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Cleopatra Jones Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl LP

  • The 1973 Feature Cleopatra Jones Was One of the Great Blaxploitation Films of the ‘70s

  • Introduced the Six-Foot-Two Tamara Dobson as the Title Character, a Taller, Hipper, Blacker James Bond

  • She Breaks Up an L.A. Drug Syndicate, Fighting Crooked Cops and Drug Lord Shelley Winters Along the Way

  • All Set to the Musical Stylings of a Soul- Funk-Jazz Dream Team

  • On Vocals Are the Two Biggest Stars from the Spring Label, Joe Simon and Millie Jackson

  • On the Instrumental Side is Jazz Trombone Giant J. J. Johnson, with Help from the Underrated Carl Brandt (Mod Squad)

  • Together They Fashion the Kind of Symphonic Funk That Has Made ‘70s Blaxploitation Soundtracks Such Sample-Ready Ear Candy in Today’s Music Scene

  • Simon’s Performance of the Title Theme Went to #3 on the R&B Charts and #18 on the Pop Charts

  • First Domestic Vinyl Reissue

  • Original Artwork

  • Pressed in Red & Blue Starburst Vinyl

  • Limited to 700 Copies!


    Cleopatra Jones: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited Red & Blue Starburst Vinyl Edition). LP

    One of the great Blaxploitationfilm scores of the ‘70s, finally back on vinyl where it belongs! This 1973 feature introduced one of the great characters in the whole genre, starring the indomitable, six-foot-two Tamara Dobson as Cleopatra Jones, a taller, hipper, and blacker James Bond. In this film, she thwarts a lesbian L.A. drug lord as played by Shelley Winters, all accompanied by the musical efforts of what is pretty much a ‘70s soul/jazz/funk dream team. On vocals, you had the leading male and female lights of the Spring label, the great Joe Simon (performing the hit title theme) and Millie Jackson . And on the instrumental side, jazz trombone giant J. J. Johnson (in collaboration with the underrated Carl Brandt of Mod Squad score fame). The result: a prime example of the symphonic funk that became the siren song for Blaxploitation soundtracks throughout the ‘70s. For its first domestic vinyl reissue, we’ve pressed up just 700 copies in red and blue starburst vinyl, with original artwork intact...oh so tasty!


    1. Theme from Cleopatra Jones (Produced and sung by Joe Simon)
    2. The Wrecking Yard (Carl Brandt)
    3. Love Doctor (Jackie Avery; Sung by Millie Jackson)
    4. Airport Flight (Carl Brandt)
    5. Emdee (J. J. Johnson)

    6. Desert Sunrise/Main Title Instrumental (J. J. Johnson and Joe Simon)


    1. It Hurts So Good (Phillip Mitchell; Sung by Millie Jackson)
    2. Goin’ to the Chase (J. J. Johnson)
    3. Go Chase Cleo (J. J. Johnson)
    4. Cleo and Reuben (J. J. Johnson)
    5. Wrap Up (Carl Brandt)

    6. Theme from Cleopatra Jones/ Instrumental (Joe Simon)

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