Jimmy Webb Angel Heart (35th Anniversary Expanded Edition) CD
Friday, November 10, 2017 at 2:47PM
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Author of Such Evergreens as “Galveston,” “Wichita Lineman,” and “Up, Up and Away,” Jimmy Webb Is One of the Greatest Songwriters of His Generation 

His Solo Recordings, However, Have Never Sold Very Well 

Co-Producers Matt McCauley and Fred Mollin Resolved to Change That When They Prepared to Record the Album That Would Up Being Called Angel Heart for the 20th Century Fox Label in 1978 

They Assembled an Unbelievable Cast of Session Musicians Including David Foster,
Lee Sklar, Dean Parks, Bob Glaub, and Jeff Porcaro, David Paich, and Steve Lukather of Toto 

The Album Was Recorded at Sunset Sound with a Young Mark Linett (Soon to Become the Beach Boys’ Preferred Engineer) at the Controls 

But Label Issues Forced Webb to Foot the Bill for the Recording Himself 

Everybody from Michael McDonald to Graham Nash to Daryl Hall to Kenny Loggins Volunteered to Sing on the Album 

But the Record Did Not Come Out Until 1982
on Lorimar Records, Which Was Dropped by Sony Right After the Album’s Release, So Angel Heart Received No Press or Distribution 

Now, 35 Years Later, Real Gone Music Presents This Long-Lost Webb Classic the Way It Should Have Been 

Remastered by Mark Linett from the Original Tapes 

Includes Six Unreleased Bonus Tracks Featuring Three Songs from the Original Album Sessions and Three Demos 

Liner Notes by Original Co-Producer Fred Mollin Unseen Photos from the Sessions 

A Major Find and a Key, Overlooked Part of the Jimmy Webb Catalog

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Jimmy Webb; Angel Heart (35th Anniversary Expanded Edition). CD

Author of such songs as “Galveston,” “Wichita Lineman,” and “Up, Up and Away,” Jimmy Webb is one of the greatest songwriters of his generation, but his solo album releases have never caught fire commercially. That all seemed destined to change as preparations began in 1978 to record the album that wound up being dubbed Angel Heart. Fresh off an international hit with Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch,” the hot production team of Matt McCauley and Fred Mollin had put together a can’t miss band consisting of David Foster, Lee Sklar, Dean Parks, Bob Glaub, and Jeff Porcaro, David Paich, and Steve Lukather of Toto. The label, 20th Century Fox, was 100% behind the project, and they were recording in the hallowed studios of Sunset Sound with a young Mark Linett (soon to be the preferred engineer for The Beach Boys) at the console. What could go wrong? Well, in classic record biz fashion, everything. As the band was assembling in the studio, word came down that the 20th Century Fox record exec behind the project got fired. Contracts came down from the new label President demanding Jimmy give up his publishing royalties on the project. And so Jimmy and his manager told the label to go jump in the lake (albeit in more colorful fashion). But Jimmy, with such an incredible band all set up and raring to go, couldn’t resist. He paid for the sessions himself. And everybody in town swung by to pitch in. Michael McDonald, Graham Nash, Kenny Loggins, Gerry Beckley, Stephen Bishop, Daryl Hall, Leah Kunkel, Valerie Carter…they all sang on the record. The results were gorgeous. Just one problem: No record deal. Finally, Lorimar Records picked it up and put it out in 1982, after insisting that three songs be dropped and two new ones recorded. But, though Lorimar had major label distribution through Sony at the time, they were about to be dropped, too, so the record received zero promotion. A couple of CD releases came and went in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but the true story and glory of Angel Heart has remained to be told…until now. Real Gone Music’s 35th Anniversary Expanded Edition not only includes the three songs from the album sessions that were cut, but also adds three other unreleased Webb demos (contributed by Jimmy himself) for a total of six unreleased tracks. What’s more, the liner notes feature rare, never-before-seen photos of the recording sessions along with a first-person account from co-producer Fred Mollin of what went down during the making of the album. Remastered, fittingly, by Mark Linett from the original tapes, this is the Jimmy Webb record that was meant to be; it’s a major find and a key, overlooked part of his catalog.

  1. Angel Heart
  2. God's Gift
  3. One of the Few
  4. Scissors Cut
  5. Work for a Dollar
  6. His World
  7. Our Movie
  8. Nasty Love
  9. In Cars
  10. Old Wing Mouth
  11. Driftwood
  12. High Rent Ghetto
  13. Adios
  14. One of the Few (Demo Version)
  15. In Cars (Demo Version)
  16. Early Morning Song (Demo Version)
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