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Joe Bataan Afrofilipino (Limited Opaque Yellow Vinyl Edition)

  • Joe Bataan is an American Treasure, and His Career Embodies the Indomitable Spirit of the American Dream

  • Born 1942 to African-American and Filipino Parents in Spanish Harlem

  • Leader of a Street Gang and Incarcerated for Car Theft

  • Emerged from Prison to Create His Unique Blend of Boogaloo, Doo Wop, and Soul

  • Signed by Fania Records, Where He Had a Very Successful Eight-Album Run

  • Then Co-Founded Salsoul Records, as Well as Inventing the Name (Salsa Plus Soul = Salsoul)

  • Recorded Three Albums for Salsoul, of Which Afrofilipino Was the First

  • Afrofilipino Added Disco and Funk to the Salsa and Soul Mix

  • Recorded on Both Ends of the Country, so an “East Coast Side” and a “West Coast Side”

  • Featured the Very Best Session Musicians Including Richard Tee, John Faddis, Cornell Dupree, Randy Brecker, and David Sanborn

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue

  • Newly Remastered for Vinyl by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • Opaque Yellow Pressing

  • Limited to 1000 Copies!

    Order Now!

    Joe Bataan: Afrofilipino (Limited Opaque Yellow Vinyl Edition)

    Joe Bataan’s career offers a true All-American success story. Born on November 15, 1942 to African-American and Filipino parents in Spanish Harlem, Bataan briefly led a street gang and spent time in a correctional facility on a stolen car charge before emerging in the mid ‘60s to author his own unique blend of boogaloo, doo wop, and soul. Bataan’s sound caught the ears of Fania Records, who signed him for a string of eight successful albums before Bataan left to co-found the Salsoul label—he also came up with the name, a combination of salsa and soul—where he recorded three albums, of which this 1975 record was the first. You’ll hear a little disco and funk mixed in with the salsa and soul on this release, whose “East Coast Side” and “West Coast Side” were recorded on opposite sides of the country. But no matter where Bataan laid down the tracks, he made sure to get the best musicians—playing on Afrofilipino is a veritable Who’s Who of session cats including Richard Tee, John Faddis, Cornell Dupree, Randy Brecker, and David Sanborn. For the first-ever vinyl reissue of this classic Latin R&B album, we've given it a brand-new remastering (by Mike Milchner at SonicVision), and pressed up 1000 copies in opaque yellow vinyl…hip-shakin’ stuff!



    1.Chico and the Man (Main Theme)

    2. The Bottle (La Botella)

    3. X-Rated Symphony

    4. Laughing and Crying

    5. Hey,Girl

    6. When You’re Down (Funky Mambo)


    1. Women Don’t Want to Love Me

    2. Ordinary Guy (Afrofilipino)

    3. What Good Is a Castle (Parts 1 & 2)

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