Autographed Steppenwolf

First and foremost, we have another one of our patented singles collections on tap for you, this time from the legendary band Steppenwolf. The same team that assembled our acclaimed Grass Roots singles anthology has put together The ABC/Dunhill Singles Collection, a 38-track set that not only includes such hallowed tracks as "Born to Be Wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride" (sounding much better than it ever has before, by the way) but also rare B-sides and John Kay solo sides as well. And penning the notes? Why, band leader and vocalist John Kay himself! And, yes indeed, John has signed some copies for us, 28 booklets to be exact. But, since we have so few signed copies, and since we are selling this highly sought after release for the super low price of $19.98, we're going to do things a little differently this time. These signed copies are going to go so fast that it just doesn't seem fair that somebody who steps away from their computer just for a moment misses out, so we are going to take all of the orders for Steppenwolf we receive between now and 9 am PT Monday August 10 and randomly select 28 lucky customers to receive the autographs. And what about the other folks who order the set? Well, first of all, they'll get The ABC/Dunhill Singles Collection for a price well below what they'd pay for it most anywhere else. But even better, we will email those folks a coupon code for $5 off on their next purchase! So, everyone's a winner in this scenario...and everyone is just going to love this set! ORDER NOW!

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