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Jefferson Starship

The first 55 customers to buy the album from us get an autographed booklet or traycard from the great Paul Kantner. First-come, first-served, only one autographed copy per customers order allowed. AUTOGRAPHED COPIES ARE NOW SOLD OUT but the regular version is still available. 

Complete, Unreleased Live Concert from One of the Biggest Acts of the '70s

Captures Jefferson Starship a Month Before the Release of Red Octopus, Their Most Successful Album

Legendary May 1975 Gig Took Place in Front of a Crowd of 100,000-Plus in
 Central Park

Sound Taken from Tape Contributed by Band

Mastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios

Includes Photos from the Actual Gig Taken by Allan Tannenbaum

Liner Notes by Richie Unterberger

Features Classic Early Starship Line-Up of Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Marty Balin, David Freiberg,
 Craig Chaquico, Pete Sears, 
John Barbata and Papa John Creach

Blistering Performance Punctuated by Quintessential, Mid-'70s New York City Moments

JEFFERSON STARSHIP: Live in Central Park NYC May 12, 1975 (2-CD Set)

New York City 1975. The city is teetering on bankruptcy, mere months away from President Ford’s infamous “Drop dead” speech. And over 100,000 well-lubricated fans attend a free concert by Jefferson Starship in Central Park. What could go wrong?

Actually, unless you were a tree, not much (a constant theme of the concert is threats by the police and park staff to shut down the show unless fans get out of the trees, and the Starship and the concert sponsor, WNEW-FM, had to pony up for park repairs after the event). This is the Starship on the eve of the release of Red Octopus, mere months away from ascending commercial heights never attained by the Airplane, and the band is absolutely on fire—there’s a reason this concert ranks among the most treasured bootlegs in Airplane or Starship tape collector circles. And speaking of tape collectors, for this first-ever legitimate release we have worked with a tape provided by the band and filled in some gaps (including the long-lost ending of “Volunteers”) with recordings contributed by collectors to present the complete show on two CDs mastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios (minus some of the incessant exhortations to get out of the trees). The material ranges from songs off of their debut Dragonfly (“Ride the Tiger,” “Caroline”) to tunes from the forthcoming Red Octopus (“Play on Love,” “Fast Buck Freddie”) to Airplane faves “White Rabbit,” “Somebody to Love” and “Volunteers,” performed by the early Starship line-up of Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Marty Balin, David Freiberg, Craig Chaquico, Pete Sears, John Barbata and Papa John Creach. The Kantner-Slick-Balin vocal dynamics have rarely been better than on this recording, and guitarist Chaquico particularly shines; it being the ‘70s, there are also long drum and bass solos and a bit of the anarchic spirit of mid-‘70s New York City seeps into the show as well. The scene is captured by professional photographer Allan Tannenbaum (photographer/author of New York in the ‘70s), who was at the gig and supplies photos (including the cover shot) for this collection, while Richie Unterberger’s notes set the stage for the Starship playing the biggest gig imaginable.


1.  Intro-Ride the Tiger

2.  Stage Announcement-Fast Buck Freddie

3.  The Witcher

4.  Stage Announcement-Devil's Den

5.  Caroline

6.  Driving Me Crazy

7.  Papa Creach's Down Home Blues



1.  Play on Love

2.  Better Lying Down

3.  Have You Seen the Saucers

4.  Come to Life

5.  White Rabbit

6.  Stage Announcements

7.  Sweeter Than Honey

8.  Somebody to Love

9.  Volunteers

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