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  • 1982's Under the Big Black Sun Is Considered By Many to Be X's Best Album, and One of the Best Albums of the ‘80s

  • Their Most Personal Record

  • Features the Anthemic “The Hungry Wolf” and the Wrenching “Riding with Mary” and “Come Back to Me”

  • Expanded and Remastered Edition Includes Bonus Tracks Exclusive to This Release 

    The first 25 customers to buy the CD from us get an autographed booklet or traycard! First-come, first-served, only one autographed copy per customers order allowed. 

    Autographed version is sold out.


    X: Under the Big Black Sun (Expanded & Remastered Edition). CD

    A lot of people consider 1982’s Under the Big Black Sun to be X’s best album. And even those people who don’t think it’s their best album still consider it one of the best albums of the ‘80s. That’s because it’s their most personal and fearless record. The death of Exene Cervenka’s sister spurred her to write some of the most wrenching, evocative lyrics (“Riding with Mary;” “Come Back to Me”) of her career, and the band departed from their hard-and-fast roots to explore everything from Latin-cum-surf-tinged Tin Pan Alley (“Dancing with Tears in My Eyes”) to something close to country rock (“The Have Nots”), while still serving up some anthemic rock and roll with “The Hungry Wolf.” Our Real Gone reissue resurrects the expanded (with five bonus tracks) and remastered edition that went out of print way too long ago. Essential music from a legendary L.A. band.


    1. The Hungry Wolf

    2. Motel Room in My Bed

    3. Riding with Mary

    4. Come Back to Me

    5. Under the Big Black Sun

    6. Because I Do

    7. Blue Spark

    8. Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

    9. Real Child of Hell

    10. How I (Learned My Lesson)

    11. The Have Nots

    Bonus Tracks

    12. Riding with Mary (Single Version)

    13. X Rewrites “El Paso” (Rehearsal)/Because I Do (TV Mix/Instrumental)

    14. Universal Corner (Live)

    15. Breathless (Single Mix)

    16. How I (Learned My Lesson) (Live)

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