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Grateful Dead: Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 4--Penn State/Cornell '80 (3-CD SET)

  • The Grateful Dead’s Road Trips Series Featured Hand-Picked Live Recordings from Throughout the Band’s Long Career

  • These Releases Were Only Sold Through the Dead.Net Website

  • Now, Real Gone Music Is Bringing These Superb Live Shows to Regular Music Retail for the First Time

  • Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 4—Penn State/ Cornell ’80 Offers the Better Part of Two Shows from Penn State’s Recreation Hall on May 6, 1980 and Cornell’s Barton Hall (Site of Their Famed 1977 Show) on May 7, 1980

  • Captures the Band Right After the Release of Go to Heaven and Early in Keyboardist Brent Mydland’s Tenure with the Band

  • Strong Vocals and Performances Abound on Both Nights, Particularly on “He’s Gone” and “Wharf Rat” from Penn State and “Jack Straw” and “Cassidy” from Barton Hall

  • The Powerful Pairing of “China Cat Sunflower” and “I Know You Rider” Beginning the Second Set at Barton Hall Is Perhaps the Highlight

  • Beautifully Recorded by Dan Healy

  • Mastered by Jeffrey Norman

  • Liner Notes by Blair Jackson

  • 3-CD Set Never Before Available at Retail

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    Grateful Dead: Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 4--Penn State/Cornell '80 (3-CD SET)

    Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 4 offers an indispensable sample of the band during the early phase of Brent Mydland’s tenure as the band’s keyboardist, right after
    the release of the Go to Heaven album. Beautifully recorded by Dan Healy and mastered by Jeffrey Norman, the 3-CD set mixes the first sets of the May 6, 1980 show at Penn State’s Recreation Hall and the May 7 show at Cornell’s Barton Hall (or “Playing in the barn,” as gleefully sang by Bob Weir in tribute to the venue; also the site of their famed 1977 show) on Disc One, and presents the complete May 6 second set on Disc Two and the complete May 7 second set (save for a few moments of “Rhythm Devils” and “Space”) on Disc Three. Strong vocals and performances abound on both nights, particularly on “He’s Gone” and “Wharf Rat” from Penn State and “Jack Straw” and “Cassidy” from Barton Hall. But the highlight just might be the Penn State set two opener pairing of “China Cat Sunflower” and “I Know YouRider,” two songs the Dead had by this point been playing for over a decade but given extra verve here. Liner notes by Blair Jackson round out a very satisfying document of what turned out to be one of the Dead’s most versatile and consistent line-ups. Never before available at retail!


    Set One
    Penn State (5/6/80) and Cornell (5/7/80)

    1. Jack Straw
    2. Peggy-O
    3. Me and My Uncle
    4. Big River
    5. Loser
    6. Cassidy
    7. Row Jimmy
    8. Lazy Lightning
    9. Supplication
    10. Althea
    11. Lost Sailor
    12. Saint of Circumstance


    Set Two
    Penn State 5/6/80

    1. China Cat Sunflower 
    2. I Know You Rider
    3. Feel Like a Stranger 
    4. He’s Gone5. The Other One 
    6. Rhythm Devils 
    7. Space
    8. Wharf Rat
    9. Around and Around 

    10. Johnny B. Goode


    Set Two Cornell 5/7/80

    1. Shakedown Street 
    2. Bertha
    3. Playing in the Band
    4. Terrapin Station
    5. Rhythm Devils
    6. Space
    7. Saint of Circumstance 
    8. Black Peter
    9. Playing in the Band

    10. Good Lovin’

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