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Bob Wills Record Store Day Exclusive LP

  • The Tiffany Transcriptions Are Generally Recognized as the Greatest—and Rarest—Recordings by the King of Western Swing, Bob Wills

  • Originally Intended for Radio Airplay Only, Less Than Half of the Songs Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys Recorded for Tiffany Music Have Ever Been Issued in Any Format

  • This Record Store Day Exclusive Vinyl Release Features 10 Songs That Have Never Been Released Anywhere

  • Four of the Songs Are Exclusive to This Release; Six Will Appear on the Forthcoming 2-CD Set Riding Your Way—The Lost Transcriptions for Tiffany Music, 1946-1947 (Release Date: April 29)

  • Limited Edition of 1500

  • Red Vinyl, 150-Gram

  • Packaging Is Designed to Mimic the Mailers In Which the Transcription Discs Were Sent to Radio Stations, with ”Pre-Distressed,“ Trompe L1Oeil Wrinkles and Wear

  • Features Vintage Tiffany Transcriptions Label and Advertising

  • Mastered by Bob Fisher to Preserve Vibrancy While Eliminating Excess Surface Noise 


    Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys - Transcriptions LP

    This exclusive Record Store Day release from Real Gone Music offers folks a chance to own some of the most revered—and rare—recordings in the history of American music. In 1946 and 1947, Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys cut almost 400 full songs for Tiffany Music, Inc., recordings that came to be known as the Tiffany Transcriptions. These recordings were distributed only to radio stations on 16-inch transcription discs, and were intended for airplay as part of a syndicated radio show featuring Wills and the Playboys. However, the transcriptions proved to be a financial failure, and Tiffany Music, Inc. folded by the end of the ‘40s, seemingly relegating the Tiffany Transcriptions to obscurity (and leaving over 200 songs in the can).

    But that was not the end of the story. The Tiffany Transcriptions were unlike anything else in the King of Western Swing’s discography. Typically recorded on a Monday in between tours, they usually consisted of on-the-spot arrangements of everything from Wills hits to western swing standards to sentimental ballads to blues and hot swing instrumentals, and the 16”, 33 1/3 rpm recording format allowed some of the songs to be longer than the normal, three-minute limitation of the 10-inch, 78 rpm commercial records of the
day. This meant that Wills and his incredible band—with the great Tommy Duncan on vocals— had a chance to stretch out and have fun with
the material. The result: the Tiffany
Transcriptions are generally regarded as the
best recordings Bob Wills and His Texas
Playboys ever made.

    For decades, the Tiffany Transcriptions were more legend than fact.
Collectors passed copies of them around on poorly recorded reel-to-reel tapes and, later, cassettes. Finally, in the early ‘80s, Kaleidoscope Records began releasing a series of vinyl volumes of the Tiffany Transcriptions, followed by a CD release on Kaleidoscope and Rhino Records in the ‘90s. To date, however, less than half of the songs recorded by Wills and the Playboys have seen the light of day since the original transcription pressings of the ‘40s. Now, for the first time in over 65 years, Real Gone Music presents ten of those long-lost, never before released transcription sides inside a package designed to mimic the mailers in which they were sent to radio stations back in the ‘40s, with “pre-distressed,” trompe l’oeil wrinkles and wear on the record jacket and a cutaway hole in front showing the vintage Tiffany logo on the vinyl label, which continues the Tiffany numbering system of assigning a record number to each side. The back cover also shows vintage graphics from the period, and the records are pressed on red vinyl (150-gram), as that’s how some Tiffany Transcriptions were originally manufactured. The recordings are mastered by Bob Fisher from recently discovered tapes to preserve their rough and ready vibrancy while eliminating excess background surface noise. There will be a 2-CD release of this material coming out after RSD on April 29; however, four of these songs are exclusive to the RSD piece and will not even appear on the subsequent CD release. And again, none of these recordings were even released on the original transcription discs. Limited to 1500 copies!

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