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Joe Simon Step by Step--The Complete Pop Hits (2-CD Set)

Over a Career Spanning Five Decades, Joe Simon Has Established Himself as One of the Premiere Voices in R&B

“The Mouth of the South” Has Racked Up 35 Pop and 50 R&B Hits

But Because Simon’s Hits Were Evenly Spread Between Two Different Labels, There Has Never Been a Definitive Collection of His Work

Step by Step—The Complete Pop Hits Presents All 35 Songs to Reach the Billboard Pop Hits

Includes His First Hit, “My Adorable One,” Released by Vee Jay in 1964

Features His 18 Hits for the Sound Stage 7 Label Alongside His 16 Hits for the Spring Label

Just About Every R&B Genre Is Represented Including Gospel, Doo Wop, Country-Soul, Philly Soul, Blaxploitation, and Disco, All Sung with Simon’s Trademark Conviction and Passion

Among the Songs Are Simon’s Grammy-Winning Version of “The Chokin’ Kind,” the Gamble & Huff-Produced “Drowning in The Sea of Love” and “The Power of Love,” “Theme from Cleopatra Jones,” the Title Song for the Warner Brothers Smash 1973 Film, and Fan Favorites “Misty Blue,” “Your Time to Cry,” and “Step by Step”

Also Includes the Top Ten Smash “Get Down, Get Down (on the Floor)”

Produced with the Full Cooperation of Joe Simon and His Management

Liner Notes by Noted Author and Grammy- Nominated Producer Mitchell Cohen Includes Quotes from Simon

Added Photos

Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

A Timely, Definitive, and Long-Overdue Look at One of the Great Voices in Soul

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Joe Simon Step by Step--The Complete Pop Hits (2-CD Set)

Joe Simon is one of the premiere R&B voices of all time. Over a career spanning
five decades, “The Mouth of the South” has racked up 35 Billboard pop hits and 50 R&B hits, exploring an encyclopedia of R&B genres ranging from gospel to doo wop, country-soul, the ’70s sound of Philadelphia, Blaxploitation, disco, and a subsequent return to Simon’s spiritual side. But, because his hits were evenly split between two different labels, there has never been a definitive compilation...until now. Step by Step—The Complete Pop Hits presents all 35 of Simon’s pop smashes, including his maiden chart success, “My Adorable One,” released by Vee Jay in 1964, then his 18 hits for the Sound Stage 7 and 16 hits for the Spring labels. Among the tracks are such gems as Simon’s Grammy winning version of “The Chokin’ Kind,” the Gamble & Huff-produced “Drowning in The Sea of Love” and “The Power of Love,” “Theme from Cleopatra Jones,” the title song that he wrote and produced for the Warner Brothers smash 1973 film, fan favorites “Misty Blue,” “Your Time to Cry,” and the title track, and his Top Ten smash “Get Down, Get Down (on the Floor).” Released by Real Gone Music with the full cooperation and input of Joe Simon and his management, the 2-CD collection is remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision, and includes liner notes by noted author, and Grammy-nominated producer Mitchell Cohen featuring copious quotes from the artist himself plus photos. With a new Joe Simon documentary,Looking Back, From the Chicken Coop to the Top of the Charts, just released, Step by Step—The Complete Pop Hits is a timely and long-overdue portrait of a man who sang every song with nothing less than complete conviction and immersion... it’s without a doubt one of the year’s most momentous soul collections.


1. My Adorable One
2. Teenager’s Prayer
3. My Special Prayer
4. Put Your Trust in Me (Depend on Me) 
5. Nine Pound Steel
6. No Sad Songs
7. (You Keep Me) Hangin’ On
8. Message from Maria
9. I Worry About You
10. Looking Back
11. The Chokin’ Kind
12. Baby, Don’t Be Looking in My Mind 
13. San Francisco Is a Lonely Town
14. It’s Hard to Get Along
15. Moon Walk Part 1
16. Farther On Down the Road
17. Yours Love
18. That’s the Way I Want Our Love 

19. Misty Blue


1. Your Time to Cry
2. Help Me Make It Through the Night
3. To Lay Down Beside Me
4. You’re the One for Me
5. All My Hard Times
6. Drowning in the Sea of Love
7. Pool of Bad Luck
8. Power of Love
9. Trouble in My Home
10. I Found My Dad
11. Step by Step
12. Theme from Cleopatra Jones
13. River
14. Get Down, Get Down (Get on the Floor) 

15. Music in My Bones
16. Come Get to This

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