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Percy Faith The Definitive Collection (2CD Set)

  • By introducing string sections to soften and sweeten the Brass-Dominated Pop Music of the ‘40s, Percy Faith Basically invented the easy Listening Genre

  • As Part of Mitch Miller’s stable of conductor/Arrangers at columbia, Faith and His Orchestra Backed everybody from Doris Day to Tony Bennett to Johnny Mathis

  • Faith Also Had a Very successful Recording career of His Own, notching a series of Top-charting Hits and Popular soundtrack Themes

  • The Definitive collection Offers 32 Tracks spanning 22 Years of Recording

  • Includes the #1 Hits “Delicado,” “where is Your Heart (from ‘Moulin Rouge’),” and “The Theme from ‘A summer Place’”

  • Also Features His soundtrack Themes to the films Tammy Tell Me True, The Oscar, and The Love Goddesses, and the TV series The Virginian

  • Faith’s Tremendously Popular Adaptations of Latin classics Like “How insensitive (insensataez)” and “Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil)” Are Also included

  • Liner notes by Joe Marchese

  • includes Photos from the Columbia Vaults and some of the Great cover Art from Faith’s Releases

  • Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery studios in new York

  • The Most comprehensive Percy Faith collection ever


    Percy Faith: The Definitive Collection (2CD Set)

    It’s not too much of a stretch to say that Percy Faith invented easy listening music; along with Mantovani, he pioneered the use of string sections to soften and sweeten the brass-dominated sound that dominated popular music during the ‘40s. Faith was also one of Mitch Miller’s main men at Columbia Records, where he provided arrangements for everybody from Doris Day to Tony Bennett to Johnny Mathis, and he composed some of the most memorable soundtrack themes of all time. Now, Real Gone pays tribute to one of the great arrangers and composers in pop music history with a 32-track set spanning 22 years of recordings, including hit singles, tracks drawn from a total of 20 different albums, and a number of his most revered compositions for the screen. Among the highlights: the #1 hits “Delicado,” “Where Is Your Heart (from ‘Moulin Rouge’),” and “The Theme from ‘A Summer Place;’” his soundtrack themes to the films Tammy Tell Me True, The Oscar, and The Love Goddesses, and the TV series The Virginian; and some of his signature adaptations of Latin music like “How Insensitive (Insensataez)” and “Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil).” Joe Marchese provides the notes, and the package includes photos from the Columbia vaults as well as some of the great cover art that adorned Faith’s album releases. Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York…like the title says, the definitive—and largest ever—Percy Faith collection!

    Disc : 1
    1. Jungle Fantasy
    2. All My Love (Bolero)
    3. The Syncopated Clock
    4. Delicado
    5. Swedish Rhapsody (Midsummer Vigil)
    6. Where Is Your Heart (From "Moulin Rouge")
    7. Return to Paradise
    8. Music Until Midnight (Lullaby for Adults Only)
    9. The Bandit (Theme from "O Cangaceiro")
    10. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
    11. With a Little Bit of Luck (from the Broadway Musical "My Fair Lady")
    12. Embassy Waltz (from the Broadway Musical "My Fair Lady"
    13. Till
    14. Ebb Tide
    15. Theme for Young Lovers
    16. Theme from "A Summer Place" (From the Warner Bros. Film "A Summer Place")
    Disc : 2
    1. Brazil (Aquarela do Brasil)
    2. Under Paris Skies (Sous le ciel de Paris)
    3. Camelot (From the Broadway Musical "Camelot")
    4. Tammy Tell Me True (From the Universal Film "Tammy Tell Me True")
    5. Stella by Starlight
    6. Moonlight in Vermont
    7. The Virginian (From the NBC-TV Series "The Virginian")
    8. The Love Goddess (From the Paramount Film "The Love Goddesses")
    9. How Insensitive (Insensataez)
    10. The "In" Crowd
    11. Song from "The Oscar (Maybe September) (From the Embassy Film "The Oscar")
    12. The Glass Mountain (From the Embassy Film "The Oscar")
    13. Bim Bam Boom
    14. Samba de Orfeu (From the Film "Black Orpheus")
    15. Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet" (From the Paramount Film "Romeo & Juliet")
    16. Theme from "Chinatown" (From the Paramount Film "Chinatown")

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