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ANGEL WITCH ANGEL WITCH (Limited “White Witch” Vinyl Edition)

  • The 1980 Self-Titled Debut Album from Angel Witch Is One of the First and Greatest Black Metal Albums

  • A Key Release in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Movement

  • Songwriter Kevin Heybourne Explores Occult Themes, with Abundant Sword and Sorcery Imagery and Tales of Damnation

  • Also Includes Hooky Melodies Like on the Title Tune

  • First Ever Vinyl Reissue

  • White Witch Vinyl Edition



    Angel Witch: Angel Witch (Limited “White Witch” Vinyl Edition). LP

    One of the first and greatest “black metal” albums, and one of the records that helped launch the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, the 1980 self-titled debut from Angel Witch still packs a wallop some 37 years later. Unlike, say, Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, songwriter Kevin Heybourne’s lyrical imagery just doesn’t dabble in the occult, it lives (dies?) there, with abundant sword and sorcery themes and tales (e.g. “Angel of Death”) of damnation. Yet, as on the title track, the band is not above crafting some catchy hooks, though the raw production ensures that those hooks have barbs. Real Gone Music is proud to present this classic metal album in a limited edition (of 500 copies) sporting “white witch” vinyl. Buy or be eternally condemned!

    Side One

    1. Angel Witch 

    2. Atlantis

    3. White Witch 

    4. Confused

    5. Sorcerers 

    Side Two

    1. Gorgon

    2. Sweet Danger 

    3. Free Man

    4. Angel of Death 

    5. Devil’s Tower 

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