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  • With the Ballyhooed Reunion of the Grateful Dead Approaching, Real Gone Music Continues Its Long Strange Trip Through the 36 Volumes in the Dick’s Picks Series  
  • Dick’s Picks Vol. 6 Was the First Show from the ‘80s to Be Released in the Series
  • Notable for a Pair of Amazing, Half-Hour Medleys, “Scarlet Begonias”/“Fire on the Mountain” and “Estimated Prophet”/“Eyes of the World”
  • Includes the First-Ever Release of the Garcia-Hunter Tune “Keep Your Day Job”
  • Has Been Out of Print for Years 


Grateful Dead: Dick’s Picks Vol. 6—Hartford Civic Center 10/14/83 (3-CD Set)

Real Gone continues its march backward through the catalog with Dick’s Picks Vol. 6—Hartford Civic Center 10/14/83. There are a lot of reasons why archivist Dick Latvala anointed this show as the first ‘80s concert to be released in his the series—a heartfelt version of “Althea,” the ever-ascending “Stella Blue”, the almost Zappa-esque opening of “Spinach Jam” segueing into “The Other One” and even the first-ever release of the Garcia-Hunter song “Keep Your Day Job”—but it’s the pair of medleys on disc two that made this show Pick-worthy. Most Deadheads considered themselves lucky if they got to hear just one of the trademark medleys “Scarlet Begonias”/Fire on the Mountain” and “Estimated Prophet”/Eyes of the World” in a single show, but this night the Dead played them both back-to-back, each clocking in at over a half hour (and exceptionally strong versions at that)! This 3-CD set presents the complete 10/14/83 show at Hartford, and, like Vol. 7, it’s been out of print for years.


Disc One 

Set One

1. Alabama Getaway

2. Greatest Story Ever Told

3. They Love Each Other

4. Mama Tried

5. Big River

6. Althea

7. C.C. Rider

8. Tennessee Jed

9. Hell in a Bucket

10. Keep Your Day Job

Disc Two

Set Two

1.  Scarlet Begonias

2.  Fire on the Mountain

3.  Estimated Prophet

4.  Eyes of the World

Disc Three

Set Two (cont.)

1. Drums

2. Spinach Jam

3. The Other One

4. Stella Blue

5. Sugar Magnolia

6. U.S. Blues


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