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Dickey Lee

The first 55 customers to buy the album from us get an autographed booklet or traycard from the great Dickey Lee. First-come, first-served, only one autographed copy per customers order allowed. 


  • First Legitimate and Comprehensive Collection of Dickey Lee's Classic
    RCA Country Hits

  • 20 Tracks, 19 Hits

  • Includes Dickey's Own Version of "She Thinks I Still Care"

  • Notes by Bill Dahl Include Quotes from Dickey

  • Remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios 

DICKEY LEE: Original Greatest Hits. CD

 He went from being a ‘60s teen idol to being one of the biggest stars in ’70s country music, but Royden Dickey Lipscomb a.k.a. Dickey Lee has never enjoyed a collection of his original hit RCA ‘70s country sides worthy of the name. But here, at last, is a retrospective that breaks through the flotsam and jetsam of budget packages and re-records that’s currently available: 20 tracks, all but one of ‘em a hit, and the one song that isn’t a hit is Dickey’s own version of “She Thinks I Still Care,” which he wrote and George Jones took to the top of the charts. All beautifully remastered by Vic Anesiini at Battery Studios, with notes by Bill Dahl featuring quotes from Dickey himself—an essential addition to any country collection.

1.  The Mahogany Pulpit  #55 Country Hit

2.  Never Ending Song of Love #8 Country Hit

3.  I Saw My Lady  #25 Country Hit

4.  Ashes Of Love #15 Country Hit

5.  She Thinks I Still Care

6.  Baby, Bye Bye #31 Country Hit

7.  Crying Over You #43 Country Hit

8.  Put Me Down Softly #30 Country Hit

9.  Sparklin' Brown Eyes #49 Country Hit

10. I Use The Soap #46 Country Hit

11. The Busiest Memory In Town #22 Country Hit

12. Rocky #1 Country Hit

13. Angels, Roses and Rain #9 Country Hit

14. Makin' Love Don't Always Make Love Grow #35 Country Hit

15. 9,999,999 Tears #3 Country #52 Pop Hit

16. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody #20 Country Hit

17. Virginia, How Far Will You Go #22 Country Hit

18. Peanut Butter #21 Country Hit

19. Love Is A Word #27 Country Hit

20. It's Not Easy #58 Country Hit

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