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  • Though It Had Few Hits and Only Released About 100 Singles and a Half-Dozen Albums in the Four Years (1964-1968) of Its Existence, the Loma Records Label Has Become One of the Most Collectible Imprints Among ‘60s R&B and Soul Fans

  • Now, Real Gone Music Is Embarking on a Four-Volume Project to Release ALL of the Label’s Singles

  • Artists Appearing on This First Volume Include The Olympics, The Apollas, Ike & Tina Turner, Smiley Lewis, Little Jerry Williams (a.k.a. Swamp Dogg), Billy Storm, and More

  • Producers/Arrangers Include James Brown, Jerry Ragavoy, and Gene Page

  • Features The Olympics’ Original Version of “Good Lovin’,” Which The Young Rascals Made Famous

  • Over Half of the 50 Tracks on This Two-CD Set Have Never Appeared on CD

  • Co-Produced and Annotated by Alec Palao

  • Includes Rare Photos

  • All But One Single Is Taken from Original Tape Sources

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • Big, Big News for ‘60s Soul and R&B Collectors 



    It didn’t have any hits to speak of. Its roster of artists was obscure to say the least. And it only released about 100 singles and a half dozen albums in the four short years (1964-1968) of its existence. But in the five decades that have passed since Loma Records existed as a little-known imprint of Warner Brothers Records, it has become a highly-coveted label—maybe the most coveted label—among ‘60s soul and R&B collectors. Why has Loma has become such a hot property? Well, it has not been well anthologized in the digital age—witness the fact that over half of the tracks on this 50-song set have never appeared on CD, and nothing piques collector interest like scarcity. But there is a deeper story here. While Loma was started by WB chief Mike Maitland as a purely commercial venture designed to accommodate the flood of recordings being made by artists and producers off roster, label head Bob Krasnow—veteran of such hallowed indie labels as Del-Fi, Autumn, and King—recognized that Warner’s holdings were severely lacking in soul and R&B, and brought a certain focus to Loma’s “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks” approach. Which, given the times, was not a bad approach at all. The post-Beatles rising tide of pop music really did lift all boats, prompting an incredible outburst of creativity in the recording industry across all genres. That’s why, alongside the hitless wonders on these 50 tracks, you will find legends like Gene Page, Jerry Ragavoy, and James Brown producing and arranging. And why you will also find some legendary artists, like Ike & Tina Turner, Little Jerry Williams (a.k.a Swamp Dogg), and Smiley Lewis, as well as artists like The Olympics (whose complete output for Loma appears here, including the original version of “Good Lovin’”) and The Apollas that are treasured by ‘60s soul collectors. This is the first of four 2-CD collections containing the complete singles output for Loma that we have planned here at Real Gone, and we have brought ‘60s rock and soul guru Alec Palao on board to write the liner notes and co-produce. Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision, all but one single of this material comes from original tape sources, and we have rounded up some rare photos to complete the package. Big, big news for collectors, with more to come!

    Disc : 1
    1. I Never Want to Dream Again (There Is a Garden) - Billy Storm
    2. Baby, Don't Look Down - Billy Storm
    3. (I Was) Born to Lose - The Singers
    4. Midnight Prowl - The Singers
    5. The Big Jerk (Part One) - Clyde & The Blue Jays
    6. The Big Jerk (Part Two) - Clyde & The Blue Jays
    7. Everybody Jerk - Bob & Earl
    8. Just One Look in Your Eyes - Bob & Earl
    9. I'm the Lover Man - Little Jerry Williams
    10. The Push, Push, Push - Little Jerry Williams
    11. Hey Girl - Lucky Carmichael
    12. Blues with a Feelin’ - Lucky Carmichael
    13. Come Go with Me - Sugar ’N’ Spice
    14. Playboy - Sugar ’N’ Spice
    15. Something You Got - Reb Foster
    16. Quetzel and Jude - Reb & The Rogues
    17. Goldfinger - Billy Storm
    18. Debbie and Mitch - Billy Storm
    19. I'm Coming’ Home - The Olympics
    20. Raining in My Heart - The Olympics
    21. Tell Her I'm Not Home - Ike & Tina Turner
    22. I'm Thru with Love - Ike & Tina Turner
    23. I Want to Be Loved - The Enchanters
    24. I Paid for the Party - The Enchanters

    Disc : 2
    1. Good Lovin’ - The Olympics
    2. Olympic Shuffle - The Olympics
    3. There's Something on Your Mind (Part One) - Baby Lloyd
    4. There's Something on Your Mind (Part Two) - Baby Lloyd
    5. Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You - Ike & Tina Turner
    6. (I'll Do Anything) Just to Be with You - Ike & Tina Turner
    7. Soul Jerk (Part One) -  Bobby Bennett & The Dynamics
    8. Soul Jerk (Part Two) -  Bobby Bennett & The Dynamics
    9. Baby I'm Yours - The Olympics
    10. No More Will I Cry - The Olympics
    11. Waitin’ - Walter Foster
    12. Your Search Is Over - Walter Foster
    13. You're Absolutely Right - The Apollas
    14. Lock Me in Your Heart - The Apollas
    15. Soldier Baby of Mine - Brenda Hall
    16. Oh Eddy, My Baby - Brenda Hall
    17. Tom Dooley - Dick Jensen & The Imports
    18. Since I Fell for You - Dick Jensen & The Imports
    19. We Better Get Along - The Young Lions
    20. Live and Learn - The Young Lions
    21. You Can't Outsmart a Woman - Kell Osborne
    22. That's What's Happening - Kell Osborne
    23. The Bells Are Ringing - The  Smiley Lewis Band
    24. Walkin' the Girl  The  Smiley Lewis Band
    25. Just Can't Get Enough of You - The Apollas
    26. Nobody's Baby (Am I) - The Apollas

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