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  • Formed in 1982 in Long Island, The Crumbsuckers Were Part of Hardcore Punk’s Second Wave and Probably the Most Musically Accomplished Band of Them All

  • Were at the Vanguard of the “Crossover” Movement of the Mid-‘80s That Merged the Power of Hardcore Punk with the Complexity of Heavy Metal

  • Their Debut Release, Life of Dreams, Was Produced by Norman Dunn, Producer of Agnostic Front and Carnivore

  • Beast on My Back, Their Second and Final Record from 1988, Featured Production by Megadeth Producer Randy Burns

  • The Crumbsuckers’ Bass Player Gary Meskil Would Go On to Form Pro-Pain

  • LinerNotesbyTonyRettman,Authorof NYHC—New York Hardcore 1980-1990

  • Remastered at Sony’s Own Battery Studios

  • A Pair of Long Out-of-Print Hardcore Classics on One CD 


    THE CRUMBSUCKERS: Life of Dreams/Beast on My Back. CD

    Formed in 1982 in Baldwin, Long Island, The Crumbsuckers were inspired by the initial wave of hardcore punk spearheaded in America by bands such as Los Angeles’ Black Flag, Washington D.C.’s Minor Threat and Detroit’s Negative Approach. But unlike the rest of the teenaged hardcore bands forming throughout the country at the time, The Crumbsuckers were accomplished musicians for their age. Their combination of musical prowess and blindingly fast songs landed them a contract with Combat Records – home to such heavy hitting acts as Exodus, Circle Jerks and Megadeth at the time – and put them at the forefront of the “crossover” movement of the mid-80’s which merged the raw power of hardcore punk with the complexity of heavy metal.  Their debut LP from 1986, Life of Dreams, is considered a landmark release in the genre of crossover containing such ferocious classics as “Sit There,” “Bullshit Society” and “Hub Run,” which are all delivered with an added crunch courtesy of producer Norman Dunn, the man responsible for such other crossover classics as Agnostic Front’s Cause for Alarm and the debut release by Brooklyn’s Carnivore. For Beast on My Back, the bands’ second and final record from 1988, they worked with Megadeth producer Randy Burns. The band is in a more polished, thrash metal mode foreshadowing the direction bass player Gary Meskil would take in his impending band, the highly successful and still operating Pro-Pain.  Real Gone Music presents both of these groundbreaking releases for the first time on one compact disc with liner notes written by Tony Rettman; author of NYHC – New York Hardcore 1980 – 1990. Remastered at Sony’s own Battery Studios from the original tapes that were long buried in the Sony U.K. vault!


    Life of Dreams

    1. Sit There

    2. Trapped

    3. Interlude

    4. Super Tuesday

    5. Shits Creek

    6. Return to the Womb

    7. Longest War

    8. Shot Down

    9. Prelude

    10. Life of Dreams

    11. Brainwashed

    12. Faces of Death

    13. Hub Run

    14. Bullshit Society

    15. Live to Work

    16. Moment of Silence/Mr. Hyde

    Beast on My Back

    17. Breakout

    18. Jimmies Dream

    19. Charge

    20. Initial Shock

    21. I Am He

    22. The Connection

    23. Rejuvenate

    24. Remembering Tomorrow

    25. Beast on My Back

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