Jackie Moore

  • Jackie Moore Was One of the Great Southern Soul Divas of the ‘60s and ‘70s

  • The Complete Atlantic Recordings Presents the Sides That Made Her Famous, Including “Precious, Precious,” “Sometimes It’s Got to Rain (in Your Love Life)” and “Sweet Charlie Babe”

  • 2-CD Set Includes 14 Unreleased Tracks Out of 30 Total

  • Liner Notes by Acclaimed UK Writer Charles Waring Feature Extensive Quotes from Jackie Moore Herself

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision 


    JACKIE MOORE: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (2-CD Set)

    Florida-born soul singer Jackie Moore began her recording career in 1968 with singles on the Shout and Wand labels; however it was her first release for Atlantic Records in early 1970 that catapulted her to national prominence in the U.S with a song – written by Jackie and her cousin Dave Crawford, who produced it – that started out as the B-side to her debut single for the label. The label selected the brass-laden “Willpower” but a radio disc jockey flipped the record, got immediate reaction and Jackie ended up with a gold record in the form of “Precious, Precious,” a lilting, gentle slice of Southern soul that remains a timeless R&B classic.

    Working initially with Crawford (and later with renowned co-producer Brad Shapiro) at Criteria Studios in Miami, Jackie cut 21 tracks over between November 1969 and June 1972 including the R&B-charting singles “Sometimes It’s Got to Rain (In Your Love Life),” “Time” and “Darling Baby” (a cover of the Elgins’ Motown hit). In late 1972, she began working with the Philadelphia team known as The Young Professionals, consisting of singer Phil Hurtt together with Atlantic A&R man LeBaron Taylor and singer/songwriter Bunny Sigler (who was later replaced by guitarist, Tony Bell, producer Thom Bell’s younger sibling). The result was her second biggest Atlantic hit, “Sweet Charlie Babe,” a Top 20 R&B and Top 50 pop charted single.  The track became the title for Jackie’s sole Atlantic album, which was released in 1973 and also boasted the Top 30 R&B hit, “Both Ends Against the Middle.”

    Jackie continued recording with The Young Professionals, cutting another five tracks in 1973 and 1974 including a version of country singer Charlie Rich’s “Behind Closed Doors” that remained in the can until it was issued on a UK compilation in 2006.   After leaving Atlantic, Jackie recorded for Kayvette Records before signing with Columbia Records where she enjoyed a dance and R&B hit with “This Time Baby.”

    Real Gone Music (in association with SoulMusic Records) is proud to present Jackie’s entire output for Atlantic with a total of, count ‘em, 14 previously unreleased tracks (that’s nearly half the release)!  Liner notes by acclaimed UK writer Charles Waring include extensive quotes from Jackie herself, producer Phil Hurtt and songwriter Vinnie Barrett. Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision.


    Disc One


    1.  Precious, Precious

    2.  Willpower

    3.  If This Was the Last Song (Unreleased)

    4.  Cover Me

    5.  Change Me Not, I Love You (Unreleased)

    6.  Wonderful, Marvelous

    7.  Sometimes It’s Got to Rain (in Your Love Life)

    8.  I Forgive You (Unreleased)

    9.  Here Am I (Unreleased)

    10. Something in a Look

    11. Time

    12. Young Girls (Unreleased)

    13. I Just Started (Unreleased)

    14. Darling Baby

    15. Do Wrong Man (Unreleased)

    16. Set Me Free (Unreleased)




    Disc Two


    1.  What a Man

    2.  They Tell Me of an Uncloudy Day

    3.  It Ain’t Who You Know

    4.  I Love Every Little Thing About You (Unreleased)

    5.  Lead Me, Guide Me (Unreleased)

    6.  Sweet Charlie Babe

    7.  If

    8.  Both Ends Against the Middle

    9.  Clean Up Your Own Yard

    10. Joe (Unreleased)

    11. Behind Closed Doors

    12. Tell Me A Lie (Unreleased)

    13. A Promise Is A Promise (Unreleased)

    14. Tyrone (Unreleased)

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