Todd Rundgren & Utopia LIve (2LP Set)
Friday, October 14, 2016 at 4:19PM
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  • With Unrivaled Stylistic Sweep, Musicianly Chops, and Depth of Repertoire, Todd Rundgren & Utopia Were a Must-See Concert Draw in the Late ‘70s 

  • This Double-LP Release Captures an August 5, 1978 Date at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco, Right at the Start of a Nationwide Tour 

  • Earlier in the Year, Rundgren Had Assembled an All-Star Band for Residencies at The Bottom Line and The Roxy 

  • Performances from Those Dates Plus an August 23 Utopia Show Supplied the Material for the Live Album Back to the Bars 

  • Live at the Old Waldorf Includes Seven Songs That Did Not Appear on Back to the Bars, Including Four Songs from Oops! Wrong Planet 

  • Also Includes Utopia Backing Rundgren on Songs, Like “Black and White” and “The Last Ride,” from Which They Were Absent on Back to the Bars 

  • Excellent Recording and Fiery Performances Make This the Best of the “Authorized Bootlegs” That Have Surfaced in Recent Years 

  • Gatefold Packaging 

  • Gold Vinyl Release Limited to 1000 Copies 

  • Belongs on the Shelf Right Next to Your Other Rundgren Records from the ‘70s 


This limited edition double-LP release once again proves that there were very, very few bands in the late ‘70s that could match the stylistic sweep, musicianly chops, and quality of repertoire wielded by Todd Rundgren & Utopia. This August 5, 1978 set at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco captures the band at the beginning of an extensive U.S. tour, but it had already been a busy year of touring for Todd, as back in May he had assembled an all-star band for residencies at the Bottom Line in New York City and the Roxy in Los Angeles. Performances from those shows that (along with a portion of an August 23 Utopia date from this tour) comprised the release of the double live LP Back to the Bars in December 1978, and fans of that album will find much to treasure here on this well-recorded release taken from the evening’s stereo ¼” master tapes. Here you get a chance to hear Utopia back Todd on songs, like “Black and White” and “The Last Ride” (an epic version!), from which they were absent on Back to the Bars, and Live at the Old Waldorf offers such Utopia favorites as “Trapped,” “Abandon City,” “Back on the Street,” and “Gangrene” from 1977’s Oops! Wrong Planet that did not appear on Bars. Even more importantly, the band is on fire this night, displaying the rare mixture of note-perfect arrangements and improvisatory verve that made Todd Rundgren & Utopia such a must-see concert draw during the era. One last note about this release: because Todd was such a dynamic live performer, there have been a series of authorized live “bootlegs” that have come out on CD in recent years, but very few have come out on LP; we have cherry picked what just may be the best of the bunch and put it on double gold vinyl inside a gatefold package limited to 1,000 copies. It belongs on your shelf right next to your other Rundgren records from the era…don’t miss it!

Disc : 1
1. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
1. The Seven Rays
2. Can We Still Be Friends
2. Love of the Common Man
3. Back on the Street
3. Trapped
4. Abandon City
4. You Cried Wolf
5. The Last Ride
Disc : 2
1. Couldn't I Just Tell You
1. Gangrene
2. A Dream Goes On Forever
2. Hello, It's Me
3. Black and White
3. Just One Victory
4. Eastern Intrigue/Initiation

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