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Dionne Warwick

  • Dionne Warwick's 1972-1977 Stint at Warner Bros. Remains the Least Heralded Period of Her Career
  • These Two Collections Shed New Light on Some of Her Finest Recordings
  • Features Dionne with Such Top-Flight Songwriters and Producers as Burt Bacharach & Hal David, Ashford & Simpson, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Thom Bell, Jerry Ragavoy and More
  • The Complete Warner Bros. Singles Includes All 21 Stereo Single Sides She Recorded for the Label, with the Hits "Once You Hit the Road" and "If We Only Have Love"
  • We Need to Go Back—The Unissued Warner Bros. Masters Collects 19 Unreleased Tracks, Including Three Recorded with Burt Bacharach
  • Notes by Dionne Expert Paul Howes
  • Photo-Packed Booklets 
  • Produced by Jim Pierson


DIONNE WARWICK: The Complete Warner Bros. Singles. CD

Dionne Warwick’s 1972-1977 singles for the Warner Bros. label not only feature a reteaming with Burt Bacharach and Hal David but also a host of other top-drawer collaborators, including former Motown kingpins Holland-Dozier-Holland, Philly soul king Thom Bell, R&B legend Jerry Ragovoy, West Coast pop-rock pioneer Steve Barri with multiple Grammy-winner Michael Omartian, and ace Gladys Knight & The Pips producer Joe Porter. Now, for the first-time ever, the “A” and “B” sides of all 21 of Warwick’s original Warner Brothers stereo single sides are brought together into an album—including such tracks that hit Billboard's Hot 100, R&B and Easy Listening charts as "Once You Hit The Road" and "If We Only Have Love." Although Dionne would leave Warners to achieve new triumphs with Arista Records in 1978, these long-buried gems—many of which have never been released on CD—reveal that her soulful pop sound and vision remained potent and true during the '70s. Paul Howes’ notes include quotes from Dionne herself that illuminate this overlooked period in her brilliant career


1.   If We Only Have Love

2.   Close to You

3.   I Think You Need Love

4.   Don’t Let My Teardrops Bother You

5.   (I’m) Just Being Myself

6.   You’re Gonna Need Me

7.   Sure Thing

8.   Who Knows

9.   Take It from Me

10. It’s Magic

11. Once You Hit the Road

12. World of My Dreams

13. His House and Me

14. Ronnie Lee

15. I Didn’t Mean to Love You

16. He’s Not for You

17. Do You Believe in Love at First Sight

18. Do I Have to Cry

19. Keepin’ My Head above Water

20. Livin’ It Up Is Startin’ to Get Me Down

21. Don’t Ever Take Your Love Away 



DIONNE WARWICK: We Need to Go Back—The Unissued Warner Bros. Masters. CD

Although Dionne Warwick released five albums and nearly a dozen singles for Warner Brothers during her five-year (1972-1977) stint with the label, a search through the tape vaults has uncovered a wealth of stellar unreleased masters whose rumored existence has tantalized collectors for decades. Now with its release of We Need to Go Back—The Unissued Warner Bros. Masters, Real Gone Music has unearthed 19 rare treasures made with the involvement of some of the industry’s top pop and soul producers. For instance, the title track is one of a pair of songs Dionne recorded with R&B songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson during a 1973 session. That same year, pop composer Randy Edelman ("Weekend In New England") joined with Warwick (and engineer Brooks Arthur) to wax a trio of tunes never-before-heard until now. From Dionne's album sessions come an array of outstanding outtakes with Thom Bell, Holland-Dozier-Holland , Steve Barri & Michael Omartian and Jerry Ragovoy. There are also a whopping five recordings for a never-completed 1976 album with producer Joe Porter (Gladys Knight & The Pips). But perhaps the most tantalizing discovery is three previously unreleased Burt Bacharach creations (penned with Neil Simon and Bobby Russell and engineered by Phil Ramone) that the maestro produced in 1974: "He Walked Right Through the Door," "And Then You Know What He Did" and "Plastic City." Fascinating, rare and essential, with notes by Paul Howes that featuring quotes from Dionne herself!


1.  Too Far Out of Reach   

2.  You Hurt Me So          

3. Give A Little Laughter  

4. You Are the Sunlight and I Am the Moon 

5. The Laughter & the Tears 

6. We Need To Go Back 

7. Someone Else Gets The Prize 

8. And Then You Know What He Did 

9. Plastic City 

10. He Walked Right Through the Door

11. Meant to Be 

12. One Last Memory 

13. I Found Someone Else 

14. Make a Little Love to Me 

15. Am I Too Late? 

16. Rest Your Love on Me 

17. I'll Never Make It Easy 

18. Keep Me Warm 

19. Room Enough  

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