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Grateful Dead: Dick’s Picks Vol. 26


• The Legendary Series of Peak Live Shows, Carefully Culled Straight from the Band's Vaults

• Dick's Picks 26 Is a Worthy Companion to Live Dead, Recorded Only a Few Months Later

• Features an Intense Version of the Hallowed "Dark Star/St. Stephen/The Eleven" Medley


GRATEFUL DEAD: Dick’s Picks Vol. 26—4/26/69 Electric Theater, Chicago, IL 4/27/69 Labor Temple Minneapolis, MN (2-CD Set)

Recorded but a few months after the shows that formed Live Dead, and featuring a spellbinding version of the Dark Star/St. Stephen/The Eleven medley that was that album’s centerpiece, this Dick’s Picks stands as a worthy counterpoint to what is one of the greatest live albums in rock ‘n’ roll history. Add in the fact it also captures the band working on material for the forthcoming album Aoxomoxoa—including an incredible version of Mountains of the Moon—and serves up a real live Dead rarity with Pigpen’s rendition of Jimmy Reed’s I Know It’s a Sin, and it’s little wonder that copies of this long out-of-print 2-CD set trade for astronomical sums. Disc one presents excerpts from the Chicago show, leading off with four straight songs from Aoxomoxoa before diving deep into an epic Cryptical Envelopment/The Other One and concluding with the first three songs from the Minneapolis show, which appears here in its entirety. Disc two features the aforementioned Dark Star/St. Stephen/The Eleven medley and winds up with the always stirring Morning Dew.


Disc One

4/26/69 Electric Theater, Chicago, IL

1.   Dupree’s Diamond Blues

2.   Mountains of the Moon

3.   China Cat Sunflower

4.   Doin’ That Rag

5.   Cryptical Envelopment

6.   The Other One

7.   The Eleven

8.   The Other One

9.   I Know It’s a Sin

4/27/69 Labor Temple Minneapolis, MN

10. Turn on Your Lovelight

11. Me and My Uncle

12. Sitting on Top of the World 

Disc Two

1.   Dark Star

2.   St. Stephen

3.   The Eleven

4.   Turn on Your Lovelight

5.   Morning Dew

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