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  • David Cassidy's Solo Album Catalog Has Largely Been Unavailable for Decades

  • Cassidy Live Has Never Been on CD, Gettin' It in the Street Only on CD in Japan

  • Gettin' It in the Street Never Received a Proper U.S. Release on Vinyl, So Extra-Collectible

  • New Remastering by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in NYC

  • Liner Notes by '70s Pop Expert Lisa Sutton 

If the late ‘50s/early ‘60s were the first Golden Age for rock ‘n’ roll teen idols, the early-to-mid-‘70s were definitely the second. And, just like it did the first time around with such stars as Ricky Nelson and Paul Petersen, television played a huge role in launching the careers of many ‘70s heartthrobs. Teen idols like Bobby Sherman, Donny Osmond and Leif Garrett received tremendous exposure on TV, which led to more record sales, which led to more exposure, and so on. But perhaps the king of them all (or, more appropriately, prince) was David Cassidy, eldest son of television’s Partridge Family. Cassidy’s star was so bright, in fact, that he was one of the very few ‘70s teen idols (Osmond is the only other one that comes to mind) that was able to achieve a successful, long-lived solo career after the initial burst of teen hype—in fact, it was Cassidy’s desire to tackle more mature musical material that in part led to the end of the show. Despite their commercial success, however, those solo recordings have remained largely unavailable, with only Cassidy’s first two albums seeing release on compact disc in this country. Now, Real Gone Music is delving into David’s rich catalog with a series of releases featuring liner notes by ‘70s pop expert Lisa Sutton and new remastering by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in NYC—and we’re starting with the two most collectible titles!

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Recorded in Britain during his 1974 world tour, this live album provides eloquent testimony both to the kind of hysteria David Cassidy concerts generated and to his global appeal. Despite that global appeal, however, this album has never been on CD anywhere in the world—and with tunes by Oscar Hammerstein & Richard Rodgers, Leon Russell and Stephen Stills, it confirms that Cassidy had bigger things in mind than just being a teen idol.


1.    Preying on My Mind

2.    Some Kind of a Summer

3.    Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

4.    Bali Hai/Mae

5.    I Am a Clown

6.   Delta Lady

7.   Please Please Me

8.   Daydreamer

9.   How Can I Be Sure

10. For What It’s Worth

11. Rock Medley: Blue Suede Shoes/(We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock/Jailhouse Rock/Rock and Roll Music/Rock Me Baby


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DAVID CASSIDY: Gettin’ It in the Street. CD

This 1976 album never saw a proper release in the U.S., and has only been on CD in Japan, so it ranks as the rarest David Cassidy album in his catalog. Co-produced (with Cassidy) by America’s Gerry Beckley, with songwriting (on “Cruise to Harlem”) by Brian Wilson—and that’s Mick Ronson on guitar on the title track!


1.    Gettin’ It in the Street

2.    Cruise to Harlem

3.    I’ll Have to Go Away (Saying Goodbye)

4.    The Story of Rock and Roll

5.    I Never Saw You Coming

6.    Living a Lie

7.    Rosa’s Cantina

8.    Love, Love the Lady

9.    Junked Heart Blues

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