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  • Led by the Hellbent Antics of Front Man Jim Mangrum, Black Oak Arkansas Was One of the Greatest Live Bands of the ‘70s

  • Their 1973 Live Album, Raunch ’N’ Roll Live, Remains One of the Great Live Albums of the Decade

  • The Original Album Was Drawn from Two Shows Played Consecutive Nights in Portland and Seattle; Now, The Complete Raunch ’N’ Roll Live Presents Both Shows in Their Entirety

  • Of the 24 Tracks on This 2-CD Set, 17 Did Not Appear on the Original Release

  • Includes Seven Songs That Were Not Included on Raunch ’N’ Roll in Any Version

  • Includes Liner Notes by Bill DeYoung

  • Three Times the Raunch! 


Black Oak Arkansas: The Complete Raunch ‘N’ Roll Live (2-CD Set)

The opening paragraph of Bill DeYoung’s liner notes to this reissue says it best: “A blistering, balls-to-the-wall audio snapshot of one of southern rock’s great boogie bands in its prime, Black Oak Arkansas’ Raunch ‘N’ Roll Live has lost none of its visceral thrust, more than three decades after it humped its way into record stores as a seven-song vinyl LP.” And now, with the re-release of this 2-CD set—previously only available as a long sold-out limited edition —you get three times the raunch! That’s because—like most live albums—the actual release was drawn from several shows, in this case a 12/1/72 show at the Paramount Theater in Portland and a 12/2/72 show at Seattle’s like-named Paramount Theater. The Complete Raunch ‘N’ Roll Live presents both concerts in their entirety, featuring 17 tracks that weren’t on the original release and including some tunes—“Fever on My Mind,” “Uncle Lijiah,” “Keep the Faith,” “Lord Have Mercy on My Soul,” “Full Moon Ride” “Dixie,” and “Movin’”—that didn’t appear in any version. A double, make that triple, dose of one of the great live bands of the ‘70s, and further proof of the unhinged brilliance of frontman Jim Mangrum.


Disc One “Over Here”

1. Gettin’ Kinda Cocky*

2. Fever in My Mind*

3. Uncle Lijiah*

4. Keep the Faith*

5. Mutants of the Monster*

6. Hot Rod*

7. Lord Have Mercy on My Soul*

8. Full Moon Ride*

9. When Electricity Came to Arkansas

10. Dixie*

11. Hot and Nasty

12. Up

13. Movin’*

Disc Two “Way Over Yonder”

1. Gettin’ Kinda Cocky

2. Fever in My Mind*

3. Uncle Lijiah*

4. Gigolo

5. Mutants of the Monster

6. Hot Rod

7. Movin’*

8. Full Moon Ride*

9. When Electricity Came to Arkansas*

10. Hot and Nasty*

11. Up*

*Not on original release 

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