Autographed Tubes Twofer, Rick Springfield, Clint Eastwood and Frankie Avalon

To quote one of the artists we're releasing March 26, do you feel lucky? Well, you should, because we're going to go ahead and make your day! That's right-it's time for one of our patented, exclusive, autographed releases from one of the luminaries on the Real Gone roster. No, it's not from Clint Eastwood-the Real Gone release schedule waits for no man! Instead, we have 50 autographed booklets from none other than Mr. Prairie Prince, drummer for the Tubes and raconteur extraordinaire, who lends some marvelous quotes to our reissue of the band's second and third albums, Young and Rich and Now. Both of these classic records have been out of print on CD for years (in fact, Now has never been on CD in this country), and we've compiled them both on to a 2-CD set with new liner notes by Gene Sculatti and original album art-plus an autographed booklet to the first 50 customers who order from us (those of you who have already ordered will receive a booklet, too). "Cathy's Clone"... "Don't Touch Me There"... "Slipped My Disco" essential Tubes tune after another awaits!

After that double-barreled blast of prime '70s FM rock we do indeed have a two-fisted combination of Clint, featuring his one-and-only vocal album, Rawhide's Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites, available both on CD and, for the first time since its original release, on 180-gram vinyl. This album captures Clint right at the beginning of his career, fresh from his success on the TV series Rawhide, and suggests that he could have had a career as a country crooner if the silver screen had not beckoned. We've added both sides of his 1962 single, Rowdy b/w Cowboy Wedding Song, to the CD release of this 1963 stereo album.

Clint's not the only screen idol on tap this month-Rick Springfield set ladies' hearts a-flutter in the early '80s with his role as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. But way before that, back in 1972 to be exact, Rick was causing teenage hearts to swoon with his hit "Speak to the Sky" and his debut album, Beginnings. Only trouble was, Rick was a serious songwriter with the lyrical and melodic chops to prove it, while his label (Capitol) was intent on marketing him as a Tiger Beat teen pinup.  Which explains why this album has NEVER been reissued on CD-if you're at all a Rick Springfield or '70s singer-songwriter fan, you have to check this one out. Comes with original gatefold art (and yes, it's very pinup-y)!

Rick didn't quite make it as a teen idol. But our last artist in this release practically defines the term. Frankie Avalon scored big both on record and on screen with Annette Funicello, in a series of pictures that immortalized the bronzed teen beach culture of Southern California. And the recordings we've collected on Muscle Beach Party-the United Artists Sessions feature his biggest songs from those classic movies recorded in stereo-and out on CD for the first time! Plus, rare singles and even songs from his movie with Bob Hope, I'll Take Sweden. It's an essential, 20-track look at a long-overlooked stage of Frankie's career.

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We'll be back soon with some special treats from the Easter bunny-till then, hop to it and pick up these Real Gone releases!

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