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Rain Parade Emergency 3rd Rail Power Trip/Explosions in the Glass Palace (Remastered Edition) CD

  • Rain Parade’s 1983 album Emergency Third Rail Power Trip and 1984 EP Explosions in the Glass Palace Rank as Two of the Greatest Releases to Emerge from
    Los Angeles’ “Paisley Underground” Scene

  • A Blend of Byrds, Pink Floyd, Love, and Other ‘60s Influences, Rain Parade’s Sound Remained True to Its Roots While Managing to Transcend Them

  • Delicate but Dark, These Records Capture the Magic and the Mystery of the Psychedelic Experience

  • Single CD Twofer Includes “Look Both Ways,” a Track That Was Left Off the U.S. Release

  • Liner Notes by Pat Thomas Include Exclusive Quotes from Rain Parade Founding Members Matt Piucci and Steven Roback (Brother to Fellow Rain Parade Founding Member David Roback, Now of Mazzy Star)

  • Real Gone Music's Reissue Features Brand-New Remastering by Explosions in the Glass Palace Co-Producer Jim Hill Approved by Matt Piucci and Steven Roback...the First Remastering of This Material Since It Came Out on CD in the Early ‘90s 


Rain Parade: Emergency 3rd Rail Power Trip/Explosions in the Glass Palace (Remastered Edition). CD

Of all the albums that emerged from L.A.’s “Paisley Underground” scene, Rain Parade’s Emergency 3rd Rail Power Trip (1983)—and its follow-up EP, Explosions in the Glass Palace (1984)—were probably the most transparent in their influences and probably the most successful in transcending them. Here was the jangle-rock of the Byrds married with the soft, downbeat vocal harmonies of early Pink Floyd, infused with a Love-like delicacy—yet the dark lyrical themes and droning twin guitar melodies made listening to Rain Parade like being on an acid trip teetering on the knife edge between pure nirvana and colossal bummer. Which, for true fans of psychedelia, was an awfully sweet spot to be. We at Real Gone Music are thrilled to be putting these two classic records back into print, both of them complete on a single CD and including “Look Both Ways,” the track that was left off the original U.S. release, with liner notes by Paisley Underground historian Pat Thomas featuring quotes from Rain Parade founding members, guitarist Matt Piucci and bassist Steven Roback (brother to fellow founding member David Roback, now of Mazzy Star). And even more important, our new single CD edition of this twofer features a brand new remastering by Explosions in the Glass Palace Co-Producer Jim Hill approved by both Matt Piucci and Steven Roback…the first remastering since the album was originally released on CD back in the ‘90s!

1. Talking in My Sleep
2. This Can't Be Today
3. I Look Around
4. 1 Hour 1/2 Ago
5. Carolyn's Song
6. What's She Done to Your Mind
7. Look at Merri
8. Saturday's Asylum
9. Kaleidoscope
10. Look Both Ways
11. You Are My Friend
12. Prisoners
13. Blue
14. Broken Horse
15. No Easy Way Down

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