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• Led by Ian Lloyd and Michael Brown(Formerly of the Left Banke), Stories Released Three Excellent Albums and Scored Five Chart Hits During the ‘70s Including the #1 Hit “Brother Louie”

• Stories Untold Is the First-Ever Compilation of Their Work

• Includes 19 Tracks Taken from Three Albums and Hit Singles Plus Solo Work by Lloyd and Brown
• Features Four Single Sides Making Their CD Debut
• “Brother Louie” Is One of the Most Enduring Songs of the ‘70s, Recently Used as the Theme Song for the Hit TV Series Louie
• Also Includes the Hits “I’m Coming Home,” “Darling,” “Mammy,” “If It Feels Good, Do It” and “Slip Away”
• Liner Notes by Larry Watts
• Remastered at Sony’s Battery Studios in New York
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STORIES: Stories Untold—The Very Best of Stories. CD

They had a #1 hit and one of the most enduring (and controversial) hits of the ‘70s in “Brother Louie”—the groundbreaking song about an interracial love affair recently heard (in a re-recorded version) as the theme song of Louis C.K.’s hit TV series Louie—but Stories have never had any kind of collection devoted to their work. One reason for that might be that the band had two distinct eras: the first two albums with Ian Lloyd and the Left Banke’s Michael Brown as co-leaders of the band, and the third and final album with Lloyd as the sole frontman. Which we have kept in mind in putting together in this compilation, which features four single sides that have never been on CD. Stories Untold starts with the “Two by Two (I’m Losing You)”/”Love Songs in the Night” single taken from the Ultra Violet’s Hot Parts soundtrack that was purportedly recorded by the Left Banke but was credited to Steve Martin, who was a founding member of that group along with Brown. We also include the solo singles that Brown and Lloyd released on the Kama Sutra and Scotti Bros. labels, respectively. But at the heart of the collection are the songs the band released as Stories and Ian Lloyd & Stories—the original hit single versions of “Brother Louie,” “I’m Coming Home,” “Darling,” “Mammy Blue” and “If It Feels Good, Do It,” plus key album tracks, all remastered at Sony’s Battery Studios in New York. Larry Watts’ notes untangle the story behind Stories. 19 tracks of superb progressive pop from the ‘70s!



1. Love Songs in the Night • Steve Martin

2. Two by Two (I’m Losing You) • Steve Martin

3. I'm Coming Home

4. Take Cover

5. Circles • Michael Brown

6. Darling

7. Love Is In Motion

8. Please, Please

9. Brother Louie

10. Mammy Blue

11. Bridges • Ian Lloyd & Stories

12. Stories Untold • Ian Lloyd & Stories

13. Earthbound/Freefall • Ian Lloyd & Stories

14. If It Feels Good, Do It • Ian Lloyd & Stories

15. Another Love • Ian Lloyd & Stories

16. She Broke Your Heart • Ian Lloyd

17. Slip Away • Ian Lloyd

18. Love Stealer • Ian Lloyd

19. Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) • Ian Lloyd

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