Betty LaVette

  • Betty (Now Bettye) LaVette Is One of the Greatest Female Soul Singers Alive, with a Brand-New Album Out (Worthy) Co-Produced by Joe Henry

  • Child of the Seventies Presents Her Long-Lost Album for the Atco Label Recorded in 1972

  • Also Includes Two Tracks Unreleased Prior to This Collection, Plus Six Single Sides and Two Mono Single Versions

  • Previously Available Only in a Hard-to-Find Limited Edition

  • Liner Notes by David Nathan

  • Masterful, Gritty Soul Performances 


    BETTY LaVETTE: Child of the Seventies. CD

    With a brand-new album out this year (Worthy) co-produced by Joe Henry, Bettye LaVette is hotter than ever, easily one of our greatest living soul singers and still an irresistible artistic force. So, we thought the time was right to reissue this collection featuring her complete recordings for the Atco and Atlantic labels, which previously came out only in a hard-to-find limited edition. The title, Child of the Seventies, is taken from a complete album that Bettye (or Betty, as she was known back then) recorded for Atco back in November 1972; produced by Brad Shapiro (most notable for his work with Millie Jackson), it’s a raw soul masterpiece that the label inexplicably decided not to release (it was only to see the light of day in 2000 on a European release and then on this compilation). But that’s only the beginning of the gems that await you on this set: among the 10 bonus tracks are two tracks (“Waiting for Tomorrow” and “Livin’ Life on a Shoestring”) that were previously unreleased until their debut here, plus single versions (including a mono version of the brilliant “Your Turn to Cry”) of album tracks and six more single sides, 22 deeply soulful tracks in all! David Nathan’s notes follow the long and winding road these recordings took to being released. Essential soul!

    1. It Ain’t Easy

    2. If I Can’t Be Your Woman

    3. Fortune Teller

    4. Your Turn to Cry

    5. Soul Tambourine

    6. All the Black and White Children

    7. Our Own Love Song

    8. Ain’t Nothing Gonna Change Me

    9. Outside Woman

    10. The Stealer

    11. My Love Is Showing

    12. Souvenirs

    Bonus Tracks

    13. Waiting for Tomorrow

    14. Livin’ Life on a Shoestring

    15. Your Turn to Cry (Mono Single Version)

    16. Soul Tambourine (Mono Single Version)

    17. Heart of Gold

    18. You’ll Wake Up Wiser

    19. Here I Am

    20. You’ll Never Change

    21. My Man—He’s a Lovin’ Man

    22. Shut Your Mouth

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