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GRATEFUL DEAD: Dick’s Picks Vol. 5—Oakland Auditorium Arena 12/26/79 (3-CD Set)

Taken, like Dick’s Picks Vol. 10, from one of the Dead’s annual year-end runs of Bay Area concerts, Dick’s Picks Vol. 5 marked five straight volumes of ‘70s shows selected by archivist Dick Latvala to start the series, and as it was from one of the very last days of the decade, it was the perfect way for Dick to complete his own mini “tour” of the ‘70s (Vol. 6 would break the string by forging ahead to the ‘80s). But Vol. 5 has a lot more going for it than just a convenient spot on the calendar; this is one of the rawest and most energetic Picks, a complete show anchored by a second set that is in essence one big medley that begins with “Uncle John’s Band” and ends with it two hours later, with a supercharged “The Other One” and the first appearance of “Brokedown Palace” in two years among many high points in between. Set one is no slouch, either, with a great, Garcia-led rendition of “Alabama Getaway” four months before it appeared on record and a passionate vocal by Bob Weir on “Looks Like Rain” leading to a spirited, set-closing “The Promised Land.” And throughout it all you’ll hear Brent Mydland serving notice in one of his first shows with the band that he is fully up to the task of replacing Keith Godchaux. Out of print for years! 


Disc One

Set One

1.   Cold Rain and Snow

2.   C.C. Rider

3.   Dire Wolf

4.   Me and My Uncle

5.   Big River

6.   Brown Eyed WomaN

7.   New Mnglewood Blues

8.   Friend of the Devil

9.   Looks Like Rain

10.  Alabama Getaway

11. Promised Land

Disc Two

Set Two

 1.   Uncle John’s Band

2.   Estimated Prophet

3.   Jam 1

4.   He’s Gone

5.   The Other One

6.   Drums

Disc Three

Set Two (cont.)

1.  Drums

2.  Jam 2

3.  Not Fade Away

4.  Brokedown Palace

5.  Around and Around

6.  Johnny B. Goode

7.  Shakedown Street

8.  Uncle John’s Band

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