• Led by John “Bucky” Wilkin and Produced by Bill Justis, Nashville’s Ronny and the Daytonas Were One of the Greatest Surf ’N’ Hot Rod Combos of the ‘60s
  • Offered a Unique Sound Incorporating Country and Orchestral Elements into the Characteristic Surf Twang 
  • Real Gone Music’s New 2-CD Set The Complete Recordings Includes All of Their Recordings for the Mala, RCA and Show Biz Labels
  • Also Features Four Unreleased Tracks Plus Songs Credited to "Buzz and Bucky" on the Amy Label and Bucky Wilkin Solo Recordings 
  • Many Selections Never Before on CD
  • Remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in NYC
  • All but Two Tracks Taken from Original Mono Tapes
  • Liner Notes Authored by Bucky Wilkin Himself
  • Includes Previously Unseen Photos Taken from Bucky Wilkin’s Private Archive
  • Features the Hits “G.T.O.,” “Bucket ’T’,” “Sandy,” “Dianne, Dianne,” “California Bound” and More 
  • 48 Tracks
  • The Perfect Release to Kick Off the Summer


AUTOGRAPHED COPIES ARE NOW SOLD OUT but the regular version is still available. 

The first 40 customers to buy the cd from us get an autographed copy by Bucky Wilkin. First-come, first-served, only one autographed copy per customers order allowed


RONNY AND THE DAYTONAS: The Complete Recordings (2-CD Set)

Better put a little more octane into your car stereo, because here come 48 tracks from Nashville’s greatest contribution to surf and hot rod music, Ronny and the Daytonas! “Ronny” was singer-songwriter-guitarist John “Bucky” Wilkin, who wrote their first hit, “G.T.O.,” while attending physics class as a senior in high school; his mom, country songwriter Marijohn Wilkin, then landed him a session with producer and former Sun session saxophonist Bill Justis that yielded the #4 chart smash. Justis became the group’s producer for their recordings on the Amy label imprint Mala, which featured Wilkin and a rotating cast of characters, the most prominent of which was frequent co-writer Buzz Cason. Though Ronny and the Daytonas never notched another hit as big as “G.T.O.,” their infusion of country twang put a unique spin on mid-‘60s surf ‘n’ drag music, and their use of strings and willingness to cut ballads alongside the requisite uptempo fare showed that Wilkin refused to be pigeonholed. His move towards a more personal style accelerated with the band’s move to the RCA label, where Wilkin assumed producer duties, culminating in the 1966 solo “Delta Day”/”I Wanna Be Free” single (included here as bonus tracks), which reflected Wilkin’s eagerness to embrace the folk-rock sounds that were in the air at the time. Now, Real Gone Music has assembled a 2-CD set that includes every single A and B-side (many of which have never appeared on CD) and unique album track recorded by Ronny and the Daytonas—just like the title says, The Complete Recordings! But even that title doesn’t really do the set justice; in addition to all the group sides we’ve included Bucky’s solo sides, two tracks (“Tiger-A-Go-Go” and “Bay City”) recorded under the moniker Buzz & Bucky, and four UNRELEASED tracks, all but two taken from the original mono tapes and remastered by Vic Anesini at Sony’s own Battery Studios. Notes authored by Bucky himself plus previously unseen photos drawn from his private collection round out the set. The ultimate look at one of the all-time great surf combos!


Disc One

1.   G.T.O.

2.   Hot Rod Baby

3.   California Bound

4.   Hey Little Girl

5.   Bucket “T”

6.   Little Rail Job

7.   The Little Stingray That Could

8.   Surfin’ in the Summertime

9.   Back in the U.S.A.

10. Hot Rod City

11. Teenage Years

12. Little Scrambler

13. Tiger-A-Go-Go (Buzz & Bucky)

14. Bay City (Buzz & Bucky)

15. Beach Boy

16. No Wheels

17. Sandy

18. Sandy (Instrumental)

19. Somebody to Love Me

20. Goodbye Baby

21. Hold Me My Baby

22. Baby Say No

23. When Stars Shine Bright

24. Be Good to Your Baby

Disc Two

1.   If I Had My Way

2.   Nanci

3.   Come into My Heart

4.   So in Love

5.   Then the Rains Came

6.   Antique ’32 Studebaker Dictator Coupe

7.   I’ll Think of Summer

8.   All American Girl

9.   Dianne, Dianne

10. Young

11. Winter Weather

12. The Last Letter

13. Walk with the Sun

14. Brave New World

15. Hold onto Your Heart

16. The Girls and the Boys

17. Alfie

18. 4-Cast She’ll Love Me Again

19. Delta Day (No Time to Cry) (Bucky Wilkin)

20. I Wanna Be Free (Bucky Wilkin)

21. Daytona Beach (Unreleased)

22. Hey Little Girl (Unreleased)

23. Chapel of Love (Unreleased)

24. Angelina (Unreleased)

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