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The Diary of Anne Frank


The first 25 customers to buy the album from us get an autographed booklet from the great Diane Baker, who played Diane’s older sister Margot in the film! First-come, first-served and only one autographed copy per customer's order allowed.   AUTOGRAPH VERSION IS SOLD OUT BUT THE REGULAR VERSION IS STILL AVAILABLE

  • The Diary of Anne Frank Is One of Legendary Screen Composer Alfred Newman's Most Beloved Scores

  • First-Time CD Release of Original 1959 Soundtrack Album 

  • In Rare Stereo

  • New Liner Notes 

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK: Original Film Soundtrack. CD

Winner of nine Academy Awards (second only to Walt Disney) and nominated for 45 (second among composers only to John Williams), Alfred Newman ranks as one of the greatest screen composers of all time, writer of such acclaimed film scores as How Green Was My Valley, All About Eve, Wuthering Heights, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing and The Song of Bernadette. But this score, to the 1959 George Stevens film adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank (which was nominated for an Academy Award), occupies a special place in the hearts of Newman fans, and not just because the story on screen that it accompanies is so heart-rending and enduring. Contrary to what one might expect of a movie set in The Holocaust, the music to the film is lyrical, even on occasion lighthearted; as Newman put it, “…the music would be motivated by high ideals, the tenderness and spiritual qualities inherent in their family life and their special badge of courage.” Indeed, the humanity that has made the diary of Anne Frank one of the most profound documents to survive The Holocaust is expressed in every note Newman wrote for the film. Real Gone Music proudly presents the original stereo film soundtrack album for the first time on legitimate CD with the original album artwork and new liner notes.


1.   The Diary of Anne Frank (Overture)

2.   Families in Hiding (The Secret Annex)

3.   The First Day

4.   The Captives—Spring Is Coming

5.   Ericka

6.   Date with Peter

7.   The First Kiss

8.   The Dearness of You, Peter

9.   Epilogue

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