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Johnny Mathis Autographs!

One signed booklet or tray card from either Johnny Mathis release to the first 70 customers who buy both releases from us on the same order (anybody who has already ordered both from us on the same order will get a signed piece of artwork from one of the titles).  Only one autograph allowed per customer.

Johnny Mathis’s mid-‘60s sides for the Mercury label have long been overlooked, even though they rank among the most commercially and artistically successful recordings of his career. Why? Well, for one thing, Johnny has been a flagship artist for Columbia Records for so long that folks have just plain forgotten that he spent three years apart from the label. But more importantly, those recordings, most notably the ten LPs he cut for Mercury, have been out of print during the entire compact disc era, as only Johnny’s Christmas album has ever come out on CD and a few assorted songs on a now-deleted double-CD package issued by Columbia 15 years ago.

Now, by special arrangement with Sony Music, the artist and his management, Real Gone Music is proudly issuing these essential albums (everything but the Christmas album, which remains in print) on compact disc for the first time, nearly 50 years after Johnny’s first release on Mercury. Each release consists of two albums, each newly remastered at Battery Studios in New York, complete with original art and comprehensive liner notes featuring an exclusive interview of Johnny by pop vocal expert James Ritz (who counts these Mercury albums as his favorite Mathis recordings, by the way). And our first wave of releases includes an unreleased album of Broadway-themed songs recorded by Johnny in 1964-1965!

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JOHNNY MATHIS: Tender Is the Night/Wonderful World of Make-Believe. CD

Johnny’s first two “secular” albums for Mercury (his first release for the label was Sounds of Christmas) both hit the charts in 1964, with Tender Is the Night going all the way up to #12. Both albums feature Johnny’s dreamy takes on stage and film songs, and Tender boasts arrangements by the great Don Costa.


Tender Is the Night

1.   Tender Is the Night

2.   Laura

3.   No Strings

4.   I Can’t Give You Anything but Love, Baby

5.   April Love

6.   Call Me Irresponsible

7.   A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

8.   A Ship Without a Sail

9.   Forget Me Not

10. Where Is Love?

11. Somewhere

12. Tomorrow Song

 The Wonderful World of Make Believe 

13.  Camelot

14.  I’m Always Chasing Rainbows

15.  House of Flowers

16.  Beyond the Sea

17.  Sky Full of Rainbows

18.  Sands of Time

19.  Shangri-La

20.  Alice in Wonderland

21.  Dream, Dream, Dream

22.  The Wonderful World of Make-Believe

23.  When You Wish upon a Star

24.  Beyond the Blue Horizon


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JOHNNY MATHIS: Love Is Everything Plus the Unreleased “Broadway” Album. CD

That Love Is Everything, Johnny’s masterful 1965 album of ballads, is finally out on CD is exciting enough, but on top of that we’ve included his unreleased album of songs taken from Broadway musicals! Love Is Everything reunited Mathis with frequent Columbia collaborator Glenn Osser, while only a couple of tracks have ever seen release in any format from the Broadway album, which was recorded during 1964 and 1965. Essential and rare!


Love Is Everything

1.   Never Let Me Go

2.   People

3.   A Thousand Blue Bubbles

4.   Love Is Everything

5.   Young and Foolish

6.   An Affair to Remember

7.   Come Ride the Wind with Me

8.   Go Away Little Girl

9.   Dancing in the Dark

10. Long Ago and Far Away

11. This Is All I Ask

12. One More Mountain

The Unreleased Broadway Album

13.  Ain’t It De Truth

14.  Get Out of Town

15.  Independent

16.  Hello, Dolly!

17.  Manhattan

18.  Comes Once in a Lifetime

19.  You’d Better Love Me

20.  Don’t Rain on My Parade

21.  Of Thee I Sing

22.  When I’m Not Near the Girl I Love

23.  Ridin’ High

24.  She Loves Me   

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