fire on the Mountain”

    Concert Highlights Keyboardist Brent Mydland

    Out of Print for Years


    GRATEFUL DEAD: Dick’s Picks Vol. 13—Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 5/6/81 (3-CD Set)

    This show, which appears here in its entirety, was already something of a legend among Dead collectors before archivist Dick Latvala selected it for Dick’s Picks Vol. 13.

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  • Redd Foxx Was a Comedy Legend, a Huge Influence on Such Comics as Richard Pryor, Chris Rock and Even Andrew Dice Clay

  • You Gotta Wash Your Ass Was His First Comedy Album Release in 12 Years and Garnered a Grammy Nomination

  • The Album Captured Redd Foxx’s Return to the Legendary Apollo Theater

  • Includes Such Routines as “Raquel Welch over Shirley Chisholm,” “I Think I Caught Cold in It” and “Show Me a Husband Who Won’t and I’ll Show You a Neighbor Who Will” 


    REDD FOXX: You Gotta Wash Your Ass. CD

     Ne'er a truer word was spoken! And, lest someone be offended by the title of this album, let's just remember that this is REDD FOXX, the guy who practically invented off-color humor!

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  • The Main Ingredient Were One of the Hippest and Most Happening Soul Groups of the Early ‘70s

  • This Twofer Presents Two of the Three Albums They Made with Donald McPherson as a Member, Including Their Debut Album, L.T.D.

  • Both Albums Make Their Worldwide CD Debut

  • Includes a Bonus B-Side, “Psychedelic Ride”

  • Liner Notes by Kevin Goins

  • Remastered byVic Anesini at Battery Studios in NYC


    THE MAIN INGREDIENT – L.T.D./Black Seeds. CD

     Originally formed in 1964 and known as The Poets, the New York-based trio of Luther Simmons Jr., Tony Silvester and Donald McPherson recorded a couple of singles for RCA Records before a name change in 1968 to The Main Ingredient.

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  • Two Classic Albums from The First Family of Soul, Both Never Before on CD in Their Original Form

  • Our Family Portrait Features the Hits “Something’s Missing” and “A Million to One”

  • The Immortal “O-o-h Child” Highlights Portrait

  • Includes Three Bonus Single Sides

  • Liner Notes by Soul Expert Kevin Goins Include Quotes from Five Stairstep Keni Burke, Producer Stan Vincent, Cecil Holmes of Buddah Records and Curtom Label Co-Founder Eddie Thomas

  • 23 Tracks of Classic Soul, Remastered at Battery Studios in NYC 


    THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS:  Our Family Portrait/Stairsteps (Expanded Twofer Edition). CD

    Formed in Chicago in 1965 and known initially as “The First Family Of Soul,” The Five Stairsteps consisted of Alohe Jean, Clarence Jr., James, Dennis and Kenneth (‘Keni’) Burke, and were managed by their father Clarence Sr., who also played bass behind them and co-wrote some of their material.

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  • Linda Jones’ Unique, Melismatic Singing Style Made “Hypnotized” One of the Most Distinctive Soul Hits of the ‘60s

  • The Complete Atco, Loma & Warner Bros. Recordings Includes 21 Tracks, Five Never Before on CD

  • Also Includes the Hits “What’ve I Done (ToMake You Mad)” and “My Heart Needs a Break”

  • Producer David Nathan’s Notes Feature Quotes from Producer George Kerr

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • A Long-Overdue Overview of a Career Cut Tragically Short 


    LINDA JONES:  The Complete Atco-Loma-Warner Brothers Recordings. CD

    Although her recording career only spanned just eight years, Newark, New Jersey-born Linda Jones left an indelible mark on the world of soul music thanks to her distinctive melismatic vocal style.

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  • The Unforgiven Were the Biggest Band on the L.A. Sunset Strip Scene in 1983-1984, Signing a Multimillion Dollar Contract with Elektra Records

  • Their Lone, Self-Titled Album Came out in 1984 and Was Helmed by Boston Producer John Boylan

  • The Unforgiven’s “Guitar Army” Sound, “Gang” Vocals and Spaghetti Western Look Were Hugely Influential on Everybody from Guns and Roses to Bon Jovi

  • A Blend of the Clash, U2, Pogues, Def Leppard, Big Country and Ennio Morricone

  • Expanded Edition Includes a Bonus Single Version of “I Hear the Call”

  • Also Includes a NewTrack,“TheLongRun Out,” Recorded by The Unforgiven in Support of Their 2012 Appearance at the Stagecoach Festival

  • Liner Notes by Chris Morris Feature Quotes from the Band

  • Worldwide CD Debut 


    THE UNFORGIVEN: The Unforgiven (Expanded Edition). CD

    In 1984, after an article in UK music magazine NME touted The Unforgiven as the next big thing, the six-man guitar band with a look straight out of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly exploded onto an unsuspecting LA hair metal scene with a profoundly different image and sound than anything happening on the Sunset Strip at the time.

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  • Discovered by Duane Allman, the Jacksonville, FL Band Cowboy Was Led by Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton

  • 1971’s 5’ll Getcha Ten Was Their Second Album for Phil Walden’s Capricorn Label

  • Produced by Allman Brothers Band Producer Johnny Sandlin

  • Features Guests Duane Allman and Chuck Leavell

  • Includes the Song “Please Be with Me,” Which Eric Clapton Covered on
    461 Ocean Boulevard

  • Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in NYC

  • Liner Notes by Scott Schinder Boast Quotes from Tommy Talton

  • Added Photos

  • Much-Requested Worldwide CD Debut 



    COWBOY: 5’ll Getcha Ten. CD

    Led by Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton, the Jacksonville band Cowboy was discovered by none other than Duane Allman, who, as legend has it, banged on their door at 7 am one day and asked to hear some songs. He then recommended them to Capricorn label owner Phil Walden, who sent Allman Brothers producer Johnny Sandlin to check them out; Sandlin ended up producing several Cowboy albums for Capricorn, of which this 1971 release was the second.

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  • Theodore Bikel Is One of the Most Important and Prolific Folk Singers of All Time and a True Living Legend

  • Of the 20-Some Albums He Recorded for the Elektra Label, the Three Albums of Yiddish Recordings Excerpted Here—Theodore Bikel Sings Jewish Folk Songs, More Jewish Folk Songs and Theodore Bikel Sings Yiddish Theatre & Folk Songs—Are His Most Sought-After, Prized by Collectors Around the World

  • Includes Liner Notes by Bikel and Elektra Founder Jac Holzman

  • Features Lyrics in Phonetic Yiddish with English Translations

  • Previously Available Only in a Hard-to-Find, Limited-Edition Version

  • A Timely Release for Hanukkah 


    The first 50 customers to buy the CD from us get an autographed booklet or traycard from Theodore himself. First-come, first-served, only one autographed copy per customers order allowed.

    THEODORE BIKEL: Theodore Bikel’s Treasury of Yiddish Folk & Theatre Songs. CD

    Theodore Bikel is one of the most important folk singers of the recording era, and during his legendary tenure at Elektra Records, he recorded a multitude of albums exploring virtually every nook and cranny of the ethnic folk music canon.

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  • Dick’s Picks 14 Presents an Unusually Stripped-Down Version of the Grateful Dead without Mickey Hart or Donna Godchaux

  • Includes an Unprecedented “MorningDew” Show Opener and Final Encore

  • Highlights Keith Godchaux’s Expressive Work on Keyboards



    GRATEFUL DEAD: Dick’s Picks Vol. 14—Boston Music Hall 11/30/73 & 12/2/73 (4-CD Set)

    This is one of the more unusual volumes in the entire Dick’s Picks series, both with respect to band configuration—neither Mickey Hart nor Donna Godchaux (who was off tour having a baby) are here—and the circumstances of the recording, as the first disc begins with a version of “Morning Dew” that had to serve as both a show opener and a sound check because the band was three hours late arriving for the gig! Interestingly, the last disc ends with an encore of  “Morning Dew” (in a particularly spectacular version) too, and one imagines archivist Dick Latvala chuckling over that symmetry as he put together this 4-CD set, which compiles highlights from two nights of a three-night stand at Boston Music Hall.

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