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Information Regarding Cat Mother "Albion Doo-Wah" CD

Soon after the Cat Mother "Albion Doo-Wah" CD was shipped to our customers and to retail, it was brought to our attention that there was a mastering issue on this CD. Track 2, "Turkish Taffy," and track 9, "Albion Doo Wah," were at a distinctly lower volume than the rest of the tracks on the album. We listen to a "reference master" for all of our releases, and the reference master for this one sounded perfect (we wouldn't have approved the project for release if it didn't). But somewhere in the process the studio (Battery Studios, Sony's own mastering studio) used to create the master, these two tracks dropped out in volume. Battery itself can't explain what happened, this has occurred perhaps one other time in their long, august history. To their credit, they (and Universal, the licensor) have worked with us to speedily supply a new master, and we are now happy to announce that we have a brand new, corrected pressing in house and ready to ship. If you ordered the CD directly from us at we will automatically send you a free replacement of the entire package including disc, booklet, tray card and jewel case. Furthermore, even if you ordered from another source than, we are willing to send you a replacement disc as well in good faith. Please email us at any type of proof of purchase (a scan or picture of the receipt, an email of the receipt or even a picture of your CD is fine-- just get us something) Also include your mailing address and we will mail you a free copy of the replacement disc only (we will not send a new jewel case, booklet and tray card in these cases). We stand by our label and our releases and we sincerely apologize about this-- it truly was a fluke, the first time this has happened in our careers of releasing thousands of records.

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