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Stan Hunter & Sonny Fortune


  • Hard-to-Find 1966 Album Blending Tenor Sax and Hammond Organ

  • First Appearance on Record of Sonny Fortune, Later a Mainstay in Miles Davis' Electric Bands

  • CD Debut

  • Notes by Pat Thomas 

    Selected by Dusty Groove

Stan Hunter & Sonny Fortune: Trip on the Strip. CD

A rare and sublime Hammond/tenor date from Prestige Records, quite different than the usual groove for the label!  The set marks the first appearance on record of a young Sonny Fortune—who's already quite far-reaching and spiritual in his sound—paired here with organist Stan Hunter, who has a bit of a Larry Young touch to his groove. The complete 1966 release, with notes by Pat Thomas!




1.  Trip on the Strip

2.  Yesterday

3.  Corn Flakes

4.  This Is All I Ask

5.  HFR

6.  Invitation

7.  Sonny’s Mood

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