• Featured in the 2015 Film Straight Outta Compton,The D.O.C. (a.k.a. Tracy Lynn Curry) Was a Major Figure in West Coast and Gangsta Rap

  • The D.O.C. Was a Behind-the-ScenesContributortoSome of the Greatest Rap Albums of All Time Including Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, NWA’s Straight Outta Compton, Eazy-E’s Eazy-Duz-It, and Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle

  • Produced by Dr.Dre, His 1989 Debut Album No One Can Do It Better Also Belongs on the Short List of Greatest Rap Albums

  • However, There Has Never Been an Updated Version of the Original CD Release

  • This Expanded Edition Presents a Remastered Edition of the Original Album Plus Seven Impossible-to-Find 12” Mixes

  • Notes by Aaron Kannowski Include Quotes from The D.O.C.

  • 75 Minutes of Historic Hip-Hop 


    The D.O.C.: No One Can Do It Better (Expanded Edition). CD

    With the 2015 release of the film Straight Outta Compton, we at Real Gone Music figured it was about time somebody revisited one of the landmark albums of West Coast rap, The D.O.C.’s No One Can Do It Better. The D.O.C. a.k.a. Tracy Lynn Curry was a behind-the-scenes contributor to some of the biggest and most hallowed rap releases ever, including Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, NWA’s Straight Outta Compton, Eazy-E’s Eazy-Duz-It, and Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, and his Dr. Dre-produced debut record lived up to the braggadocio of its title by going platinum, spawning the #1 rap singles “It’s Funky Enough” and “The D.O.C. & The Doctor,” and being hailed by critics nationwide as one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever recorded. However, there has never been an updated reissue of the original 1989 CD, which, like most releases of the early CD era, doesn’t really do the music sonic justice.

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  • Air Supply’s Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell Ruled the ‘80s Charts with Hits Like “Lost in Love,” “All Out of Love,” “Every Woman in the World,” “The One That You Love,” “Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was over You,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Even the Nights Are Better,” and “Making Love Out of Nothing at All”

  • The Columbia & Arista Years—The Definitive Collection Is Their Biggest Collection Ever

  • 30 Tracks Including Every Hit

  • Also Includes Fan Favorites Like Their First Single for Columbia, “Love and Other Bruises,” and “I Can Wait Forever” from Ghostbusters

  • Liner Notes by Joe Marchese

  • Contains Added Photos and Album Shots

  • Remastered by Sean Brennan at Battery Studios in New York

  • Pop Perfection in Every Track 


    Air Supply: The Columbia & Arista Years—The Definitive Collection (2-CD Set)

    Here they are…the ones that you love. ALL of the hits that the Australian duo of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell scored during their sterling, 40-year career, plus a whole lot more—their biggest collection ever! Air Supply simply ruled the ‘80s charts with Top Five hits like “Lost in Love,” “All Out of Love,” “Every Woman in the World,” “The One That You Love,” “Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was over You,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Even the Nights Are Better,” and “Making Love Out of Nothing at All,” and they’re all here, newly remastered by Sean Brennan at Battery Studios to make their indelible pop melodies soar even more than before. But this two-CD, 30-track set contains a lot more for Air Supply fans to savor, like their first single for Columbia, “Love and Other Bruises,” and the David Foster-produced “I Can Wait Forever” from the Ghostbusters soundtrack. Liner notes by Joe Marchese follow the duo’s meteoric rise to the top of the charts, and the package includes art from their albums and added photos. Supreme popcraft in every track!

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    PETULA CLARK Natural Love—The Scotti Brothers Recordings. CD

  • Petula Clark is One of the Most Internationally Revered and Versatile Vocalists in Pop Music History

  • In the Early ‘80s, She Returned to the American Music Scene After a Brief Hiatus by Recording for the Scotti Brothers Label

  • Her First Single for the Label,“NaturalLove,” Became a Pop and Country Hit

  • Natural Love—The Scotti Brothers Recordings Collects for the First Time All the Recordings Petula Made for the Scotti Brothers Label

  • Includes Several Petula Originals Plus a Version of “Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music,
    in which she was appearing on stage in London at the time

  • Liner Notes by The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese

  • Period Photos

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • A Missing Piece of Petula’s Distinguished Discography 


    Petula Clark: Natural Love—The Scotti Brothers Recordings. CD

    After achieving tremendous success as an international music star in the 1960s and 1970s, Petula Clark began a new phase of her American music career when, after a short hiatus from the States, she was approached by Scotti Brothers Records to return to the recording studio. Label owner Tony Scotti was a fan of Petula's work, and knew that she was capable of singing a variety of styles, including country-flavored tunes. Scotti’s instincts proved dead-on; the slick and twangy toe-tapper “Natural Love,” Petula's debut release for Scotti Brothers, not only brought her back to the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts but also to the Top 20 Country Singles list in 1981.

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    The first 100 customers to buy the CD from us get an autographed BOOKLET from Edgar Winter. First-come, first-served, only one autographed copy per customers order allowed.
    • Keyboardist/Saxophonist/Composer Edgar Winter First Gained Notice as a Sideman on Brother Johnny Winter’s Second Winter Album

    • After Signing to Epic Records, He Became One of the Biggest Stars of the ‘70s, with Eight Charting Albums Including the #3 They Only Come Out at Night

    • The Definitive Collection Is Edgar’s Largest Retrospective to Date

    • 30 Tracks Reflecting His Unique Mixture of Blues, Jazz, Soul, Rock, and Funk

    • Includes Such Key Tracks as “Frankenstein,” “Give It Everything You Got,” “Free Ride,” “Keep Playin’ That Rock ’n’ Roll,” “Easy Street,” and More

    • Features Tracks from All 11 of His Epic/Blue Sky Albums Including Those Cut with Edgar Winter’s White Trash, The Edgar Winter Group and with Johnny Winter

    • Boasts Such Musicians as Rick Derringer, Ronnie Montrose, Dan Hartman, and Johnny Winter

    • Bill Kopp’s Liner Notes Feature Exclusive Quotes from an Extensive Interview with Edgar Winter

    • Remastered by Darren Salmieri at Battery Studios in New York

    • Some of the Best Blues-Rock of the ‘70s 

      ORDER NOW!

      Edgar Winter: The Definitive Collection. (2-CD Set)

      After gaining notice as a sideman on his brother Johnny’s Second Winter album, keyboardist/saxophonist/composer Edgar Winter signed to Epic Records and quickly became one of the biggest stars of the ‘70s, releasing eight charting albums during the decade including the #3 smash They Only Come Out at Night. But aside from his commercial success, what makes Edgar Winter such an intriguing artist—and worthy of a 2-CD, 30-track retrospective, his biggest ever—is that he never stayed in one stylistic rut. Elements of blues, jazz, soul, and funk swirl within his music, sometimes even in the same song (e.g. “Frankenstein”), and the level of musicianship—with such sidemen/band members as Rick Derringer, Ronnie Montrose, Dan Hartman, and, of course, brother Johnny Winter—is never less than top shelf. This 30-track collection hits all the high points in chronological order, offering such hits and album tracks as “Give It Everything You Got,” “Keep Playin’ That Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo.” “Free Ride,” “Frankenstein,” “River’s Risin’,” “Easy Steet,” and more, and pulls tracks from all 11 of the albums he recorded for Epic and Blue Sky featuring all of the various aggregations (Edgar Winter’s White Trash, The Edgar Winter Group, and his Together album with Johnny) that he led. Bill Kopp’s liner notes share the fruits of a 2 ½ hour-long interview, and we’ve included copious photos and album shots. Remast

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  • Fairport Convention Has Been the British Folk Rock Band for Almost 50 Years

  • Famous for Hosting the Annual Crop redy Festival

  • Fairport’s 1971 Line-Up of Drummer Dave Mattacks, Guitarist Simon Nicol, Bassist Dave Pegg, and Fiddler Dave Swarbrick Was

    Their Hardest-Rocking Line-Up If Not Their Most Widely Known

  • This UNRELEASED August 1971 Concert Captures the Band in Between Their Underrated Albums Angel Delight and “Babbacombe” Lee

  • The Set List Includes Rare Tracks Like “Mason’s Apron” and “Sir B. McKenzie’s Daughter’s Lament”

  • Also Includes Favorites like “Sir Patrick Spens” and “Matty Groves”

  • Excellent Recording with an Ample Bottom End, Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • Richie Unterberger’s Notes Include Quotes from Simon Nicol and Dave Pegg

  • Added Photos and Memorabilia from Fairport’s Own Collection

  • A Major Addition to Their Vast Discography 


    Fairport Convention: Live in Finland 1971. CD

    Hosts of the annual Cropredy Festival and a mere year shy of their 50th anniversary, Fairport Convention is THE British folk-rock group, and many of the most talented and celebrated musicians in the scene have passed through their ranks. Of their many line-ups, generally it’s the Richard Thompson-Ashley Hutchings-Sandy Denny era that gets the most attention, followed by the return of Denny in the mid-‘70s with husband Trevor Lucas. But if there is one line-up that really doesn’t get its due, it would be the quartet of guitarist Simon Nicol, bassist Dave Pegg, fiddler Dave Swarbrick, and drummer Dave Mattacks that remained after Richard Thompson departed following Full House. Together, the four made two fine, underrated studio albums, Angel Delight and “Babbacombe” Lee, but live—as this unreleased August 1971 concert demonstrates—they were a revelation. Never during any of its eras did Fairport rock harder, and, though the band lacked any lead vocalist of the stature of Denny or Iain Matthews, all four members of the group sang and sang well, which lent their on-stage act extra energy.

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    Charles BukowskI Reads His Poetry Reads His Poetry LP (LIMITED RED WINE VINYL EDITION)

  • Quintessential Bukowski, Taken from a September 14, 1972 Poetry Reading

  • Features Observations and Vignettes Drawn from Life’s Darker Side

  • Original Album Art from 1980 Takoma Pressing

  • “Red Wine” Vinyl Pressing Limited to 300 Copies

  • Indie Account Exclusive


    AVAILABLE June 3, 2016 Indie Record Store Exclusive, Please visit local Record Store near you to purchase.

    Charles Bukowski: Reads His Poetry (Limited “Red Wine” Vinyl Edition). LP

    This is Charles Bukowski. Well, let me just sit here and drink beer. Thus begins the September 14, 1972 poetry reading from which this 1980 release on John Fahey s Takoma label is drawn. This is quintessential Bukowski, from the rude n crude drawing that adorns the front cover to the belches that punctuate the poems. As for the work itself, it s not really what you d commonly conceive of as poetry, but rather observations and vignettes drawn from life s darker side, focusing on perversions, poverty, drunkenness, gambling, and bodily functions. But Bukowski s bemused air and self-deprecating humor blunt the shock value of the words and emphasize the universality of the themes. I want you to hate me, he says to the audience, but it s hopeless he is one of us.

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  • Featuring Rock’s First Great Guitar Tandem in Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Were Quite Possibly the Best Live Band Around in 1966

  • Before The Beatles' Revolver, Before The Byrds’ Fifth Dimension, Their Album East-West Brought Eastern Modalities and Lengthy Improvisations into Blues-Based Rock, Setting the Stage for the Psychedelic Revolution to Come

  • This Legendary Bootleg Captures the Band Two Months Before the Release of East-West and Includes Material from That Album

  • Also Includes Songs from Their Debut Record and Other Compositions That Showed Up in Later Butterfield Albums As Well As a Pair of Songs That They Never Commercially Recorded

  • “Work Song” and “I Got a Mind to Give Up Living” Feature Jaw-Dropping Solos from Mike Bloomfield That Point the Way Towards a Whole New Way of Rock Guitar Playing

  • Liner Notes by Chris Morris Include Quotes from the Band’s Elvin Bishop and Mark Naftalin

  • Includes Rare Photos and Memorabilia

  • Mastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • Recorded 50 Years Ago and Never Before Legitimately Released

  • Amazing Ensemble Playing from One of Rock’s Truly Great Groups 


    The Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Got a Mind to Give Up Living—Live. CD

    If the Summer of 1967 was the Summer of Love, the Summer of 1966 set the stage for the musical revolution that was to come. Albums released during the season, like The Beatles’ Revolver and The Byrds’ Fifth Dimension, brilliantly blended the burgeoning influence of Eastern exoticism into the rock music format, and the term “psychedelia” entered the common lexicon to stay. But beating them all to the punch was a multi-racial blues band that cut its teeth in Chicago, far from the hippie havens of London, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Issued in July 1966, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band’s East-West took blues-rock to places only free jazz had dared to tread, offering lengthy, modal improvisational passages that sparked the West Coast rock revolution, and, in Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop, fully unleashing the first great guitar tandem in rock history. Now, Real Gone Music is very proud to release, for the first time in legitimate fashion, a legendary bootleg that captures this singular sextet on the brink of the stylistic breakthrough that would shake the rock ‘n’ roll world to its core: recorded live at Boston’s Unicorn Coffee House 50 years ago in May 1966, two months before the release of East-West, Got a Mind to Give Up Living—Live 1966 reaffirms that The Paul Butterfield Blues Band was simply untouchable live, capable of turning on a dime from slow-burning blues tunes to up-tempo rave-ups.

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  • Composed of Bassist Tim Bogert and Drummer Carmine Appice from Vanilla Fudge, Rusty Day from The Amboy Dukes, and Jim McCarty of The Detroit Wheels, Cactus Was the Hardest-Rocking Supergroup of All Time

  • Their 1970 Debut Record Featured Scorching Versions of “Parchman Farm” and “You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover,” as Well as Rabid Originals Like “Let Me Swim” and “Oleo”

  • One of the Great Guitar Shredding Albums of All Time Courtesy of Guitarist McCarty

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue

  • Original Cover and Label Art

  • Limited Edition of 700 Copies in 180-Gram Black Vinyl 


    CACTUS: Cactus (Limited 180-Gram Vinyl Edition). LP

    Finally back on vinyl where it belongs comes the 1970 debut record from the supercharged supergroup that melted minds and loudspeakers (not necessarily in that order)! We’re talking Cactus, people, with the Vanilla Fudge rhythm section of bassist Tim Bogert and drummer Carmine Appice, Amboy Dukes vocalist Rusty Day, and, oh yes, the AMAZING guitarist Jim McCarty, late of the Detroit Wheels but somehow reincarnated here as the speed freak spawn of Alvin Lee, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. McCarty’s frenetic soloing with an impossibly overdriven tone that Jack White only dreams of matching powers (and we do mean POWERS) incredible versions of “Parchman Farm” and “You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover” as well as bloozy, boogie-in’ originals like “Let Me Swim” and “Oleo.” Our Real Gone reissue comes in a limited edition (of 700) 180-gram edition that captures every bit of the glorious sonic excess with the original cover art intact (hey, is that cactus giving you the finger?). TURN IT UP!

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  • Julian “Cannonball” Adderley Is One of Jazz’s Most Legendary Figures

  • Adderley First Gained Notice as Part of the Miles Davis Band That Cut Kind of Blue

  • In 1970, Adderley’s Band Recorded a Series of Live Performances That Yielded Three Cult Classic Live Albums: Black Messiah, The Price You Got to Pay to Be Free, and Music, You All

  • The Price You Got to Pay to Be Free and Music, You All Make Their CD Debut (Black Messiah Is a Previous Real Gone Music Release)

  • Both Albums Display Adderley’s Trademark Blend of Rock, Soul, and Jazz, a Unique Spin on Miles Davis’ Electric Fusion Albums Like Bitches Brew

  • Among the Musicians Are Trumpeter Nat Adderley, Keyboardists Joe Zawinul and George Duke, Bassist Walter Booker, Drummer Roy McCurdy, Percussionist Airto Moreira, Guitarist Mike Deasy, and Saxophonist Ernie Watts

  • The Price You Got to Pay to Be Free Was Recorded in Part at the 1970 Monterey Jazz Festival

  • The Price You Got to Pay to Be Free Hit the Charts as the #5 Jazz Album

  • Music, You All Was Recorded During the Same Historic Troubadour Stand That Yielded Black Messiah

  • Music, You All Features Several Spoken-Word Soliloquies from Cannonball Adderley

  • Liner Notes by Bill Kopp

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision

  • Essential Modern Jazz Recordings 


    THE CANNONBALL ADDERLEY QUINTET: The Price You Got to Pay to Be Free. CD

     Julian “Cannonball” Adderley first gained notice as the bluesier saxophone voice on Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue (John Coltrane being the other), and in the late ‘60s and early ’70s, he was engaged in an ongoing artistic conversation with Miles, often trading musicians with him and taking the electric innovations of Bitches Brew and filtering them with through his own earthy sensibility. The height of Cannonball’s fusion phase arguably came in 1970, a year that yielded no less than three live albums—all produced by David Axelrod—that have since ascended to cult favorite status.

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    The Beau Brummels Triangle/Bradley’s Barn. CD

  • Best Known for Their Hits “Laugh Laugh” and “Just a Little,” The Beau Brummels Were One of the Most Underrated Bands of the ‘60s

  • The Two Records They Cut for Warner Bros. with Lenny Waronker as Producer, Triangle and Bradley’s Barn, Are Today Hailed as Groundbreaking Alt- Country Precursors

  • Moody and Mysterious, 1967’s Triangle Includes Such Great Ron Elliott Songs as “Magic Hollow” and “Painter of Women”

  • Triangle Also Features Sideman Work by Van Dyke Parks

  • Bradley’s Barn Involved Legendary Nashville Session Men Like Jerry Reed, David Briggs, Norbert Putnam, and Kenneth Buttrey

  • Includes Such Country-Rock Tunes as “Loneliest Man in Town” and “Long Walking Down to Misery”

  • Richie Unterberger’s Liner Notes Include Quotes from Songwriter Ron Elliott 



    THE BEAU BRUMMELS: Triangle/Bradley’s Barn

    While San Francisco’s Beau Brummels are best known to casual fans for the British Invasion-style hits “Laugh, Laugh” and “Just a Little,” the two albums they cut for Warner Bros. with producer Lenny Waronker, Triangle and Bradley’s Barn, remain their most artistically ambitious and critically acclaimed records, and continue to exert an influence on modern-day rockers well beyond their modest commercial success. The group was at a low point when they recorded Triangle; they were fresh off the debacle of Beau Brummels ’66, the album of covers that was their ill-conceived Warner debut, and the original quintet had shrunk down to a trio of vocalist Sal Valentino, guitarist and principal songwriter Ron Elliott, and bassist Ron Meagher. 

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  • The Staple Singers Straddled the Sacred and Secular Worlds of Like No Group Before or Since

  • The Enormously Influential Guitar Stylings of Roebuck “Pops” Staples, the Deep-Beyond-Their- Years Vocals of Mavis Staples, and the Exalted Harmonies of Pervis and Cleotha Staples Created a Singular Sound That Somehow Managed to Be Earthy and Soaring at the Same Time

  • 1965’s Amen! and 1966’s Why Were Their Second and Third Albums and First Two Studio Recordings for the Epic Label

  • Both Produced by Nashville Legend Billy Sherrill

  • Includes the Hit “Why (Am I Treated So Bad)"

  • Liner Notes by Gene Sculatti

  • Remastered by Mike Piacentini at Battery Studios inNewYork

  • CD Debuts for Both Albums

  • Mavis Staples Is Currently on Tour Promoting Her New Album Livin’ on a High Note Produced by M. Ward, and Will Appear at Coachella and Bonnaroo 



    One could make the argument that no gospel group before or since has so successfully straddled the sacred and secular worlds as has The Staple Singers. The enormously influential blues guitar stylings of Roebuck “Pops” Staples, the astonishing, wise-beyond-their-years lead vocals of Mavis Staples, and the exalted harmonies of Cleotha, Pervis, and (later) Yvonne Staples packed a punch whether singing about salvation or civil rights. Now, Real Gone Music welcomes “God’s greatest hitmakers” into the fold with its release of two classic albums by The Staple Singers, their second and third releases and first two studio records for the Epic label, both produced by Billy Sherrill. 1965’s Amen! features the infectious title track along with Pervis’ doleful recitation on the powerful “Be Careful of the Stones You Throw,” while 1966’s Why actually scored a minor hit with the timely “Why (Am I Treated So Bad),” and highlights Mavis at her deep, moaning best on “Move Along Train.” CD debuts for both records, with annotation by Gene Sculatti and remastering by Mike Piacentini at Battery Studios in New York. Two fantastic records…get ready to move and be moved!


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    GRATEFUL DEAD: Dick’s Picks Vol. 1—Tampa, Florida 12/1/73 (2CD Set)

  • Dick’s Picks Is the Legendary Series of Grateful Dead Live Recordings Drawn from the Band’s Own Vaults

  • Dick’s Picks Vol. 1—Tampa, Florida 12/17/73 Was the First to Be Released in the Series, and Is the Last to Be Reissued by Real Gone Music

  • Includes the Best-Ever Version of “Here Comes Sunshine” and the Rarely-Performed “Nobody’s Fault but Mine”

  • One of the Best Shows (and the Last Show) from Arguably the Dead’s Best Year of Touring (1973) 


    GRATEFUL DEAD: Dick’s Picks Vol. 1—Tampa, Florida 12/1/73


    With this release, we at Real Gone Music conclude our reissue campaign of all 36 volumes of the Dick’s Picks series; we went in reverse order, so we’re ending with the first volume in the series, which you know had to have a special place in compiler Dick Latvala’s heart! And right off the bat you’ll hear why; the version of “Here Comes Sunshine” that leads off disc one is pretty much universally considered the best ever. Throw in a great rendition of the rarely-performed “Nobody’s Fault but Mine” that leads into a stellar 16-minute jam that flirts with a full-fledged “The Other One” but dances spacily away, and a moving “Stella Blue” before the “Around and Around” finale and you have another great night—in fact, the LAST night—from a great year (1973) of touring….and, as such, the perfect way to begin and end the long strange trip that is the Dick’s Picks series. Out of print for years!

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  • Dan Fogelberg Was One of the Leading Singer- Songwriters of the ‘70s and ‘80s

  • Fogelberg Also Constantly Defied Stylistic Boundaries by Collaborating with Such Artists as Tim Weisberg and Domenic Frontiere

  • The Definitive Anthology Cherry Picks 28 Essential Tracks from 10 of His Studio Albums

  • Also Includes Two Songs (“Missing You” and “Make Love Stay”) from his Greatest Hits Album

  • Features Such Rocking Tracks as “Phoenix,” “As the Raven Flies,” and “The Power of Gold”

  • Also Includes Hits Like “Longer,” “Same Old Lang Syne,” “Hard to Say,” and “Leader of the Band”

  • Liner Notes by Bill Kopp

  • Remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in NewYork 


    DAN FOGELBERG: The Definitive Anthology (2-CD Set)

     He’s commonly thought of as the quintessential West Coast singer songwriter, but, as his celebrated collaborations with jazz flautist Tim Weisberg and soundtrack composer Domenic Frontiere demonstrate, the Peoria-born Dan Fogelberg had a restless artistic spirit that took him beyond the typical country-influenced, folk-rock sound of his contemporaries. And it is that constant thirst for experimentation and change that make this new 2-CD career-spanning retrospective such a great listen. From rockers like “Phoenix,” “As the Raven Flies,” and “The Power of Gold,” to chart-topping, radio-friendly fare like “Longer,” “Same Old Lang Syne,” “Hard to Say,” and “Leader of the Band,” to more idiosyncratic offerings like  “Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)” and “Heart Hotels,” The Definitive Anthology cherry picks 28 tracks from ten of Fogelberg’s studio releases plus two tracks (“Missing You” and “Make Love Stay”) that first were released on his Greatest Hits album to form a full portrait of a multi-faceted, complex songwriter and musician. Bill Kopp’s liner notes guide the listener through each album and track. Remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York!

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    JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Take This Job and Shove It—The Definitive Collection (2CD Set)

  • Johnny Paycheck Was One of Country Music’s All-Time Great Honky-Tonkers and Most Incorrigible Outlaws

  • Paycheck First Broke Through on the Little Darlin’ Label, Then Signed with Epic and Recorded a String of Big Country hits

  • Take This Job and Shove It—TheDefinitive Collection Includes 40 Songs Featuring 32 Chart Hits

  • Highlighted by the Big Hits “Take This Job and Shove It,” “She’s All I Got,” “Someone to Give My Love To,” and “Mr. Lovemaker”

  • Liner Notes by Chris Morris

  • Remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios inNewYork 


    JOHNNY PAYCHECK: Take This Job and Shove It—The Definitive Collection

    Never less than authentic, and irascible to the very end, Johnny Paycheck was one of country music’s all-time great honky-tonkers and most incorrigible outlaws, one of the truly larger than life figures in a genre that’s full of ‘em. Paycheck got his break in the early ‘60s backing up George Jones (who appears on a couple of hit duets on this collection), then changed his name from Donald Lytle to Johnny Paycheck and recorded some cult classic hard country sides with maverick producer Aubrey Mayhew on the Little Darlin’ label. Nashville producer Billy Sherrill brought him to Epic, where he scored a series of pop-flavored smashes, but not even Sherrill could tame him, and by the mid-‘70s Paycheck joined the outlaw country movement, which suited his renegade temperament just fine. “Take This Job and Shove It,” “Slide Off of Your Satin Sheets,” and “I’m the Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised)” (all included here) were among his biggest outlaw sides. In the end, Paycheck succumbed to some of the self-destructive tendencies he celebrated in song and wound up in jail, but he left behind some of the greatest country of the ‘70s. Now, Real Gone Music has put together the ultimate collection of his seminal Epic recordings, 40 songs including a full 32 of his chart hits for the label featuring such classic tunes as “She’s All I Got,” “Someone to Give My Love To,” and “Mr. Lovemaker.” Chris Morris’ liner notes explore the life, music, and times of one of country music’s most colorful characters; remastering is by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios. Essential, real country!

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    Waiting to Exhale: Original Soundtrack Album (Limited Purple Vinyl Gatefold Edition) (2-LP Set)

    --Waiting to Exhale Made Author Terry McMillan a Literary Superstar, and, When Brought to the Screen, Was One of the First Movies to Feature African-American Women in Leading Roles

    --Its Soundtrack Took the Music Industry by Storm, Topping the Billboard Pop and R&B Charts for Five and Ten Weeks, Respectively

    --Masterfully Produced and All but One Track Written by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds

    --Featured R&B Divas Old School (Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan) and New School (Whitney Houston, Brandy, Mary J. Blige)

    --Includes the #1 Hit Singles “Exhale (Shoop Shoop),” “Not Gon’ Cry,” and “Let It Flow”

    --Originally Released on Vinyl Only Overseas in an Inferior Package That Jammed Both Records Inside a Single Album Jacket Pocket

    --Real Gone Music’s Limited Edition (of 1000) Package Puts This Landmark Album Out on Vinyl in the U.S. for the First Time with Gatefold Packaging Featuring a Luminous Photo of the Movie’s Four Female Leads

    --Released in Purple Vinyl (Whitney Houston’s Favorite Color)

    --One of the Great Make-Out Records of All Time, the Peak of ‘90s R&B


    Waiting to Exhale: Original Soundtrack Album (Limited Purple Vinyl Gatefold Edition) (2-LP Set)

    Waiting to Exhale was a phenomenon on so many levels. First, it was a literary phenomenon, as the 1992 novel launched author Terry McMillan to superstardom. Then, when the feature film based on the book was released in 1995, it became a broader cultural phenomenon a mainstream Hollywood film focusing on the lives of four African-American women was a genuinely revolutionary act at the time. And, finally, it was a musical phenomenon, as its soundtrack seamlessly blended female R&B divas new (Whitney Houston, Brandy, Mary J. Blige, etc.) and old (Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan) in a masterful suite of songs composed and produced by Kenneth Babyface Edmonds.

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    Mickey Gilley: The Definitive Hits Collection (2-CD Set)

    --Co-Owner of the Famous Gilley’s Nightclub Featured in Urban Cowboy, Cousin to Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart, and with Over 45 Chart Hits to His Credit, Mickey Gilley Is a Country Music Legend

    --The Definitive Hits Collection Is by Far the Most Comprehensive Collection Devoted to Mickey Gilley’s Career, 39 Tracks Featuring 36 Chart Hits

    --Includes All but Five Hits He Notched During the Prime of His Career for the Playboy and Epic Labels

    --Features Such Huge Hits as “Room Full of Roses,” “City Lights,” “She’s Pulling Me Back Again,” “Stand by Me” (Featured in the Film Urban Cowboy), “You Don’t Know Me,” “True Love Ways,” and “Paradise Tonight,” His Hit Duet with Charly McClain

    --Liner Notes by Chris Morris Feature an Exclusive Interview with Mickey Gilley

    --Remastered by Maria Triana at Sony’s Battery Studios

    --The Final Word on a Legendary Country Music Career

    The first 100 customers to buy the CD from us get an autographed BOOKLET from Mickey Gilley. First-come, first-served, only one autographed copy per customers order allowed.


    Mickey Gilley: The Definitive Hits Collection (2-CD Set)

    Long-time co-owner of the famous Gilley’s nightclub that was featured in Urban Cowboy, cousin to both Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart, and country music superstar with over 45 chart hits to his credit (and a licensed commercial airplane pilot to boot!), Mickey Gilley is a larger than life figure if there ever was one. Yet, to date, there has never been a comprehensive collection that covered his entire career, which saw him adopt honky-tonk, countrypolitan, and “crossover” country-pop styles with equal success over three decades.

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    Dave Mason: The Columbia Years—The Definitive Anthology (2—CD Set)

    --After Co-Founding Traffic, Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Dave Mason Went On to Have a Very Successful Solo Career That Saw Him Release Seven Straight Top 100 Charting Albums for the Columbia Label

    --The Columbia Years—The Definitive Anthology Pulls 30 Tracks from All Seven Albums Mason Recorded for Columbia, Including It’s Like You Never Left, Dave Mason, Split Coconut, Certified Live, Let It Flow, Mariposa De Oro, and Old Crest on a New Wave

    --Includes Such Chart Hits and FM Radio Favorites as “We Just Disagree,” “All Along the Watchtower,” “So High (Rock Me Baby and Roll Me Away),” “Let It Go, Let It Flow,” “Save Me,” and “Head Keeper”

    --Also Features Smokin’ Live Versions of Early Career Highlights as “Feelin’ Alright,” “Pearly Queen,” and “Only You Know and I Know”

    --Liner Notes by Bill Kopp Are Drawn from an Exclusive Interview with Dave Mason

    --Remastered by Maria Triana at Sony’s Battery Studios

    --The Most Comprehensive Collection Ever Compiled of Mason’s Underappreciated Solo Career


    Dave Mason: The Columbia Years—The Definitive Anthology (2—CD Set)

    After British singer-songwriter-guitarist Dave Mason left Traffic, the band he co-founded, he embarked on a successful session and solo career that saw him notch seven straight Top 100 charting albums for the Columbia label between 1973 and 1980. Now, Real Gone Music is releasing by far the most comprehensive collection of this crucial part of Mason s career, a two-CD set that includes 30 tracks drawn from all of his albums for Columbia (It s Like You Never Left, Dave Mason, Split Coconut, Certified Live, Let It Flow, Mariposa De Oro, and Old Crest on a New Wave).

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  • Bobby Darin Is One of the All-Time Great Pop Vocalists, and Perhaps the Most Versatile Male Vocalist Ever

  • In the Early ‘70s, Darin Signed with Berry Gordy’s Renowned Motown Records, Where He Reinvented Himself Again, Tackling Hitsville-Style R&B and Soul Along with Original Songs and Contemporary Hits

  • Darin Released Just One Studio Album and Several Singles on Motown Before His Untimely Death in December 1973; Virtually None of This Material Has Been Released on Compact Disc

  • Another Song on My Mind—The Motown Years Includes the 1972 Bobby Darin Album, Which Has Never Been Released on CD Anywhere in the World

  • Also Includes the Original, Never-on-CD Mix of Darin 1936-1973, the Posthumous Collection Produced by Bob Crewe, Plus Every One of Darin’s Motown Singles and the Remixed Tracks from the Short-Lived CD Reissue of Darin 1936-1973

  • 38 Tracks in All

  • Liner Notes by The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese

  • Remastered by Mike Milcher at SonicVision

  • A Rousing Celebration of Bobby Darin’s 80th Birthday

  • A Real Gone Music/The Second Disc Release 


    Bobby Darin was so much more than just Mack the Knife. In just 37 years, the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and entrepreneur raced against the clock to conquer records, film, and television as he successfully transitioned from rock-and-roll teen idol to tuxedoed swinger and then to denim-clad folk troubadour. At the dawn of the 1970s, and still battling the chronic heart problems that had plagued him since youth, the superstar artist signed with Berry Gordy s renowned Motown Records. At Motown, the versatile artist reinvented himself yet again, recording some of the most vibrant and vital music of his remarkable career.

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    HERBIE MANN: Live at the Whisky 1969—The Unreleased Masters (2-CD Set)  

    While Jazz Flautist Herbie Mann Is Often Remembered as a Pop-Jazz Player, He Was Actually a Pioneer in Popularizing World Music and Even Prog-Rock with Recordings Released on His Own Embryo Imprint

    In the Late ‘60s, He Was Fronting One of the Most Progressive and Electrifying Bands in the World: Guitarist Sonny Sharrock, Miroslav Vitous on Electric & Upright Bass, Saxophonist Steve Marcus, Drummer Bruno Carr, and Vibraphonist Roy Ayers

    This Sextet Cut the Dynamic Live at the Whisky A Go Go Album in 1969, Drawn from a Four-Night Run at the Legendary Nightclub on Sunset Strip

    Though the Band’s Repertoire Was Quite Varied on These Dates, Just Two Side-Long Tracks, “Ooh Baby” and “Philly Dog,” Surfaced on the Atlantic Records Release

    Now, Producer Pat Thomas Has Unearthed the Multi-Track Tapes for All Four Dates, and Composed a Two-CD Set Consisting of All Unreleased Material

    Features the Appearance of Linda Sharrock on Songs That First Appeared in Studio Versions on Sonny Sharrock’s Landmark Black Woman Album

    Also Includes Songs by Donovan (a 23-Minute “Tangier”), Tim Hardin, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis and Simon & Garfunkel, Plus a Sizzling, 21-Minute Take of “Ooh Baby”

    Liner Notes by Pat Thomas Feature Previously Unpublished Photos of the Band Taken by the Author

    For Fans of Fusion, Prog, and Jazz-Funk

    One of the Year’s Biggest Jazz Finds


    HERBIE MANN: Live at the Whisky 1969—The Unreleased Masters (2-CD Set)   

    While jazz flautist Herbie Mann is often remembered as a pop-jazz player, he was actually a pioneer in popularizing world music and even prog-rock with recordings released on his own Embryo imprint (as part of Atlantic Records). And in the late ‘60s, he was fronting one of the most progressive and electrifying bands in the world: guitarist Sonny Sharrock, Miroslav Vitous on electric & upright bass, saxophonist Steve Marcus, drummer Bruno Carr, and vibraphonist Roy Ayers. Together, the sextet cut the dynamic Live at the Whisky A Go Go album in 1969, drawn from a four night run at the legendary nightclub on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip. Though the band’s repertoire was quite varied on these dates, just two side-long tracks, “Ooh Baby” and “Philly Dog,” surfaced on the Atlantic Records release.

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    MARGARET WHITING: The Complete London Recordings (2-CD Set)

    --Unlike Most of Her Pop Standard-Singing Peers, Margaret Whiting Continued to Score Hits into the Rock and Roll-Dominated ‘60s

    --Her ‘60s Recordings for the London Label Were Hard to Find for Many Years

    --2-CD Set Includes the Albums Wheel of Hurt, Maggie Isn’t Margaret Anymore, and Pop Country

    --Also Includes 13 Non-LP Single Sides and Four Other Rarities

    --Seven Chart Hits Highlighted by “The Wheel of Hurt” and “Only Love Can Break a Heart”

    --Notes by Will Friedwald

    --Includes Photos Supplied by the Whiting Family Archives

    --Albums Remastered from Original Stereo Master Tapes by Mike Milchner at SonicVision


    MARGARET WHITING: The Complete London Recordings (2-CD Set)

     Together with Peggy Lee, Margaret Whiting was the only female vocalist to have hits in the ‘40s, ‘50s and even in the late ‘60s, when the rock and roll sound sidetracked the career of most of her peers. But unlike Peggy, Margaret’s ‘60s recordings—made with producer Arnold Goland and released on the London label—remained tough to find for years. Now, Real Gone Music, in conjunction with the Whiting estate, has compiled a 2-CD, 50-track set offering Margaret’s COMPLETE London recordings, with notes by highly esteemed music critic Will Friedwald and pictures from the Whiting family’s private archive. Inside are Margaret’s London albums The Wheel of Hurt, Maggie Isn’t Margaret Anymore, and Pop Country, all remastered from the original stereo master tapes, plus 13 non-LP singles and four other rarities. Paydirt for pop vocal fans!

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