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Once A Year Huge Sale! Up To 79% Off On 118 Titles!

It's time for our annual huge sale! Last year we launched it in October because we had so many great holiday releases coming up that we had to make room in our warehouse, but this year, with TWICE the number of new Christmas titles on tap, we're getting started even earlier. And it's by far our biggest hugest sale yet–118 releases compared to 85 last year, with a ton of titles that we have never put on sale before anywhere! With CDs priced as low as $3 and savings of up to 79% off list price, it's time to go to town...Just click the link below for the list of sale titles and their incredibly low prices

Order as much as you want, but don't wait around too long-the sale is only going to last a couple of weeks, and once a title is gone, it's real gone! First-come, first-served. It's our only sale of the year-don't miss this chance to save more on our quality reissues than you ever have before!
Look for big news (and autographs) early next month on our holiday releases.

Till then, happy bargain hunting!


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