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Hackamore Brick 

AUTOGRAPHED COPIES ARE NOW SOLD OUT but the regular versions of the CD's are still available.

The first 35 customers to buy the CD from us get an autographed booklet. First-come, first-served, only one autographed copy per customers order allowed.



Hackamore Brick's One Kiss Leads to Another Defines the Term Cult Classic

Championed by Everybody from Ugly Things to WFMU

CD Debut and First LP Reissue

Remastered from Original Tapes by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in NYC

LP Includes the Bonus Single Side "Searchin'"

CD Includes Three Bonus Tracks

Liner Notes by Tony Rettman Include Exclusive Quotes from Hackamore Brick's Tommy Moonlight

Package Includes Photos from the Band's Own Archive

LP Includes Printed Inner Sleeve

 Hackamore Brick: One Kiss Leads to Another CD and LP

What makes a record a true cult classic? First, it must be released to a modicum of critical acclaim but zero commercial success. Second, in almost all cases the artists behind the release have to disappear immediately into obscurity. And third, over the course of decades, a dedicated core of record collectors, critics and true believers must spread the word about
the album in question. Well, by those standards, New York band Hackamore Brick’s 1970 LP One
Kiss Leads to Another is the cult classic to end all cult classics (the
only recent contenders might be Rodriguez’s albums Cold Fact and Coming from Reality). Released on the bubblegum-centric Kama Sutra label to positive reactions from critics ranging from Richard Meltzer to Lenny Kaye, One Kiss sounded very different from anything else on the label or, for that matter, anything else on the 1970 music scene; often cited as the first post-Velvet Underground album, it does indeed provoke comparison’s to VU’s third, self-titled record and Loaded as well as other descendants like the Modern Lovers and Television. But the country-ish harmonies of vocalists Tommy Moonlight and Chick Newman lend the record a sound not unlike any number of current alternative “beard rock” bands plying their wares, and the discursive lyrics recall the Kinks. In short, One Kiss Leads to Another passes the fourth and hardest test of cult classic-dom, which is to remain relevant into the present, even though Moonlight and Newman didn’t record another note together as Hackamore Brick until 2009. Real Gone Music is proud to present this remarkable record on both vinyl and CD, with a bonus track, the single side “Searchin’,” appearing on both formats, and two additional bonus tracks, the mono single versions of “Radio” and “I Watched You Rhumba,” on the CD. Liner notes by Tony Rettman featuring quotes from Tommy Moonlight and pictures from the Hackamore Brick archive round out both the vinyl and CD releases. Remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in NYC—highly anticipated and worth the wait!


Songs on LP:

Side One:

1.  Reachin’

2.   Oh! Those Sweet Bananas

3.   I Watched You Rhumba

4.   Radio

5.   Peace Has Come

Bonus Track:

6.   Searchin’

Side Two:

1.   Got a Gal Named Wilma

2.   I Won’t Be Around

3.   And I Wonder

4.   Someone You Know

5.   Zip Gun Woman



Songs on CD:

1.  Reachin’

2.   Oh! Those Sweet Bananas

3.   I Watched You Rhumba

4.   Radio

5.   Peace Has Come

6.   Got a Gal Named Wilma

7.   I Won’t Be Around

8.   And I Wonder

9.   Someone You Know

10. Zip Gun Woman


Bonus Tracks:


11. Searchin’

12. Radio (Single Version)

13. I Watched You Rhumba (Single Version)

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