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ALLEN GINSBERG: Reads Kaddish—A 20th Century American Ecstatic Narrative Poem (Limited Red Vinyl Edition) LP

  • Along with Jack Kerouac, Poet Allen Ginsberg Was the Leading Light of the Beatnik Movement in Literature

  • Inspired by Ray Charles, Caffeine, Dexedrine, and LSD, Kaddish Was One of His Greatest Works

  • A Highly Personal Meditation on Judais mand the Death of His Mother Naomi

  • Reads Kaddish—a 20th Center American Ecstatic Narrative Poem Is Taken from a November 1964 Performance at Brandeis University

  • The Only and Only Release in Atlantic Records’Spoken Word Verbum Imprint Launched by Label Head Jerry Wexler

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue of the Original 1966 LP

  • Features the Original Gatefold Packaging and an Added Inner Sleeve with Notes by Pat Thomas and Memorabilia Contributed by the Ginsberg Estate

  • Over an Hour Long Performance on a Single LP

  • Issued in Red Vinyl

  • Limited to 1700 Copies 


    Allen Ginsberg: Reads Kaddish—A 20th Century American Ecstatic Narrative Poem (Limited Red Vinyl Edition). LP

    Along with Howl, Kaddish stands as one of Allen Ginsberg’s most illustrious creations. Always a follower of popular trends in music, Ginsberg had spent parts of 1958 digging into Ray Charles’ “I Got A Woman” – occasionally doing so while on morphine and methamphetamine. One evening, in this drug-induced state while cranking some Ray, Ginsberg began discussing his mother Naomi with his pal Zev Putterman. Putterman in turn, began reciting the traditional Hebrew “Kaddish” prayer for mourning the dead. Soon after, fueled by Dexedrine, LSD, and caffeine, Allen penned the majority of Kaddish. In early 1959, Kaddish received its debut performance at a poetry reading at Columbia University – in which Allen shared the bill with his lover Peter Orlovsky and fellow beat poet Gregory Corso. Over time, the manuscript was tweaked and adjusted until publication in April 1961 by City Lights. Then, in November 1964, with Orlovsky and Corso in tow, the trio performed several gigs at Harvard and Brandeis Universities, and it was at Brandeis where this recording was made. Released in 1966, Kaddish turned out to be the only record in Atlantic’s spoken-word Verbum series; but if label head Jerry Wexler changed his mind about the imprint, he remained a big fan of the work, later telling Los Angeles historian Harvey Kubernik that Kaddish had stirred “the Yiddish currents in my own blood” and inspired “joy and anguish…the exaltation that great poetry will bring on.” Indeed, Kaddish is an intensely personal and moving work, capturing the complex relationship between Ginsberg, his mother, and his faith, and concluding with a heartrending description of her death. Real Gone Music is very proud to present the first-ever vinyl reissue of this landmark performance, in its original gatefold packaging with an added inner sleeve featuring new liner notes by Pat Thomas and memorabilia provided by the Allen Ginsberg estate…over an hour of one of the towering figures in American poetry reading one of his greatest works. Limited edition of 1700 in red vinyl!

    1. Kaddish Part 1
    1. Kaddish Part 2

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