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The McGuire Season's Greetings from The McGuire Sisters--The Complete Coral Christmas Recordings CD

  • The McGuire Sisters Were the Most Popular Female Vocal Group of the ‘50s

  • Got Their Big Break with Arthur Godfrey on His Talent Scouts Show

  • Signed with the Coral Label in 1952 and Had a Steady String of Hits for the Label Including the Smashes “Sincerely” and “Sugartime”

  • Their Christmas Album Greetings from the McGuire Sisters Was Released in 1958 at the Height of Their Popularity

  • Featured the Two-Sided Hit “He” b/w “If You Believe”

  • Another Highlight Was the Charming Children’s Song “Cactus Christmas Tree”

  • But Somehow Greetings from the McGuire Sisters Has Never Been Released on CD Until Now

  • Real Gone Music’s New Collection Season’s Greetings from the McGuire Sisters—The Complete Coral Christmas RecordingsIncludes That Album Plus the Sisters’ Other Three Christmas-Themed Songs for the Coral Label

  • Features “Be a Santa” from the album

    The McGuire Sisters Sing “Subways Are for Sleeping”

  • Also the Tunes “Peace” from May You Always and “Ave Maria” from In Harmony with Him

  • Produced and Annotated by Tom Pickles

  • A Long-Cherished Christmas Album Bolstered with Bonus Tracks

    Order Now! 

    The McGuire: Season's Greetings from The McGuire Sisters--The Complete Coral Christmas Recordings CD

    One of the most popular vocal groups of the ‘50s releases a Christmas album at
    the peak of their popularity...and it never comes out on CD? Well, that’s a that calls for our resident Real Gone Christmas elves to “comb” through the vaults and set straight! Inspired by The Andrews Sisters and The Dinning Sisters, The McGuire Sisters were the most popular female vocal group of their era, having risen rapidly through the ranks thanks in part to a big break given them by Arthur Godfrey on his Talent Scouts show. Christine, Dottie, and Phyllis McGuire signed with Coral Records in 1952, and it was at Coral that they scored all their big hits, including “Sincerely” and Sugartime.” The hits continued onGreetings from the McGuire Sisters, their 1958 Christmas record for Coral, which featured the two-sided smash “He” b/w “If You Believe” along with such charming fare as the children’s song “Cactus Christmas Tree.” But we didn’t stop there on this reissue! We found three bonus tracks from long out-of-print albums to append to the original album to make this The Complete Coral Christmas Recordings: “Be a Santa” comes from the album The McGuire Sisters Sing “Subways Are for Sleeping,” “Peace” is from May You Always, and “Ave Maria” comes from In Harmony with Him. Tom Pickles produces and annotates our release. The term “long overdue” doesn’t quite capture just how long and how ardently folks have been waiting for this’s a Christmas classic!

    Greetings from the McGuire Sisters

    1. Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town
    2. Give Me Your Heart for Christmas 3. He
    4. Christmas Alphabet
    5. Honorable Congratulations
    6. Without Him
    7. The Littlest Angel
    8. The Cactus Christmas Tree
    9. If You Believe
    10. I’d Like to Trim a Tree with You 

    11. He’s Got Time
    12. Happy New Year

    Bonus Tracks

    13. Be a Santa 

    14. Peace
    15. Ave Maria

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