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Timi Yuro

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First Collection of Singles by the Greatest White Soul Singer of the '60s

All Original Single Mixes

Remastered by Kevin Bartley at Capitol Studios

Includes Liner Notes and Photos

36 Songs Featuring the hits "Hurt," "What's A Matter Baby," and "Make the World Go Away"

TIMI YURO: The Complete Liberty Singles (2-CD Set)

Before Amy Winehouse, before Adele, there was the Little Girl with the Big Voice, Timi Yuro, the greatest white soul singer of the ‘60s, male or female. Previous Timi collections have featured after-the-fact stereo remixes or album tracks—no collection has concentrated on the actual recordings that made her famous, the singles that took her to the charts in the ‘60s...till now! Here, for the first time, are the A and B-sides of all of the U.S. singles Timi cut for Liberty Records during her two stints with the label, featuring the original mono single mixes except for two tracks that were issued as 33 1/3 stereo jukebox singles, all fittingly remastered for CD release at Capitol Studios. Among the highlights are, of course, her recording of “Hurt” (also here in an Italian version in homage to Timi’s heritage), a performance so deeply emotional and mature that viewers of Timi’s first television performances were shocked to discover that she was (a) white, (b) a female (c) barely five feet tall and (d) a 20 year-old from Chicago; the Phil Spector production of “What’s A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)”, in which his studio bombast met its match in Timi’s booming vocal, and the legendary Northern Soul single “It’ll Never Be Over for Me/As Long as There Is You,” which in its original 7” vinyl form trades for princely sums. Co-Producer Ed Osborne pens notes that trace Timi’s journey from Chicago to the charts along with a singles discography and photos. Remember, many of these songs have never been on CD and/or never in their original single mixes—find out why everybody from Elvis to Morrissey counted Timi among their favorite singers.




1. Hurt

2. I Apologize

3. Smile

4. She Really Loves You

5. I Believe (Timi Yuro & Johnnie Ray)

6. A Mother’s Love (Timi Yuro & Johnnie Ray)

7. Let Me Call You Sweetheart

8. Satan Never Sleeps

9. I Know (I Love You)

10. Count Everything

11. What’s A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)

12. Thirteenth Hour

13. The Love of a Boy

14. I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More

15. Talkin’ About Hurt

16. Insult to Injury

17. Just About the Time



1. Make the World Go Away

2. Look Down

3. She’s Got You

4. Are You Sure

5. Gotta Travel On

6. Down in the Valley

7. Permanently Lonely

8. Call Me

9. Should I Ever Love Again

10. A Legend in My Time

11. I’m Movin’ On (Part 1)

12. I’m Movin’ On (Part 2)

13. Something Bad on My Mind

14. Wrong

15. I Must Have Been Out of My Mind 16. Interlude

17. It’ll Never Be Over for Me

18. As Long as There Is You

Bonus Track

19. Hurt (Italian Version)

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